Looking for information to include for the environmental governance

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Good evening. This Is Peter Petersen, a retired water chemist from a local municipal water utility.  I am currently writing a manual on the impact of the climate change on the hydrological cycle within the watershed, covering everything from where water comes from all the way to how various leaderships distribute their water resources to the communities, and deal with the issues of people migration and water crisis. I am writing for water/wastewater treatment operators and water resources managers.  As the water crisis continues to intensify due to the increased impact of the climate change on the hydrological cycle and the demand for water as the population continues to grow, the local government alone has failed to have answers. It has reached a point where it is not only a local problem but has become  a global problem. This is where the concept of governance comes into play. One of the many branches of governance is environmental governance,  which is a topic that I am currently working on. I do have the definition for the environmental governance. i am thinking about including the key actors, framework, and principles. The framework includes the elements, objectives, and attributes. For those who are familiar with environmental governance, I would appreciate any suggestions. Please include any reference materials. This has been the most complicated governance that I am trying to explain in simple terms.