Ground water treatment for drinking purposes

One of our clients is setting up a new factory and had the ground water (only source there) tested. The sample does not qualify the WHO standards. Please can someone suggest the appropriate water treatment system / technology ( other then RO ) for making ground water potable? The client would need around 5 kl to 7 kl of treated water per day.
The  specific parameters are as follows: pH 7.6, Total hardness 956 ppm, Total Dissolved Solids 3349 ppm, Chloride 1235 ppm, Sulphate 577 ppm, Sodium 1000 ppm, Calcium 143 ppm, Magnesium 115 ppm, Flouride 1.4 ppm
The client is keen to avoid using RO plants (that are all too common in India!) as they do not want to have high rejects and also have heard that RO water is not good for human consumption since required minerals are also removed.
Any insights from the community would be highly appreciated! Thanks