Stormwater Transfer Rising Main

Published on by in Technology

We are looking at the design of the 250 PE rising main to transfer storm water (pre-screened to 5.0 mm). Length of the rising main 450 m.

Approximately 20% of route length underground installation and 80% - within the basement car park (clipped to walls/ceiling).

Start of route at the existing pump station and end of route - existing storage tank.

Pump duty 50 litres per second vs 45.0 m head. There are quite a few existing services in the basement car park including electrical cables, water pipes, sewer etc.

I would much appreciate advice from the experts on the critical things that we need to consider, any specifications for similar work you can share and relevant detail particularly for the services crossing, walls penetration, pipe holding brackets/ties and any other relevant information.

Thanks and Regards, Iouri