Question about where does the general overview of governance information come from?

I am currently writing a manual on the impact of the climate change of the hydrological cycle within the watershed.  I have been covering topics starting from where does water come from all the way the management of the water resources. Right now, I am looking at the different levels of management (government, governance, and management) as to how it deals with population growth along with water shortages. One of the topics is on governance. I have covered materials to provide a general overview of governance, which includes things like: definition, concept, nature, type/usage, key players/actors, principles, elements, and framework. This provides the core information to the term, governance. In the meantime I came across a number of types/usage of governance as shown below, and understand that each one has its own specific information.

My question is 1) how are they addressed as either types or usage (I had a difficult time determining how to address these governance), 2) how does this core information being used in the general overview relate to or enhance these various types/usage of governance (in other, even though the each specific governance has its own set of information, is the additional information from the general overview helpful in understanding these types/usage, and 3) does all of the material that are found in the general overview of governance based on the concept of good governance or not? If do, please provide your answer.

Basically, I want to go from the general overview of governance down to water governance. Is it necessary to include everything for the overview in order to focus on the water governance?



Examples of associated usage of governance

Particular level of governance associated with a type of organization

Public governance, global governance, non-profit governance, corporate governance, and project governance

Particular 'field' of governance associated with a type of activity or outcome

Environmental governance, internet governance, and information technology governance

Particular 'model' of governance, often derived as an empirical or normative theory

Regulatory governance, participatory governance, multilevel governance, metagovernance, and collaborative governance