Water Condensate Treatment

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In order to ​preserve the ​system and ​ensure ​longevity and ​peak efficiency,​ the water ​condensate from ​the steam ​boiler should ​be treated.​  ​

How do I best ​manage and ​treat the ​condensate? ​

Specifically, ​how can I treat ​the light ​steep water ​vapour ​condensate from ​the corn ​industry?  ​

It has a pH ​between 2 and 2.​5, COD around ​7000 and ​soluble protein ​1 wt.  ​

Additionally, ​how can I best ​treat the ​condensate to ​return it to ​the boiler and ​save water and ​energy?  ​