Stainless steel pipes for demineralized water from reverse osmosis?

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Good morning everybody, 

I'm ​designing a ​Reverse Osmosis ​treatment ​facility, I ​will also ​construct it, ​capacity 40 m3/​day. The feed ​water is a mix ​of rain water ​and municipal ​drinking water (​low dissolved ​solids ​concentration). ​My client needs ​demineralized ​water for their ​production of ​stainless steel ​tubes, and he ​proposed using ​their stainless ​steel tubes for ​transporting ​the demi water ​to their ​processes. I ​know CPVC pipes ​are the proper ​ones for ​transporting ​demi water, but ​what about ​stainless steel ​pipes? Will the ​material ​corrode ​eventually? ​under which ​conditions? ​Pros and cons ​of using ​Stainless steel ​or CPVC? ​
Thanks in advance