Ultraviolet treatment for rural water supply

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We want to start a demonstration project about the capabilities of Water UV treatment to small communities, where sodium hydrochloride is difficult to transport and regulate. We are interested to learn for existing examples and similar experiences on small villages.

We're studying the possibility to utilize systems of disinfection with ultraviolet at the supply of water for these small rural populaces, with sudden changes of populace, many of them have little populace in the winter, that augments of sudden form in the summer or at determinate seasons.

We are interested to learn examples about the application of this technology, at small villages around the globe, and its effects, specially to know problems that we should preview and how to resolve them. Transport hypochlorite until the supply deposits  is not easy but I know that it will be necessary to dose punctual disinfectant quantities. It may be simpler that the constant and continued  dosages when water demands varies suddenly because of the reduced resident population.