What is the best method to "Replicate a pilot for low cost toilets" in different developing countries and gaining acceptance?

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I am looking to develop a low cost toilet model, as part of my masters thesis. However, that won't be limited as I would like to implement it and test it in the field till the final model is confirmed.

My objective is to develop a toilet cab; which is cheap, portable and easy to construct, environmentally friendly  and aesthetically attractive also; so that it can help in rapid universal coverage in sanitation in pro-poor communities of developing countries; particularly here south asia, as I am from Nepal and it would be easy to pilot.

The results will appear on a long run via behavioral change, as the pilot models will last till 7-8 years, where the family members will be very used to toilets, and therefore, they will later on construct a permanent toilet as they would feel extremely odd/shameful to defecate outside.

I would be happy to know the organizations in different developing countries, business models, and to know if anyone would be interested to help me find places for replication and to gather a wide range of data from users of developing countries.