Looking for definitions between good and bad government and not good and bad governance or are they interchangeable

I am looking at the definitions of the following: government, governance, water governance, management, and water management. I did not have troubles defining them, Then I want to compare the difference between government and governance, between good and bad government, between good and bad governance, and between water governance and water management. The reason is that these terms appear often in literature and want to make a clear distinction between them. From my understanding is that the progression of leadership starts with government in particularly with the establishment of laws, regulations, and policies, then moves to governance where the enforcement of laws, regulations, and policies take place, and finally moves to management where things are monitored and reported. If the leadership begins with a good government then it will end up with a good management, theoretically. My question is finding a good definition for good and bad government. I was only able to definitions for good governance and bad governance. Or are the definitions between government and governance interchangeable?