Water Quality

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Good afternoon,


Am monitoring Water Treatment Works with capacity of 17 ML/D and all along the turbidity was <5 NTU for final effluent during dry weather season, with incoming turbidity of 500 - 800 NTU.

And now in summer  the turbidity for final effluent is 50 - 60 NTU  with the inffluent of 1200 - 2000 NTU of untreated. The flocculants that are usual use is Poly-electro.

The incoming flow is gravitate in all season, there is no usage of electricity to abstract water from the catchment.

My question was:

  1. Which flocculant is good in summer and which one is good in winter?
  2. To produce good water quality in all season which area must i focused on it.

NB: Any responds will highly appreciated.