What information is typically included in the barcoding for LIMS water treatment lab?

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As part of my water treatment manual, I am working on a section regarding to the LIMS for the water treatment lab. I am trying to condense the available information into something simple. With the information I have written, I am interested in knowing process from the time the sample arrives in the lab to the time of submitting the test results. I am looking at the barcoding. This is just for the sample management.

 As the samples come to the laboratory from the field or out in the water treatment plant, they must have a chain of custody. Depending upon types of analysis that water treatment plants are required to perform, each type of analysis should have its method and procedure stored in the LIMS. The information found on the chain of custody is also stored into the LIMS. Before the samples are collected, each sample bottle has a special bar-coded label placed on it.  This label functions similar to a written chain of custody. Typically, the sample bottles, particularly for those with large numbers of the same samples, have these pre-printed labels. These labels enable the LIMS to recognize that information and generate the necessary documentation, so that the laboratory personnel follow the operating procedures accordingly. This information includes as follows[1]: 

Please provide me more information about what is included in this barcoding? Thanks.