Trickling Filter Filling issue

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The filling of a trickling filter with a diameter of 53 m2 and a reactor volume of 320 m3 has to be renewed. To comply with new effluent standards in the future it is considered to enhance its performance by using filling elements with very high specific surface volumes. In this case, 165 m2/m3 is chosen instead of the actual 100 m2/m3.
This filter has to treat daily 480 m3 industrial effluent which represents 250 kg BOD. The usual recirculation is 80-100 m3/hr. The influent contains TSS at 5-10 mg/l.

My questions:
1. Are more clogging risks to be expected by using these new fillings?
2. What can be done to reduce or to avoid these risks?
3. Are there other aspects to be considered in the new situation?

Thank you, TheWaterNetwork!