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Minister Demir opens ultra-pure process water production plant at Vynova

Ekopak will supply ArcelorMittal Ghent with process water

#222: Mississippi By Nature: River As Rebuilder

CASE STUDY - BOILER WATER TREATMENT | Hydrazine & phosphate transition to filming amines

Goodrich Method of Flood Routing

Hogen Systems & Altitude Water Forge Strategic Alliance - Hogen Systems

BW Thought Leadership+, Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) and British Water

BW Thought Leadership+, The Rivers Trust and British Water

A Match Made in Heaven: Cloud Connection Feature Removes Barriers to Seamless Data Access

A Breakthrough in Ceramic Membrane Technology

This Week in Water for May 12, 2024

How to Optimize Wastewater Treatment Plants for Maximum Efficiency?

Data-driven blockage detection cuts pollution

MIT Makes ‘Astonishing’ Discovery That Light Can Vaporize Water Without Heat for Desalination

Revolutionising biochar production with new pyrolysis technology

Water clarification technology eliminates settling ponds

Connecticut Medal of Technology for pioneering work

How Can IoT Be Used In Smart Homes To Save Water?

How Masuen Consulting Saves Its Clients Money by Reducing Water Use

Understanding Filamentous Bacteria in Aerobic Tanks and Their Impact on MBR Systems

#219: Stormwater Solutions For Southern Communities

Aqua Membranes News: April 2024 - Aqua Membranes

The UV Advanced Oxidation Process (UV AOP) - Breaking Down Chemical Contaminants in Water

Reverse Electrodialysis: Potential Reduction in Energy and Emissions of Desalination

Everything new in Autodesk’s desktop hydraulic modeling software 2025 releases

Veolia offers solutions to meet semiconductor industry's needs for sustainability

Future of 1 billion people in South Asia hinges on water pact

Startup develops affordable aquaculture sensor

Scottish expertise to help develop 'transformational' IoT sensing technology

#220: Comments On Current Drinking Water Issues

New 'smart' trough technology flushes debris to keep water clean

LG Sonic Wins Innovative Technology Award at IFAT Brasil 2024

This Week in Water for May 5, 2024

Why Removing Lead from Wastewater is Vital and Which Strategies Yield the Best Results

Microsoft sustainability chief highlights link to water

Mississippi By Nature: Houma Nation On The Edge

Ovarro technology developments shared at Ozwater

Global leakage success shared at Asia Water

New research predicts peak groundwater extraction for key basins around the globe

Nanofibers rid water of hazardous dyes

UMass startup Elateq Inc. wins state grant to deploy new technology

Strengthening water and sanitation systems to improve child nutrition and development outcomes

Unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene: a persistent health burden

Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership: Annual Report 2023

Dissolved air flotation pretreatment for low-pressure membranes in water treatment

Top 10 Water Treatment Trends & 20 Promising Startups

The world's largest wastewater treatment plant is in Stickney, Ill.

New EPA Rule Validates Co.'s Water Treatment Solution

The Largest Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in the World | DC Water

Portland water treatment plant costs soar past $2 billion

#217: San Francisco’s Onsite Recycling Revolution

Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey film to launch on Earth Day 2024

Ready to support with smart meter rollouts

This Week in Water for April 21, 2024

WATER IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF OUR PLANET: Winners of the 2024 Global Water Awards

Harvesting Water from Air with Solar Power

Large Scale Water Utility Affordability Survey Report

How Do Flow Sensors Improve Safety and Prevent Equipment Failures in Industrial Applications?

UKWIR seeks partners for carbon accounting workbook

Bold ambition on leakage investment bodes well

#216: Mississippi By Nature: Role Of The Army Corps

This Week in Water for April 14, 2024

EPA Finalizes First-Ever National Limits On ‘Forever Chemicals’ In Drinking Water

Five Start Ups with home water filters

DOE Announces $75M to Advance Desalination and Water Reuse Tech | Hacker News

European Parliament adopts new wastewater rules • Water News Europe

Maintenance-free UV-LED Water Sterilization Technology - HC Hitech

Desalination in the context of global water security

The Role of Iron-Reducing Bacteria in Biofouling Strategies for Industrial Water Systems

PH series slurry pump

Design an unlimited number of municipal AND industrial wastewater treatment facilities

When Harmful Algal Blooms Result in Public Health Disasters

Availability of industrial water in Europe in dire straits • Water News Europe

NX Filtration to supply NF technology for another First Nations water project in Canada

Graz University of Technology provides water planning tool with future forecasts up to 2055

Establishing ecological thresholds and targets for groundwater management

Thames Water investors pull plug on £500m of funding amid standoff with regulator

IoT Based Smart Water Quantity Monitoring System

Utilities should prepare ahead of mandatory monitoring

Veolia Water Technologies expands mobile water services capabilities in Malaysia

Urgent investment needed for "wicked” rivers problem

Wastewater pump stations take Flygt across Heathrow

Retrofitting ageing pump systems offers energy savings

What are the calibration methods and procedures for ensuring the accuracy of Variable Area Flowmeter

UN condemns attacks on water infrastructures • Water News Europe

#215: Mississippi By Nature: View From The Mouth

World Recycling Convention Offers Exclusive Discount Coupons in Celebration of Global Recycling Day

This Week in Water for March 24, 2024

New nanofilter technology targets harmful contaminants in drinking water

Quantum dot technology helps decontaminate water supplies

A new sensor detects harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water

Water footprint of emerging technology: A need for concern?

#214: Charles River In A Changing Climate

Scientists can now remove microplastics from our water with 94 per cent efficiency | Waterloo News

At Work With Water: Carolyn Parent, Metron-Farnier – XPV Water Partners

Axius Water: Shortlisted for Water Technology Company of the Year

New pipeline technology set to improve water and sewer planning

SQM venture arm invests in UK-based water tech company - MINING.COM

Collaboration extends data analytics tool to energy sector

This Week in Water for March 17, 2024

How Particle Swarm Optimization can be applied in Water System Optimization?

What Features Should You Look for in Multiparameter Water Quality Meters?

#213: Lands With Benefits

Spring launches enhanced catchment monitoring innovation challenge

This Week in Water for March 10, 2024

Optimal Energy Allocation in Paper Industry by Nature Based Optimization Techniques

Uncovering leaks using state-of-the-art acoustic technology

Moth Flame Optimization Technique #ecourse #tutorialyoutube #optimizationtechniques #optimization

New Wave of Startups Scale Innovation to Solve Global Water Challenges

A.O. Smith acquires California-based water treatment equipment company

Historic Project Linking Rome and Vatican City Uses Advanced Technology to Keep Water Flowing

Thomas Schumann Capital®

#212: 50 Years Of Safer Drinking Water

Latest UKWIR projects available for expression of interest

Leak Detection with Clean-Boost Technology

Pioneering Products for the Future of Water Supply

Genetic Algorithm

This Week in Water for March 3, 2024

XPV Water Partners Announces Sale of Isle Utilities

WOTA Takes on Huge Global Water Challenges with Compact Solutions

Mauritius Water Authority uses GIS to Map Assets and Modernise System - Esri South Africa

Great start to 2024 at Pure Water Group!

Veolia launches its 2024 - 2027 Strategic Program

This Week in Water for February 25, 2024

Resource demand gap requires investment, says water minister

An Unlikely Coalition to Protect Colorado’s Dolores River - Colorado Water Trust

The Blue-Green Path to Urban Flood Resilience

Innovation would help find more chemicals in water

Case Studies of Outlier Detection

AI in Location Selection of Rain Water Harvesting

Why AI is not used for the location selection of RWH Tanks?

Scan the QR Code and Enroll for a Very Short-term Course on Artificial Intelligence

Water Engineering Optimization by Polynomial Neural Networks

Introduction to Model Development for Prediction, Simulation and Optimization

New Paper to PC book on Model Development

Using AI in Hydrology

What is next in AI & ML Modeling of Water Resource Development?

Predictive data models can assist farmers in managing the effects of weather

Ten most popular software for prediction of cyclonic storms

Seven Most Tenable Application of Artificial Intelligence on Water Resource Management Problems

HydroGeeks Water, Energy, and Informatics Update : Issue : 4th Jan 2024

Daan Burghouts newly appointed Director Aquatech Global

#210: A Rise In Corporate Responsibility

AE4RIA | Alliance of Excellence for Research and Innovation on Aephoria

Annual Activity Report 2023 | AE4RIA

Conservation Labs to Interpret Sound for Water Conservation and Machinery Maintenance

Water-free supercritical CO2 dyeing of natural fibres

Davao City moves to fixed network leakage monitoring

WEFTA 2023 Annual Report

WHO Guidelines for drinking-water quality Small water supplies

Nihao Plastic Bio Filter Media For Wastewater Treatment Industry

Bringing Smart Water Technology to California Growers

Cloud Solution Free Trial | rqmicro - make water safe

First commercially available solution to fight Legionella

IAHR Resource Guides

Empowering agriculture communities through technological solutions

SweetWater Technologies Powered by Gripp Launches Innovative Partnership

B Corp-certified bottled water brand Aqua tops audit of Indonesia's biggest plastic polluters

How overfishing handicaps resilience of marine resources under climate change

This Week in Water for February 18, 2024

European Commission postpones Water Resilience Initiative • Water News Europe

Water hyacinth and Hartbeespoort Dam

Plastic gets to the oceans through over 1,000 rivers

Lack of water governance aggravates drought in Spain • Water News Europe

Group surpasses major milestone after cleaning over 15 million pounds of trash from the ocean

NALA Membranes has been selected as a finalist for the NC TECH Awards CleanTech Company award

Dr. Darren Lytle receives AWWA's prestigious A.P. Black Research Award

Smart platforms enabling faster leak detection

UK utilities place multiple orders for Hybrid-SAF technology

Chemist makes breakthrough discovery with plastic alternative: 'This is very special'

Minesto's Deep Green technology – Unlocking renewable baseload power

Leading Civil Engineering Design Software Delivers 50% Faster Results

Applications for the 2025 Accelerator Cohort are open!

Urs von Gunten, the unsung hero of water treatment

This Week in Water for February 11, 2024

First ion exchange regeneration facility in China

Restoring Florida Everglades Depends Upon Fixing State’s Freshwater Flow

Self Cleaning Filter for Sale - Bluslot

Researchers at Fermilab use electron beams to eradicate forever chemicals in water

Smarter systems can pre-empt pollution events

Innovative gas infusion technology boosts shrimp harvests

Gender parity in water accelerated with UK-US agreement

Update gives insights into non-acoustic leak technologies

Frozen Assets—The Race Against Time to Protect Priceless Artifacts | H2O Radio

Provisional deal on Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive • Water News Europe

Your AAMI/ST108 Solution: Water for the Processing of Reusable Medical Devices (Envirogen EndoTherm)

Expert Advice With Christophe Gutknecht - Book a Free Consultation

Tropical Research Reveals Climate Change Impacts on Water Quality

Tropical Freshwater Research Unlocks One of Nature’s Secrets

Variable Industrial loading, high BOD

Agriculture and pharma key to solving micropollutants

LG Sonic’s Transformative Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

Recharge Net Metering to Enhance Groundwater Sustainability

Artificial intelligence in hydrology

VAPAR raises $5m for North American expansion

Rubicon Water - Improving Water Availability from Source to Crop

Water Infrastructure Solutions | Software for Water Professionals | Autodesk

PFAS removal – we already have the technology

#208: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle In The Sonoran Desert

EGYPT: Rubicon Water technology needed to optimize water management | Afrik 21

Microplastics in WWTPs: Sources, properties, removal efficiency, removal mechanisms

This Week in Water for January 28, 2024

Marine biologist issues dire warning nearly two decades after initial discovery: 'We can't carry on'

Importance Of Water Detector App In 2024

Redox Flow Desalination

Local man works to make life easier for South African women with the hippo roller

Wastewater Pumping Station

In 2023 Engineering News-Record (ENR) ranked Tetra Tech #1 in Water

BC Insider: Thermal drying of biosolids to make the most out of less waste - Brown and Caldwell

Ecolab Study Reveals Consumer Concern for the World's Water

Major impact on reducing wastewater for vertical farms

Guide for Water and Wastewater Systems Sector


Injectable Water Filtration System Could Improve Access to Clean Drinking Water

WATCH ON DEMAND: rqmicro's expert webinars

Spring survey moves innovation strategy forward

This Week in Water for January 21, 2024

#207: Western Leaders & Adaptation Insights

LG Sonic Installs Algae Control Systems In The Lempa River Basin

LG Sonic

Volunteer opportunity: RWSN co-Theme Leader – Sustainable Services

These breakthrough technologies can lead us to a zero water waste future

DEWA’s Smart Ball technology saved last year 243 million gallons of water

Lake Tahoe littered with thousands of plastic bag, bottle, and toy pieces


Pork producer cuts emissions with onsite sludge treatment

Sweden is struggling with neglected water infrastructure • Water News Europe

#206: A Platform For Diverse Experts

Water security crucial for a beautiful and green China

This Week in Water for January 14, 2024

Desalination system could produce freshwater that is cheaper than tap water

Aquagga's Patented HALT PFAS Destruction Technology

A new way to swiftly eliminate micropollutants from water

WaterCube 100: Revolutionizing fresh water access

Flow insights lower the cost of water-saving

Discussing generative design with Transcend's CEO

Sélune river revival after dam removal • Water News Europe

National Algae Call for Presentations

ABB acquires innovative optical sensor company to expand smart water management offering

This Week in Water for January 7, 2024

#205: DC's Blue Plains: Tour Of A World Leader

Groundwater: an unseen, overused and unappreciated resource

Ruth Clarke announced as Xylem UK head of digital

Stantec announces 2024 – 2026 Strategic Plan to deliver purpose driven growth

Reliable Chemical Analyzers Reduce Maintenance, Improve Efficiency

Antarctic Research Paves the Way for Further Studies

Groundbreaking Company Transforms Ocean Plastic Waste into New Products

Most Downloaded Episodes Of 2023

Water security and sustainability through global projects and a smart and connected grid

Cyber ​​Security with Aixden

Element3® Closes Seed Round

Breakthrough in hydrate-based desalination

Take a look inside Modern Landfill's new wastewater treatment plant

After years of drought and wells running dry, Nova Scotia community is looking to the sea

Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility BioEnergy Project

BioLargo's PFAS Removal Technology Lands Drinking Water Treatment Project in New Jersey

MIT’s top research stories of 2023

"Eternal Spring™" Revolutionary Deposition Water Harvesting™ Technology

2023: A Year in Review - Gradiant

A new iGreen project has been launched with the Golf Coast Water Authority - IOSight

NHF 50 years | Hydrology Research | IWA Publishing

Ten Most Widely Used Methods to Derive Unit Hydrograph from Flood Hydrograph

This Week in Water for December 17, 2023

Floodings in France cause severe damage • Water News Europe

Recommendations for water management in transboundary river basins

WEAP ("Water Evaluation And Planning" system)

Substitution of Biocides in Cooling Water Treatment

Information sharing among AGUASAN 19.12.2023

The Digital Journey of Water and Sanitation Utilities in the Caribbean

How Are Water Utilities Developing Climate Resilient Water Systems?

Word of the chair of RWSN: Tommy Ka Kit Ngai, WaterAid

How sewage surveillance lit Hong Kong’s pandemic path

Year in Water, 2023

Centrifuge roughly doubles the efficiency of desalination plants

New water quality monitoring system

Revolutionizing Water Stewardship

Anglian Water expands "transformative" AI technology trial | Envirotec

Tailor-made training on Serving Low-income Customers

Tampa first city in America with new technology that keeps water clean

French startup Toopi Organics raises €8.4M to turn human urine into crop biostimulants — TFN

REGAIN consortium partners with NX Filtration to demonstrate municipal wastewater reuse

Aerofloat Leachate Treatment Plant at Dunmore Recycling & Waste Disposal Centre

New Internship Opportunity on Vulnerability Analysis of Wetlands

#204: Catching The King Tides

This Week in Water for December 10, 2023

EC urges Romania to protect river Arges from small hydropower plants • Water News Europe

Progressive partnerships will refresh water sector narrative

Hybrid-SAF technology selected for sensitive Scottish site

Garver reaches Top 15 in Trenchless Engineering Firms list - Garver

Opinion: Saving the Great Lakes Requires Great Collaboration | Cleveland Water Alliance

Removal of salt from hypersaline industrial wastewater far more energy-efficient and cost-effective

Carlsberg Wins Global Industrial Water Reuse Award Using DuPont Technology

Toilet Board Coalition 2023 Impact

BlueTech Research is happy to announce our Water Almanac end-of-year webinar

Anglian Water expands transformative AI technology trial

Innovative Water Immersion Technology

#203: From Engineers To Volunteers

This Week in Water for December 3, 2023

Pressure-driven distillation using air-trapping membranes for fast and selective water purification

New Water Treatment Technology Could Help Recycle Even Super Salty Waters

Floods are the new normal – maybe it’s time for a ‘new normal’ on how we deal with them

Quantitative Assessments of Water for Cropping Systems in the Lower Colorado River Region

Dutch startup raises €800K to deploy AI in tackling large-scale drinking water losses

Newly identified algal strains rich in phosphorus could improve wastewater treatment

ERDC’s Environmental Laboratory’s graphene research leads to a collaboration with NASA

#202: An Interview With ChatGPT

Water sector must dig deeper on collaboration

At the front of world’s energy transition

This Week in Water for November 26, 2023

Bathymetric Lidar applications

Sanexen honored for PFAS technology

An innovative solution for the textile manufacturing industry to reduce water contamination

Smart water network infrastructures | Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination | IWA Publishing

2023 Toilet Board Coalition Accelerator Graduation

Building Water Confidence Together – Aria Filtra officially joins Trojan Technologies

Water woes: the institutional challenges in achieving SDG 6 - Sustainable Earth Reviews

Innovation model will accelerate water company trials

NX Filtration Projection Tool

Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Emerging Contaminants in China

This Week in Water for November 19, 2023

PearlAqua Kilo for Industrial Applications

5 Cleanup Technologies for Landfill Toxins

Leveraging collective strengths to achieve water resilience

Drexel’s Titanium Oxide Removes Toxic Dyes from Wastewater

$200 million growth capital for Cambrian WWT

New water treatment method can generate green energy

waterloop wins US Water Prize 2023 for Outstanding One Water Communications

Research and innovation key to addressing water challenges


Gearing up for smart meter mass rollout

#201: A Look Inside Navajo Nation

This Week in Water for November 12, 2023

Vietnam: Toward a Safe, Clean, and Resilient Water System

Water quality monitor can help isolated communities track safe water sources

Out of the blue: Australia's waters get a health check from above

UK: Vertical farm trials water-purification technology

New standard for laboratory water purification sustainability

Drinking Water Supply to Beijing National Stadium

The floating desalination machines powered by the waves

Company uses existing desalination tech in a new way as a fresh water solution to California's coast

Energy potential of mining transport at mines of Kyrgyzstan located at high altitude - IOPscience


Problem solving in Brahmaputra Valley

Industrielle Kühlwasserüberwachung: Die Erfahrungen von Innowac mit rqmicro.COUNT

This Week in Water for November 5, 2023

Scientists map loss of groundwater storage around the world

#200: The PFAS Puzzle: An Epilogue

WaterTAP Technical Brief: Ion Exchange Model Demonstration and Optimization

Use Of IoT Water Technology To Advice Water Policies

Agreements to Support Healthy Rivers and Landscapes

Utilities should embrace technology providers in AMP8

Digitalisation is transforming approaches to asset management

WASH tools compilation: Researchers' complicated gift to Practitioners courtesy of Funders

Moleaer Update from Blue Tech Research

Intensive dairy agriculture major polluter Europe’s surface waters • Water News Europe

Mueller Water Products Reports Cybersecurity Incident

This Week in Water for October 29, 2023

BLUE DEAL Sectoral opportunities to achieve a Water-Smart Society in Europe

Open grant call to develop breakthrough water technology, attached for your attention.

The Top Ten causes of contamination Outbreaks in Public Water Systems

Cryptosporidium in water systems

Company utilizes 'pressure cooker on steroids' to annihilate toxic materials in water

Forest Pathways Report

Sustainable private equity: investing in plastic circularity and its opportunities | Lombard Odier

Maximizing Biogas Production

Innovation yearbook 2022

Tackling microplastics and water pollution with magnetic "rust" - Advanced Science News

Aquatron - a groundbreaking wastewater treatment technology


LeakNavigator saves millions of litres of water

#199: Cheers To Onsite Reuse

eWater Wiki

LG Sonic Phosphate Monitoring

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Monitoring

Dye Tracing Illuminates Pathways through Mammoth Cave National Park

UK Government investing in water sector AI

The High Cost of Cheap Water

#198: Funding To Fight Lead: Technical Assistance

Unleashing innovation research in the water sector

This Week in Water for October 15, 2023

Mars technologies comes to Michigan to find water leaks

Formulation of water pollutant discharge limits based on nonsensitive aquatic organism protection

World's first palm-sized, autonomous flood monitoring device

Ultrasound waves can help remove polluting microplastics in water

Team develops HydroBIM platform for design of hydropower hub buildings

Finding an efficient route to improved leakage performance

3M highlights net positive water impact pilot

#197: Building Up Rural Resilience

Wastewater system selected for landmark logistics scheme

This Week in Water for October 8, 2023

Check out the updated, more intuitive TDG interface!

Veolia leads consortium responsible for northern France wastewater plant

BW Thought Leadership+, Drinking Water Inspectorate and British Water

Accelerating mining water conservation in South Africa through advanced treatment methods

Interview: Tackling Drought & Water Scarcity in California

ETP Feeds With BactaServe for COD/BOD Removal from Pharma Industry’s Wastewater.

The Do-Nothing approach to algal blooms - LG Sonic

#196: How To Taste Water

Scientists develop nanozyme mimetic that degrades effluents under sunlight

Brussels urges Member States to finalise water management plans

Wetland collection basins built with vaporization discharge of treated wastewater - BAZIC

How to rethink our toxic relationship with plastic ?

Singapore’s first Centre of Excellence to drive coastal protection and flood management research


New AWWA Water Map

Not just for pandas: China bets on bamboo in green transition from plastics

How WaterApp Minimizes The Water Wastage UsinG IoT Sensors?

Episode - 2 Filtration by Filter Concept

Episode - 1: Filtration by Filter Concept

Rope pump production video tutorial

This Week in Water for September 24, 2023

Anglian Water launches whole life carbon approach

Scottish Water tops water company performance survey

Maynilad embarks on lake remediation journey using ultrasound technology

Veolia Water Technologies Launches PURELAB® Pharma Compliance

Energy-Efficient Hydrogel Pulls Water From Air

Water-preserved coal mining in water-shortage mining areas

Rebuilding water sector trust through research and innovation

Temporary biological treatment ensures compliance during refurbishment

#195: Adventures In Hydrology

Call for Blue Deal in open letter to European Commission

Aquam signs two standpipe hire contracts

This Week in Water for September 17, 2023

In climate fight, Europe's farmers turn to tech and tradition

Sesame Solar And Watergen Partner On Mobile Nanogrids That Provide Power And Drinking Water

New water treatment approach helps to avoid harmful chemicals

SEAS and Xylem Collaborate to Advance Air-to-Water Technology

Intelligent chemical dosing system achieves exclusive distribution

Project application: Get a Free 3-Month rqmicro.COUNT Trial

Join us for a Special Live Demonstration at WEFTEC23!

The amazing $1 billion Kissimmee River Restoration

Learn about Transcend's Industrial Wastewater Capabilities

#194: A View From The Year 2099

Latest UKWIR projects available for expression of interest

This Week in Water for September 10, 2023

Five Ways NAWI is Advancing Water Treatment and Desalination Technologies

Huge inequalities for young water and sanitation sector employees revealed - AquaFed

Report shows how leakage technology is advancing

Berliner Wasser als Testsieger

Restoring an Aquatic Ecosystem with Ultrasound

#193: NFL Becomes More Blue

Managing variable wastewater flows from festival venue

Hydropanels: A Revolution in Residential Water Supply

Jacobs to work with Thames Water to develop robotic ‘no dig repair’ technology for wider industry

MUSICX and Source online training courses

This Week in Water for September 3, 2023

Four Factors You Must Consider before selecting Water Purifiers for your domestic use

Revolutionizing Microplastic Pollution Solutions

Veolia Force - Humanitarian assistance in Ukraine | Veolia

50L Home Coalition

Reaping The Benefits Of A Wet Winter

Two Tiered Award (up to 10,000 USD) to find a particular type of bottled water:

Maintaining exceptional water quality in Chesterfield County

#192: Oregon's Original Net Zero Hero

WaterMeter Corp partners with WND Mexico and UnaBiz for 1 Million Water Meters

Pall Water Announces Name Change to Aria Filtra™

Smart irrigation saves water with state-of-the-art technology

This Week in Water for August 27, 2023

How did we turn the wastewater from this food manufacturer into effluent ready for sewer?

How IoT Sensors Makes Your Water Tank Smart

rqmicro’s Tips for Summer Holidays – How to Stay Away from Legionella

Flow Cytometry-Based Intact Cell Count Challenges the Conventional HPC

Case story: Effective Microbiology Monitoring for Perch Breeding at Valperca SA in Switzerland

Why Should Farmers Adopt Smart Water Management System

UK and NZ come closer on water knowledge

Smart standpipe KTP supports PhD first for Aquacheck

This Week in Water for August 20, 2023

#191: Funding To Fight Lead: A Panel Of Perspectives

Graphene membranes – a game changer preparing to disrupt the world water market

Turning the Tide: The Digital Future of Water Management

MBBR applications diversify as biofilm carriers go beyond space-saving niche

Researchers turn fog into clean water

Fostering Water-Sensitive Urban Planning in G20 Cities

UV Advanced Oxidation Process (UV AOP) at ACE 2023

Global Water Annual Review for 2022-23

Earliest ceramic drainage system and the formation of hydro-sociality in monsoonal East Asia

Coming Soon: The Water Security & Investment White Paper

#190: Elevating The Emerging Leaders

This Week in Water for August 13, 2023

Pivotal discovery in sensor technology to combat water contamination

Scientists are using NASA satellite data to text Bangladeshi farmers water-saving strategies


Xylem Completes Acquisition of Evoqua | Xylem US

Industrial pollution of the Rhine not improving • Water News Europe

Transcend Raises $20M Series B to Automate Critical Infrastructure Design

Cyanobacteria's game of blooms: fast track or endurance run?

Locally manufactured water filters in Ecuador (collaboration with RIOS & ETHZ)

Continuous DO Data Shifts Paradigm for Aquaculture Production

Aeroponic seed pods that grow produce in controlled environments

#189: Fighting For Fairness In San Joaquin Valley

This Week in Water for August 6, 2023

The Crucial Role of Sustainable Water Management in a Changing World

Fish Processing Industry’s Obnoxious Smell Removal From Condensate Water

Extended Producer Responsibility under fire • Water News Europe

Exceptional sludge dewatering achieved with reliable polymer dosing

The latest technology in filtration and wastewater management equipment for Dairy

Women Led Water Startup Invite

This Week in Water for July 30, 2023

Converting wastewater into a product that would simultaneously irrigate and fertilize crops

Strategic Research Teams - Institute for a Sustainable Future - Purdue University

Quality evaluation of water disclosure of Chinese papermaking enterprises

hydroEye AI by SpaceAge Labs

Gradiant Partners with SpaceAge Labs to Drive Digital AI Solutions Across Total Water Infrastructure

Kuwaiti’s KISR receives US patent for water desalination technology

Q&A with water advocate and ultramarathon runner, Mina Guli, CEO of Thirst Foundation


Wasserverfügbarkeit und deren Herausforderungen

Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for Transforming Water Utility Management

BW Thought Leadership +, Environment Agency and British Water

This Week in Water for July 23, 2023

Views sought on UK water innovation strategy

WEF - National Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Needs Assessment Survey

AMS Talks: City of Alamosa Evaluates SafeGuard H2O Arsenic Removal Technology

Opportunities for technology that extracts water from air • Water News Europe

This Week in Water for July 16, 2023

#188: The Sport Of Sustainability

Egg Whites Remove Salt & Microplastics from Seawater with 99% Efficiency

Natural infiltration of stormwater into the soil

rqmicro Applications: Where We Make a Difference

#186: Players For The Planet

Industrial Wastewater Planning Capabilities Landed on TDG - Transcend

Dutch startup Reefy builds 17 “ReefBlocks” in the river Meuse to preserve wildlife and shorelines

Ocean Oasis raises capital in a round led by Unconventional Ventures

Stop Ocean Pollution: Collection of #tide ocean material® on the island of Koh Sinhai, Thailand

Evove Raises £5.7M in Funding

Increased rates of Legionnaires' disease in Europe • Water News Europe

Professional Water Well Drilling • Topics - Rural Water Supply Network

Continuous Water Quality Data Brings New Perspective to Pumping Tests

City of Arlington, Texas Selects ‘SWORDFISH’ to Locate Lead Service Lines

Shocking new report reveals 'hidden hazards' of using plastic bottles

#187: The PFAS Puzzle: Lessons On Regulations

Exploring the Marvels of Peristaltic Pumps: Precision and Reliability in Fluid Management

This Week in Water for July 9, 2023

New Zealand becomes first country to ban single-use produce bags at grocery stores

Researchers take a step forward in turning chicken feathers into water filters

Business integration creates unique leakage offering

Two-thirds of fertilizer is lost to run-off. This invention could recycle it.

Metasphere Joins Grundfos, Global Water Tech Leader  – XPV Water Partners

Q&A with rqmicro Founder and CEO Dr. Hans-Anton Keserue

New artificial intelligence technology can detect early stress symptoms in farmed shrimp

GWP in Action | Annual Report 2022 - Global Water Partnership


A study that really holds water

Business-led IT driving SaaS Products for Utilities, Ed Benson




bNovate to expand globally, accelerating rapid water monitoring

Davis & Shirtliff unveils first battery-less solar water treatment plant

New Water Treatment Technology Could Help Recycle Even Super Salty Waters

Egypt: the Abu Rawash wastewater treatment plant, a model of sustainable development

Leap for RO tech with production of bespoke water treatment units

LG Sonic and Smallwood Civic Association Partner for Cleaner Mountain Lake

Board appointees mark new phase for Spring


Classification, Discharge Statistics & Recession Analysis - global comparisons

Millet: An environmentally sustainable super food?

A Green, Sustainable and Water-Positive Drinking Water Solution for Homes and Domestic Use

The subterranean chemistry that explains India’s groundwater contamination

New study reveals deeply upsetting truth about plastic trash: 'The findings are disturbing'

Managing Industrial Wastewater With The Help Of CMMS

Addressing Water Scarcity and Climate Change: A Global Challenge – TaKaDu

Pitcher Perfect Irrigation for Smallholders

AgTech startup N-Drip announces $44 million Series C for irrigation innovation | CTech

LifeStraw's Iconic Water Filter is Now Pocket-Sized

Ammonia removal success leads to equipment purchase

InfoTiles makes US debut with Water Council partnership

#184: Funding To Fight Lead: Using Municipal Bonds

Women in Engineering Day: Q&A with Barbara Hathaway

In-Situ Adds 7-Port Sondes to Water Quality Portfolio–Interview with Product Manager Steve Sewell

Helping the Vertical Farming Industry Reach New Heights

Scientists convert everyday plastics into fully recyclable and potentially biodegradable materials

This Week in Water for June 18, 2023

DIY Automatic Pitcher Irrigation - food security for smallholders

Peace of Mind for Quality Control Managers

Updated VDI Guidelines Now Include Flow Cytometry

Measuring transformative WASH

This salty gel could harvest water from desert air

Cadmus touts $162M EPA safe drinking water support award

Rural Water Supply Network Webinar series

Plastic production could be about to come to a juddering halt

Ovarro leakage service centre increases European capacity

Orbis and partnership boosts leakage offering

This Week in Water for June 11, 2023

Onsite biological treatment will enhance river quality

Qdos pump doses for three years without fault

Just How Much Microplastics Are There in Switzerland’s Waters?

#183: Inside Philly’s Green Machine

Silal partners with Desolenator on agricultural solar-powered desalination project

Talbot helps mines move towards off-grid water security   - Talbot (Pty) Ltd

World’s Smallest LED Disinfection System, the Pearl Aqua Micro A

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Heat Exchangers

Tiny gold particles can help harness energy from the sun to break down pollution

Stroud Water Research Center Responds to the Sackett v. EPA Supreme Court Decision

WABAG Moves to Highest League in the Fastest Growing Desalination Sector Globally.

Houston, We Have A Solution: Enhancing The Water Digital Twin Using Machine Learning

Scalable Water-Leak Detection Capabilities

EnviroDIY in the Delaware River Basin

Food waste and wastewater sludge co-digestion technology

H2OLL short presentation

How a Cling Wrap Made With Potatoes Will Solve the World’s Plastic Problem

Roundup On High-Strength Wastewater: Treatment Challenges And Solutions

#182: Ride On A River: The Anacostia


This Week in Water for June 4, 2023

Evaluating Methods to Enhance the Taste and Health Benefits of Alternative Potable Waters

The duo leading Weeefiner was awarded as Young Researcher Entrepreneurs of the Year

Pioneering companies win prestigious Lighthouse Award

Major investment gives InfoTiles global potential

Breakthrough technology revolutionises metal recovery from mine water

New water treatment technology for organic pollutants

"Significant global ecological disruption": Plastic is destroying Earth — and recycling won't help

EU calls for agreement on global rules to end plastic pollution

This company is using an ‘underwater satellite’ to map the seafloor

This Week in Water for May 28, 2023

Innovative Wasserbehandlung für die Industrie von Morgen

VERTECO Launches Leak Detection Service in Bid to Tackle Water Wastage

BlackSky and Spire create AI-driven MCS

Innovation bringing water for all

BIO-UV moves forward with navy ballast water treatment system

Lummus Acquires Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies from Siemens Energy

5 Large Wastewater Projects For 2023

Federal Money For Flood Control Is Coming, But Will Flood Plans Reflect Future Risks?

Xylem Completes Acquisition of Evoqua

British Water seeks views on water company performance

Using microbial degradation to break down chlorinated PFAS in wastewater

#181: The Elevation of DEI in Los Angeles

Kazakhstan Security Council Meeting to Address Environmental and Water Security Concerns

The Dangers Of Lead Poisoning In Schools — And How We Can Fix The Nationwide Problem

Hydrant-locating app launched for standpipe users

A Milestone 2 Million Hours In The Making

Forward-Thinking Utility Knows The Value Of Advanced Technology

Overall performance evaluation of an urban water supply system

This Week in Water for May 21, 2023

Atlas-SSI Curbs Plastics Pollution, Protects Aquatic Life, and Improves Worker Safety

NOAA and NSF to create research center in response to insurance industry climate needs

New nontoxic powder uses sunlight to quickly disinfect contaminated drinking water

NSF Resiliency Engine – The Water Council

Bringing Eastern Brook Trout Back to Red Clay Creek

PFAS Payback: How Utilities Can Hold Polluters Accountable

Gradiant Raises $225 Million to Accelerate Business Expansion - Gradiant

The Truth About NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 And PVC Pipes

Water companies must show customer benefits

Continuous Monitoring Deepens Understanding of Karst Aquifers

#180: Dissecting Distrust In The Tap

Key points of flocculant selection for sludge dehydrator

This Week in Water for May 14, 2023

Wastewater solutions for manure and food-waste digesters

Cavitation Technologies, Inc Announces the Development of Cavitation Based Cold Plasma Technology

Low-cost Instant-readout Plant Nitrate Sensors

Sensmet µDOES® Multi-metal Water Analyser

Breakthrough technology for  battery metal production and  recycling processes

Recycled fertilizers from biomass

Ovarro announces Barbara Hathaway as leakage technology leader

#179: The PFAS Puzzle: Lessons On Health

This Week in Water for May 7, 2023


OSMOSUN® by Mascara - Create Water Where Life Is

EP calls for energy neutral WWTP’s • Water News Europe

Reducing Textile Industry Water Waste by 85%

Turning cow manure into clean water and dry fertilizer

Ground-breaking, first commercially deployed technology that destroys ‘forever chemicals’

An SOS from your friendly local mayfly

Upgrade, Retrofit and Optimize: Decarbonizing Treatment Plants With Smart Water Tech

#178: Envisioning Water In The Year 2050

This Week in Water for April 30, 2023

Solving drought: providing consecutive water supply from advanced sand dam

Tunisia: first private-public partnership in water, with Suez | Africanews

60 seconds with...Femke Verhaart, Deltares

How long does it take to fix a world water crisis (46 years and counting…)?

Webinar: Monitoring Legionella in Industrial Cooling Towers | rqmicro - make water safe

UChicago Joint Task Force Initiative to more efficiently removes heavy metals from water

Three ways to solve the plastics pollution crisis

Exploring the Future of Desalination

Applied Microbiology Research with an Easy-to-Use Flow Cytometer

Evaluation of land use/land cover datasets in hydrological modelling using the SWAT model

Keep Legionella at Bay with rqmicro.COUNT

Pioneering Utility Shares Insights On PFAS Treatability

Microbial Monitoring in Food and Beverage Production

Dosing trial helps Veolia WTS produce ultrapure water

Egypt and UK sign MoU on water partnership

This Week in Water for April 23, 2023

CR200 water purification membrane won a Silver award for Sustainability

Swedish biotech startup raises funding to enable efficient recovery of clean water

Water damage warranty to protect contractors and developers

Research collaboration aims to improve nationwide water quality, restore wetlands

#177: Living With Water In New Orleans

UN expert slams Dutch court decision to disconnect children from water supply

Binnies adds weight to RSK Australia’s expansion programme

Industry biggest user of Europe’s water • Water News Europe

This Week in Water for April 16, 2023

Filter Developed That Effectively Removes Glyphosate From Contaminated Groundwater

Drilling down on water stress sensors

How an African bird might inspire a better water bottle

Innovation changes perceived risk of water investment

Tampa launches buoys aimed at reducing blue-green algae in Hillsborough River

2022 Annual Report

Lead-sensing technology partnership awarded ‘outstanding’ status


Intact Cell Count (ICC) Test for Safe Water Reuse in Food & Beverage

Optimising chemical dosing in a challenging operating climate

Rising Water Technologies

This Week in Water for April 9, 2023

Emerging micropollution solutions will help tackle contaminants

Making China’s water data accessible, usable and shareable

Explained: What Is Biotransformation Technology And How Can It Make Plastics Biodegradable

"Our technologies will help growers in arid circumstances"

Forward Osmosis Breakthrough

New UBC water treatment zaps PFAS for good

Can E.coli Be Used to Detect Heavy Metals in Water?

Simplify DO Monitoring with Flexible, Low-Maintenance Sensors

WEFTA 2022 Annual Report

#176: Funding To Fight Lead: How Denver Did It

Methane emissions WWTP's double • Water News Europe

Autonomous Toilet Technology CEO interviewed by BFM TV Paris Ile de France

FEMA- 2023 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program and Policy Guide (HMA Guide)

The Water Council Brew 2.0 - Post accelerator program

Cimico selected for The Water Council’s BREW 2.0 |

BlueGreen Water Technologies Wins Approval of Landmark Carbon Removal Methodology Net Blue™

World’s first OARO™ membrane concentration sea water brine mining plant

The Know Your H20 Team has updated the Surface Water Quality Index Calculator.

This Week in Water for April 2, 2023

Alternate Wetting and Drying water- saving irrigation technology to rice farmers

Full-scale advanced water treatment applications in China - NX Filtration

New method of cleaning microplastics from water using ultrasound

Air to Water Technology - TERI Policy Brief

Cleaner Pipes = Cleaner Drinking Water

Sent5ry Case Study - Wessex Water

From Israel to Nicaragua: New algae control projects around the globe - LG Sonic

Treatment plant timer cuts village hall energy use

Scientists make 'disturbing' find on remote island: plastic rocks

Global crisis in water management: Can a second UN Water Conference help?

Watercycle Technologies Introduction

#175: The PFAS Puzzle: Lessons On Advocacy

Monitoring and Testing Considerations for Water Utilities | rqmicro - make water safe

FLOCEAN - Sustainable Subsea Desalination by FSubsea

This Week in Water for March 26, 2023

Challenging UWWTD changes • Water News Europe

AMS Talks: Critical Chemical Supply Chain Risk and Mitigation

Developing a solar-powered desalination facility in Cambodia

Characterization and Contamination Testing of Source Separated Organic Feedstocks and Slurries

Wood-derived powder could remove dye from textile industry wastewater

The Future of Wastewater in the U.S.’s Fastest Growing Metros

A pilot study on the dual membrane process of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration

#174: 50 Years Of Restoring Rivers

Save Our Planet's Most Precious Resource- “Every Drop Counts”

Climate action to build a shared future

Digitalization and Hydroinformatics

What are the most innovative new water technology companies? - Chat GPT replies

World Water Day 2023: Accelerating the Change to Solve Water & Sanitation

Delivering sustainable solutions to solve water challenges

CIP micropollutants research published by UKWIR

#171: Funding To Fight Lead: State & Local Policy

This Week in Water for March 19, 2023

#173: The State Of Water Research

This is what we should do about microplastics

Three New Patents for Atmospheric Water Solution

How Lumo is helping farmers conserve water

Update on Patented Technology for use in the Oil and Gas Industry

Incofin Launches Water Access Acceleration Fund (W2AF) with $36m to Invest in Africa, Asia

Water-friendly cheese: Entrepinares achieves 40% water reduction with Tetra Pak technology

Smart Ball technology saves 130mln gallons of water

Low-Flow Sampling: An Interview with Senior Application Development Manager Adam Hobson

A Steep Gorge and Variable Water Levels Test Aqua TROLL 500 Installation

United Nations water conferences: reflections and expectations

#172: EPA's Move To Regulate PFAS

Tech company tries a day without water

Expressions of interest sought for carbon accounting tool

This Week in Water for March 12, 2023

Horrifying new disease linked to consuming plastics in Australia

Xylem launches new innovation center in Shanghai

Three Technologies to Improve Water Quality Monitoring

Binnies UK and WGM joint venture (BWGM) announced as Southern Water Framework partners

This is what we should do about microplastics

SOURCE Global Acquires Proud Source Water

Water purification membrane generates electricity as it filters

Natural Systems Utilities and LuminUltra Partner to Ensure Water Reuse Quality – XPV Water Partners

Solar Powered Desalination Companies- best picks by ChatGPT

Assessment of the water quality of the Niger River in Bamako, Mali, based on the Water Quality Index

The trouble with water treatment in aquaculture

Portable SAFs ensure environmental protection during upgrade

DuPont Consolidates Ultrafiltration Technologies Under New IntegraTec™ Brand

#170: Changing The Color Of Water

Digital Marketing Solutions for the Water Sector

This Week in Water for March 5, 2023

Novel Membranes For Better Wastewater Treatment - Asian Scientist Magazine

Stream Restoration: Roanoke County Development Services

Quantum Dots Offer Efficient Drinking Water Disinfection

Real-time influent monitoring using Biological Sensing

Detecting and catching microplastics in our tap water using light

Forward Osmosis with Fluvicon

UKWIR invites expressions of interest for upcoming projects

GF Unternehmensberichte 2022: CEO Andreas Müller

Risk Monitoring in Industrial Cooling Towers | rqmicro - make water sa

Applied Microbiology Research with an Easy-to-Use Flow Cytometer

Opinion: Perfecting the art of water delivery for future generations

SepPure's nanofilters massively reduce energy cost of industrial separation processes

#169: Green Mortgage Grows In New Orleans

Versatile electric pipe-cutter makes UK debut

This Week in Water for February 26, 2023

FREDsense Announces Rapid and Accurate Electrochemical Biosensor Solution for PFAS Detection

We're Improving Water Quality, Seismic Stability, And Safety for Valley Water

Filtering the unfilterable in Indian oil and gas market

Elateq moving forward with PepsiCo contracting to use its high-tech technology

Water technology company Aquafortus raises $17m in Series A1

EU infringement water plans • Water News Europe

Drainage planning transformed with advanced asset software

Spring collaborates with Microsoft and Impact X on water innovation

#168: The PFAS Puzzle: Lessons On Drinking Water

This Week in Water for February 19, 2023

NYC Drinking Water Quality Report

Sewage Waste Water – Malodours | BioPhysics Reasearch

LAT WATER Corporate Video.mp4

Fundamentals — MICROrganic

Green maritime tech of the future to become reality thanks to £60 million boost

ESS to Deploy Long-Duration Energy Storage Technology with Turlock Irrigation District

Online THM Monitoring System Supports Cutting Edge Innovation and Research


Aquanovation Inc. Signs Technology Licensing Agreement with Evoqua Water Technologies

Can giving the ocean an antacid help curb climate change?

Microbial Control for Wastewater Reuse | rqmicro - make water safe

#167: Profiles Of Black Conservationists

Sector must challenge public misconceptions through engagement

This Week in Water for February 12, 2023

Fugro’s QuickVision® allows Heerema to accurately position wind turbines

AVEVA announces the completion of its acquisition by Schneider Electric

Tidal Clear - Chitosan Water Treatment Solutions


WFD: Ireland to court • Water News Europe

Amazon introduces Hippo Harvest’s first leafy greens line, grown with 92% less water

rqmicro.COUNT - Flow Cytometer for Water Utilities

Easy to use flow cytometer rqmicro.COUNT | rqmicro - make water safe

#166: Funding To Fight Lead: The Menu Of Options

Everyone knows single-use plastic is bad for the environment, so why do we keep making more?

Grace Breeding boosts grain yield by 18% while cutting CO2 emissions

This Week in Water for February 5, 2023

California: Saving Water, Energy, and Labor with Innovative Water Treatment

Drinking water from thin air

IIT Ropar develops air nano bubble technology that can reduce water usage in textile sector by 90%

Industry pleas for tools to safeguard water • Water News Europe

Putting PFAS In The Past

What is Microcystin? (Algae Toxins) - LG Sonic

Polymer metering capabilities advanced with Qdos 60 PU pump

European water sector stands out in diversity • Water News Europe

accelerating change • Water News Europe

Scientists Create Biodegradable Plastic Using Solar Energy - EcoWatch

UV treatment selected for care home wastewater

#164: New Jersey’s Look At Affordability

Fully-managed fixed network leakage service launches

Optimising water data ahead of price review

This Week in Water for January 29, 2023

Water Ways; Announcing 2 New Projects in Ethiopia

Aquacycl Wastewater Treatment Process

DIY Unpowered Terracotta Valve

Saltworks’ Lithium Refining Test Center Opens

Unlocking Circularity

Why Volunteers Are Tracking Down Road Salt in Streams

Driving Digitalization in the Water Sector to Transform the Way We Treat Water

Building a cyber-resilient water future

Worldwide Walk for Water 2023

Norwegian utility calculates true cost of sewer ingress

Xylem to buy Evoqua in $6.42 bln dive into water tech wave

This Week in Water for January 22, 2023

75,000 water leaks detected using ASTERRA satellite technology

Gradiant 2022: A Watershed Year In Review

Researchers Use Egg Whites to Remove Microplastics From Water

#163: Expansion of waterloop

The I-Phyc Story - how it changes wastewater treatment forever

Calgary based lithium company receives US$50M investment from BDC |

Wastewater recycler Membrion makes light work of removing heavy metals

UN-Water GLAAS 2022

Research signals new approach to asset management

A Royal Pain—How King Tides in California Reveal a Troubling Future | H2O Radio

Solar-powered water desalination tech for off-grid applications

New water purification system | Scientist Live

Interview with Envirogen CEO Joe Higgins

PUB seeks solutions to drive innovation, sustainability in water industry


Interbasin water transfers in the United States and Canada

West Dundee Uses a Flexible “SCADA Lite” for Remote Wastewater Flume

San Francisco's First Approved Onsite Greywater Reuse System at Fifteen Fifty


Spinnova and adidas unveil their first commercial product - Spinnovagroup

Welcome To The World of FloNergia FloMov Airlift Pumps

Aclarity Destroys PFAS Chemicals Forever in Full-Scale Pilot

Aquifers in Europe are declining alarmingly • Water News Europe

Aguas Andinas - LG Sonic

Seattle Aquarium Prioritizes Animal Well-Being with Water Monitoring During Long-Distance Transport

Desalination system harnessing natural cooling power of night sky

This Week in Water for January 8, 2023

Cost-effective SafeGuard™ H2O Arsenic Removal Technology

EU urges to monitor wastewater from flights from China • Water News Europe

Portable atmospheric water generators

Badger Meter Enhances Smart Water Capabilities With Acquisition of Syrinix

This forgotten technology could solve the world’s palm oil problem

NREL Cook Inlet Research: Turning the Tide for Renewables in Alaska

Device That Can Harvest Water from The Air and Provide Hydrogen Fuel

Best Metering Technologies For Water Treatment & Distribution | Badger Meter

AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms

Orbis announces new US channel partner

Tapping into tradition: water insights from down the centuries - The Source

Public health performance of sanitation technologies in Tamil Nadu, India

In just two decades the amount of microplastics has tripled on the seafloor

Bloom Association » COP15: other issues addressed in the Kunming-Montreal agreement


Researchers develop eco-friendly materials capable of purifying water

2022 WEF Awards Winners

Five project ideas for "Hydroinformatics in Groundwater"

The biggest Byosis ammonia stripper until now

Depletion of groundwater is accelerating in California's Central Valley, study finds

New EU Plastic Waste Ban Could Finally End Mini Hotel Toiletries and Single-Use Food Containers

EU Protects: How the EU is turning the tide on plastic waste

The new WWF Risk Filter Suite on Monday 16th January 2023

Fish-friendly diversion screens field day in Western NSW

State of the Great Lakes Report

Lithium miners and manufacturers making a beeline for this clean-water technology

The novel desalination technologies making potable water more accessible

Manufacturing a cleaner future

Successful manufacturing operations at F&N Dairies rely on AVEVA solutions

Northumbrian Water achieves 37% leakage reduction across all DMAs - FIDO Tech

How Oxyle Plans To Rid The World’s Water Of Forever Pollutants

UVT Monitoring for raw inlet in drinking water - Photonic Measurements

Results of the current water study on health

New Method Can Break Down 95% of Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Water in Just 45 Minutes

Plasma water technology advances towards Indian agriculture; to improve productivity

This Week in Water for December 18, 2022

Emerging Smart Cities Technology Company to List on NASDAQ

A technology that makes water out of air

Alleviating Drought: AquaterreX Locates Deep Seated Fresh Water in Texas

Eco Wave Power - Changing the World One Wave at a Time | Full Interview

Yorkshire Water CEO to address skills and diversity

Protection from hexavalent chromium (Cr6) contamination

Remarkable sludge dewatering 90%ds

Top 5 highlights of LG Sonic in 2022 - LG Sonic

Aquacheck shares success with Bank of England governor

Confusion over regulations hampering water equipment innovation

This Week in Water for December 11, 2022

This is FloraPulse!

Use of volcanic rock dust in the fields for carbon capture

EPA Issues Guidance to States to Reduce Harmful PFAS Pollution | US EPA

Ground-breaking results with a new water treatment technology solution

Hach's Answers to Wastewater Challenges. Part V: Phosphorus Treatment Optimization_LP

InfoTiles selected to trial technology in Switzerland

The transformation of Dubai | Van Oord/

Read the new article “Climate Risk Overview tool

Digital Twins Go Farming | CDOTrends

How surfing inspired me to create a company that keeps our oceans clean

How Gradiant Is Helping Some Of The World's Biggest Corporations Reuse Their Water

30 years connecting practitioners and actors in rural water supply

This Week in Water for December 4, 2022

Launch of pilot desalination buoy “Gaia”

FREDsense Named One of Canada’s Most Investable Cleantech Ventures by Foresight Canada

New Report: The Role of the Water Sector in Climate Change

Aerzen USA Acquires Aquarius Technologies

AWWA releases insights report from Water 2050 Sustainability Think Tank

How major oil firms will try to block the world’s first plastic pollution treaty - Thred Website

Northumbrian leads in British Water survey

Action pledged at cross-sector FOG summit

See what’s happening in your network’s blind-spots with these 3 predictive management steps

Plastic: Talks on a global treaty begin – DW – 11/28/2022

New Partnership that equips, monitors, and maintains buildings’ air and water 24/7

UK: Private water companies awash with debt as dividends go to shareholders • Water News Europe

Are nature-based solutions the answer to the climate emergency?

Interview with Apricum Senior Advisor Ulf Leonhard

This Week in Water for November 27, 2022

Veolia and Elabe present the first global opinion survey on the ecological transformation

DNA reference library a game-changer for environmental monitoring

Low-cost Water-level Monitoring System

Marine tech start-ups sailing to cleaner waters

Aquaporin collaborates on novel desalination and wastewater pilot project

A wave-powered prototype device is aiming to produce drinking water from the ocean

Meet the 2023 Accelerator Cohort

Watersight Adds Global Companies to the AquaRing Water Monitoring Pilot Program

Regional Workshop on Financing for Water Security in Latin America

Algae 101: What is the Problem with Algae? - LG Sonic

Moleaer Recognized in Two Categories: Excellence in Innovation and Energy and Sustainability

Our five key conclusions from COP27

Miniature water purification technology ensures safe water for the Armed Forces

Digital transformation poses dangers and opportunities

Microbial fuel cells to clean up wastewater

Stanford researchers use airborne technology to spot groundwater recharge sites

Itron announces smart water metering deployment in Singapore

The Netherlands: Flood Defenses and Dikes | ASTERRA

Digital Water Collection | IWA Publishing

This Week in Water for November 20, 2022

New Insights in Climate Science

More precise monitoring of water supply networks via smart standpipes

Remote Sensing for Sustainable Water Management

Beko joins forces with to provide 10 000 Kenyans with access to safe water

Cleantech innovation challenge winner

Water Quality Test Kit Used to Reliably Detect Dissolved Arsenic

IWA Publishing Annual Report 2021

The Future of Water Networks November 2022

Whales ingest millions of microplastic particles a day, study finds

A Federal Agenda for U.S. Climate Resilience

Celebrating the Seneca Nation’s Efforts to Strengthen the Next Generation of Freshwater Stewards

New EchoShore®-DXe acoustic leak monitoring sensor, valve-based sensor

Water for Climate’ Program to Help Companies Deliver on Water, Climate and Business Growth Goals

Groundbreaking Smart Bottle that Amplifies Water's Health Benefits via Electrolysis

Finance, Design, Construct and Operate Israel’s Western Galilee Desalination Plant

Smart standpipes close leakage reporting gaps

This Week in Water for November 13, 2022

GAST Clearwater - Ultra Advanced Water Treatment

Global changes in wetlands help clarify the decline of shorebirds

National Maps of Carbon Storage in Wetland Soils

Wearable sensors on fish

How digital technologies contribute to universal drinking water

Netafim Reveals First Carbon Credits Initiative for Global Rice Growers

From Droughts to Floods, Water Risk Is an Urgent Business Issue

NX Filtration & Transcend showcase the benefits of direct nanofiltration membranes

MIT PhD students shed light on important water and food research

Toilet Board Coalition 2030 Strategy

Water Aeration Company Moleaer Raises $40M - Los Angeles Business Journal

Novel technologies in the field of mining to enhance copper recovery at existing mines

Strategic Agreement with Chevron and ConocoPhillips for Beneficial Reuse of Produced Water

3M and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Announce Comprehensive Agreement

Results from BioLargo's 18-Month Municipal Wastewater Treatment Pilot in Montreal

‘An invisible killer’: how fishing gear became the deadliest marine plastic

Large Dams and Their Changing Roles

Information sharing among AGUASAN 08.11.2022

A Leakage Routemap to 2050

Toxic COD treatment - PHT-Ox - Pressure hydro-thermal Oxidation

This Week in Water for November 6, 2022


EC presents proposal revised urban wastewater directive • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

Filtration methods remove harmful 'forever chemicals' from drinking water

Remediation and Treating Wastepaper Recycling Mill Wastewater

Interview with Sami Khoreibi and Sebastien Wakim, founders of Wisewell

Talking on Water with Adam Johnson and Sven Parris, Water Direct

CCL 5 Microbial Contaminants | US EPA

3M and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Announce Comprehensive Agreement

Call for Editors | H2Open Journal | IWA Publishing

The Horn of Africa has had years of drought, yet groundwater supplies are increasing – why?

Future of Desalination in the Context of Water Security

Dredging Monitoring

Science Seminar: Nature's Best Hope by Doug Tallamy, Ph.D.

ASTERRA EarthWorks, using subsurface moisture mapping to support disaster risk reduction

Policies and Politics: Effects on US-China Soybean Trade

Phosphorus removal prompts major dosing pump order

This Week in Water for October 30, 2022

This Aquatic Robot Is Making a Meal Out of Marine Waste

Site Visit to 374Water's Pilot Plant Highlights the Opportunity for Supercritical Oxidation

Ground breaking drinking water study

An Exhortation To The Global Water Sector

New research reveals wastewater treatment plants can catch a cold

Oil Water Separator required to cost effectively treat multiple dirty water pits.

WaterIQ Technologies™ and Audubon International Announce New Water Sustainability Partnership

ASTERRA Fall Happenings

Does Your Waterbody Need A Doctor?

We must address unsustainable groundwater management

Autodesk and Transcend Sign MOU to Accelerate the Generative Design of Critical Infrastructure

Race for Water Newsletter October 2022

Reuse of effluent in agriculture is all about managing risks • Water News Europe

This Amazing Device is Cleaning Up Our Waterways | Flipboard

Storm Drainage Operations: Roanoke County Development Services

This Week in Water for October 23, 2022

'Agrowand' to analyse soil water, air in a blink of eye,

Japan’s WOTA water recycling technology could lessen scarcity impact in Jamaica

H2OLL - drink the air

How instrumentation is transforming water/wastewater operations

Global recognition for impactful investment in the water sector in pan emerging markets

Vitens and NX Filtration start pilot for river water as potential source for drinking water

Sensat raises $20.5M to build digital twins for infrastructure companies

Tariff Survey Infographic - Infogram

Climate Risk Overview

The path forward: smarter, data-rich water management

How Iron-Based Technology Works In The Role Of Land & Water Remediation

Please Join Us for This Upcoming Event October 25: Nature’s Best Hope With Doug Tallamy, Ph.D.

Sustainable Industrial Wastewater Treatment | CHEManager

A Walk Through a Historical Mine: EarthWorks Protects the Environment

COP 27 Climate Change Conference - GWP

This Week in Water for October 16, 2022

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched its ‘DEWAVerse’ platform

Small hydropower plant in stream behind homes becoming more popular - Innovation Origins

Wastewater facilities incorporate Greasezilla technology @BiodieselMag

Launch of Water Monitoring Satellite

Dreaming the possible – data and the future of water

BuntPlanet has won the tender called by Essbio S.A. and Nuevosur S.A.

Decisive action drives development

This Week in Water for October 9, 2022

MIW Containerized Water Treatment Solutions

The Salinity Story in Numbers

REGEN 40 plus+ Algeria

Putting Climate at the Heart of Water Treatment- an Interview with Rick Bacon CEO of AMS

Advanced technologies for the elimination of micropollutants

Plastic pollution may have met its match: The saliva of wax worms

#1 An endangered ecosystem - Plastic and the Marine World

UNICEF Syria Cholera Response Situation Report for 04 October 2022

374Water and Forever Water Ecuador Will Collaborate to Solve Sanitation in Latin America

Water challenge presents opportunity for cross-sector innovators

Veolia Water Technologies' Seawater Treatment Process Module for One Guyana FPSO

How to select the right air blower technology for water and wastewater treatment plants

5 Big Threats to Rivers - EcoWatch

The role of prices in managing water scarcity

How to transform the water sector


This Week in Water for October 2, 2022

local intervention of the drought repercussions in Somaliland

Environmental technologies in focus on World Maritime Day 2022

Membrane Technology Company ZwitterCo Secures $33 Million

MentorAPM Releases Version 3 of Groundbreaking CMMS and Asset Performance Management Platform

Opportunity Open Wide for Nanobubble Generator Developers – Nano bubble

SUEZ to double its investments in water and waste management

Advancements in App-Based Monitoring and Remote Data Access are Reshaping Environmental Monitoring

URAVU LABS: Creating sustainable water out of air using renewable tech

Newlisi presents its technology for sewage sludge reduction, energy recovery unveils $1 billion plan for water access

Using Microbial Fuel Cells Utilizing Wastewater

Seabin™ - Marine data for cleaner oceans

Seabin Project Launches In LA – Cleaning Up Marina Del Rey And Beyond

Whirlpool bets big on detergent and water-free washing; launches new designed for India technology

A sea change for plastic pollution: new material biodegrades in ocean water

One Minute Data: The Future of AMI

Oceanside California has a new source of drinking water with help from the TrojanUVFlexAOP

SafeGuard™ H2O Cr6 Removal Demonstration at the City of Banning

Water innovation fast-tracked by BlueTech-WIN agreement

Green Drop Report 2022

Due to climate change India’s Ladakh is facing severe water shortages

The End of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch | The Ocean Cleanup

Unblocking the path to effective restaurant grease management

Oder River´s massive fish die-off caused by industrial discharges

Peristaltic pumps gain improved coverage in WIMES

Dewa and Dutch start-up Desolenator to build solar-powered desalination system

Anglian Water pilots transformative AI technology

Phosphate Monitoring at Effluent Keeps Costs Down and Levels In Check

This Week in Water for September 18, 2022

Reflecting transformation

Sewer Cleansing - Is there a sustainable alternative.docx

Self-cleaning suction intake filter and filter pumps

Chemically engineered water filtration system helps industrial processors recycle their wastewater

Climate Change and Water Law

Research explores option for destruction of PFAS

Silanna UV Makes Ultraviolet LED Manufacturing Breakthrough With Nanostructures

RESQUNIT Grapple at 15 fathoms

Saudi SWCC in deal with Emerson to bolster digital transformation

Petra Acquires Trenchless Tunneling Company Zilper

IDE Technologies Announces Success of Facility in Texas, Achieving Overall Recovery of 96%

New technology Enhances Miami Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiency

US Water Prize 2022 Winners

One AECI, for a better world

Timers halve SAF blower power use

EPM improves leak detection, operational efficiency and long-term planning

British Water seeks views on water company performance

This Week in Water for September 11, 2022

Floods Emergency 2022 in Pakistan, AHD Pakistan needs help and support

Self-Optimizing Device for Atmospheric Water Harvesting

Danger Looms Where Toxic Algae Blooms

Aquatic Solutions Built for Life Selected as Best Smart Water Solution at the 2022 Smart Water Summit

Solar Water Solutions - Clean water with just sun!

Biological Wastewater Treatment has won the IWA Publishing best scientific book prize

How to Use the Transcend Design Generator in Non-Obvious Ways to Improve Your Water Projects

The price of grain, the global supply chain, and the invasion of Ukraine

California becomes first state to test drinking water for microplastics

Forward Water Technologies Announces an Early Development Testing Project

Annual Report 2021

Rapid water network information a necessity

Water and hospitality come together to tackle FOG

This Week in Water for September 4, 2022

Profimeas Asks, “Can VuLink Withstand Winter in Finland?”


Deep Tech Startup Tackles Water Scarcity in the Middle East

Mullen Signs Partnership with Watergen to Launch Water-from-Air Solutions for EVs

EAWD Significantly Improves Its Life-Changing Off Grid Atmosphere Water Generation Technology


BioLargo sees 'a major opportunity' for PFAS unit as it reports a surge in second-quarter revenue

Nicholas O'Dwyer Engineering and Environmental Services

World Bank award recognition for Dublin-based water engineer

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Editor shares his thoughts on the future of wastewater treatment

Jacobs gets new name and wins New Mexico water contract - Global Construction Review

Microplastics Removal by IMS Efficient Compared To Other Methods

WEF - 2022 WEF Awards Winners

iMass Innovation Calls For Private Sector Investment In providing Water for the people Kete Krachi

This Week in Water for August 28, 2022

Recovery of Valuable Products from Reject Brines of Seawater Desalination Plants

Prototype toilet that is safe and designed for household use

Beach and Water Cleaning Drones in the Great Lakes

Influent Phosphate Monitoring

DuPont Wins Five 2022 R&D 100 Awards, Highlighting Innovative Technologies

Updates from award-winning Trial Reservoir initiative

Net positive and its application to water management

EU prepares legal action over Hungary´s arsenic levels in drinking water

This Week in Water for August 21, 2022

Black & Veatch Completes World’s First Commercial-Scale Alternative Animal Feed Production Facility

Membrion Taps Global Water Expert for Seat on Advisory Board

Significant advancements in harmful algae bloom mitigation and water quality monitoring.

The China-born scientist making waves in water purification tech

Increased Yields Mean Fast ROI for Hydroponic Grower in Northern France

Increase of nutrient uptake, fruit quality & Brix values with AQUA4D® Precision Irrigation

Scorching heat waves roasting the world

Scientists finally found an efficient way to recycle plastic foam

Three sunscreen agents feature in 2022 surface water watch list • Water News Europe

Solenis Expands Water Treatment Portfolio with Clearon Buy

This Week in Water for August 14, 2022

California's Water Supply Strategy

Wasser 3 0

Yindingzhuang Wastewater Treatment Plant

Measuring the gaps in drinking water quality and policy across regional and remote Australia

Batch Calibrations on VuSitu: an Interview with Product Owner Tom Koniuta


Spring knowledge transfer service goes live

Water footprint Loan BBVA CIB

Data for the World- MIT's open access GIS Data

xFarm Technologies secures EUR 17 million to make agriculture sustainable

Automated timers halve blower power consumption

Karyn Georges awarded CIWEM Fellowship

OECD Statistics

Wave Swell Energy How it Works

The 3-D imagery that could make fishing more sustainable

This Week in Water for August 7, 2022

Opinion | Beyond Plastics: How Much Do We Love Life?

Urban Water Security for Developing Countries

River: A new multidisciplinary, multisectoral, and multi‐issues journal

First wave-powered energy station connected to Israel’s energy grid

Aclarity Seeks To Bring Its Unique Water-Treatment Technology To The Next Level

Solar-Powered Water Supply Systems Transmit Flow Data to the Cloud

EC presents guidelines for water reuse in agriculture • Water News Europe

At Work With Water: Christy Bitcon – XPV Water Partners

British Water appoints Mark Fletcher as chair

Net zero water challenge innovations Spring forward

PepsiCo Labs trials electrochemical wastewater treatment

Water Monitoring Trial Program for Drought-Stricken Texas Municipalities

Solar hydropanel captures 10 liters of clean drinking water out of the air per day

Fishing for Ghosts

This Week in Water for July 31, 2022

Tech Startup KETOS Targets Water Safety And Scarcity

UpLink made a call for solutions to tackle plastic pollution

Meeting desalination’s 1.5 billion challenge- Global Water Intelligence

World's smallest water filter

2021 World Water Day Judges Choice: Creative Communication - Portable Desal. Unit For Hydration

Efficient Technique Removes Ammonia From Agricultural Wastewater

AI water treatment system

New bioremediation material can clean 'forever chemicals'

Emicool leads the way with DTS technology

Digital Transformation Lessons from a Smart Monitoring System for Potable Water Treatment

Moleaer Expands Nanobubble Generator Portfolio with the Introduction of Lotus™

German WWTP achieves 97.5% phosphorus load reduction

Mandating decentralized water treatment and recycling

Lowe’s now offers UV-C LED disinfection systems, Developed by AquiSense Technologies

RO systems make their case for brine concentration applications

Veolia Marks 20 Years of Reliable & Proven  Purified Water Technology with Orion™

This Week in Water for July 24, 2022

Europe: Increase of water regulations car wash industry • Water News Europe

Municipal Waste Composting only in 10 days by EcolAgro Venture PVT. LTD.

REŠETILOVS production

Data scientists use new techniques to identify lakes and reservoirs around the world

Helping farmers unlock the power of their water

Make contaminated water drinkable in minutes; teaming with Georgia-Pacific

Serbia’s first public-private-partnership water treatment project awarded to Metito

Gradiant Acquires WaterPark to Move Advanced Manufacturing Closer to Water Sustainability

This Week in Water for July 17, 2022

Chemsbury Company Presentation

Aquassay - Data Driven Water Efficiency (FR)

#3 Recycled and Biodegradable Plastics - Plastics & The World of Toxicity

Capturing the plastic waste opportunity | Lombard Odier

A decade of turbulence – water in the US

Effect of carbohydrates on protein hydrolysis in anaerobic digestion

Allonnia Discovers New PFAS Biosensor  - Allonnia

Technologies to Clean Up PFAS

What can coastal cities do when groundwater becomes too salty to drink, due to climate change?

City of Medford WWTP Lowers Chemical Usage with Analyzer Technology

New anti-salt barrier needed to save crops in Italian Po-delta • Water News Europe

New products coated FBE acc. to ISO2531

Hans Goossens is our new Water Europe president

#5 Urgent need for systemic changes - Plastic & The World of Chemicals

Sensitive housing development meets stringent environmental requirements

SA company launches world-first digital token for water projects

Evaluation of water quality index and geochemical characteristics of surfacewater fromTawang India

This Week in Water for July 10, 2022

How Can Big Data Analytics Help in Solving Water Problems?

De Nora Recognized in Water Europe Innovation Awards

Ovivo acquires Wastech Controls & Engineering - Canadian Manufacturing

SafeGuard™ H2O Arsenic Removal Demonstration at California American Water’s Isleton Water System

Black & Veatch’s Annual Sustainability Report - 2022

Creative communications specialist joins WiseOnWater

The winner of the Mining Innovation Challenge

New treatments aimed at the lucrative food and beverage industry

#1 Plastic's components - Plastic & The World of Chemicals

AWWA’s State of the Water Industry report now available

Global human exposure to urban riverine floods and storms

India’s Unsustainable Water Development

Watergen 2020 Highlights

Siemens - Yorkshire Water - Final film

Guest Blog with Dr Mar Batista

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) performance in fish canning industrial wastewater treatment

Nitricity: Ready-to-use Nitrogen Fertilizer Using Only Air, Water, and Renewable Electricity

#1 Endocrine Disruptors - Plastics & The World of Toxicity

Treatment facilities that can completely eliminate all contaminants on-site

Association between actual & perceived risks of endocrine disrupting compounds in drinking water

Recycling innovation turns mixed waste into premium plastics with no climate impact

Switzerland spent 14 years and €2 billion on this 'water battery'

This Week in Water for July 3, 2022

Artificial Intelligence - Based Water Management

How to reclaim our lost water resources

Anglian scoops four Water Industry Awards - Utility Week

A glass of ocean water: Quebec company wins award for desalination technology

Viruses Can Survive in Freshwater by "Hitchhiking" on Microplastics

Control Your RAS Environment with Reliable Monitoring for DO, pH and More

Agriculture extremely vulnerable for water scarcity • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

Plant-based plastic strong as PET, degrades into sugars in the environment

Global Water Security

How Cleveland Water Alliance is Driving Innovation, Economic Development and Resilience

A new water decontamination technology, the direct oxidative transfer process (DOTP)

Violeds UV-C Technology Applied to 30,000 Cubic Meters Per Day for Municipal Water Purification

Community Voices: California farmers are key to carbon capture

Racing for Clean Seas

Webinar (FR): Planification de l'hygiène de l'eau potable pour la réduction des risques sanitaires

EPA Vision for Participatory Science

Scientists unveil bionic robo-fish to remove microplastics from seas

New probes gather real-time algae information in CAP canals

Student Innovators From 51 Countries Compete to Solve Global Water Issues

Scientists decontaminate heavy metal water using protein from plant waste

Wastewater Process Monitoring Equipment Stands the Test of Time

Scientists decontaminate heavy metal water using protein from plant waste

A functional definition to distinguish ponds from lakes and wetlands

Sustainability - Is it applicable in the case of water?

Prepare your WWTP for unpredictable decades starting in the conceptual design phase

A mathematical approach to evaluate the extent of groundwater contamination

Siemens technology underpins critical research on Australia’s reef systems

How platinum can help clean up wastewater, make it potable

Aqua Aerobic Corporate Overview

Live the operator’s dream – fewer disruptions

Temporary treatment unit helps nursing home meet consent

Water - The only key to living

This Week in Water for June 19, 2022

Webinar: How Irish Water Solved Algae Problems - LG Sonic

Circular Plastics Australia (PET) installs Aerofloat Wastewater Treatment System

This is Water Treatment, Reinvented


Gradiant Acquires Synauta, Machine Learning Company, to Advance AI Technology in Water

Israeli water technology company launches new water disinfection system

New technology for water quality monitoring

Professionals at several utilities share their experience and thoughts about district metered areas

Wastewater to Drinking Water: What Goes in Between?

This Week in Water for June 12, 2022

DAS Environmental Experts for Clean Water Technology – EN

Eradicating algae on golf course ponds in Palm Desert| WaterIQ Technologies

A unique last mile delivery solution for safe water launched in Delhi

Recover secures €94M to transform textile waste into sustainable recycled fibres

Bottlespotter – Monitoring of water pollution

Never Stronger: Autodesk’s Commitment to a More Secure Water Future

2021 Strategic Directions: Water Report | Black & Veatch

P&G Unveils New Strategy to Help Address Global Water Crisis

A. O. Smith Acquires Water Treatment Solutions Provider Atlantic Filter Corporation

Mixing waters: stakeholder influence in transboundary water conflict and cooperation

Delivering holistic solutions to solve water challenges

Austin Water is unveiling an innovative blackwater system

Can this technology be an answer to farmland water use in the West?

Onsite water management’s powerful alignment with ESG | Greenbiz

NPDES Effluent Guidelines: A Guide to pH - LG Sonic

Important Terms about Wastewater Treatment/ Role of Stainless Steel in water sector/Jindal SS

This Week in Water for June 5, 2022

CROP.ZONE secures USD 11 million equity funding

Hydro BioScience, LLC. The SolaRaft-iQM™. Remote water quality monitoring system won't tip over

Learning From The Concept Of The Commons

The overlooked giant in the ESG conversation? Agriculture

Announcing AquaDuct Atmospheric Water Harvesting

Technology-as-a-Service: New CAD Integration Speeds Up Water Treatment Planning and Installation

Integrated Water Management with Hi-Tech Solutions in Switzerland’s Valais

Biologically active slow sand filter as the most effective way to remove nanoplastics

Catalyst Julia Bodin (SDGs 12&14)

China industrial environmental database 1998–2015

As Drought Worsens, Metron-Farnier Helps Utilities Manage Rules and Restrictions

Floating ecosystem will leave legacy for BlueTech Forum

WRD Secures Sustainable Water Independence with Continuous Groundwater Monitoring

Northern Ireland's Largest Water Park Installs MPC-Buoy - LG Sonic

Dogs Trust site expansion demands treatment upgrade

Delivering water sector transformation project by project

H2O Innovation Wins $7.9 M of New Water and Wastewater Projects

US Plagued by Hundreds of Toxic Algae Bloom Outbreaks in 2021 - LG Sonic

This Week in Water for May 29, 2022

Chinese scientists find gene for drought resistance in rice - Technology Times

Edible kelp packaging and plastic-free insulation

Watergen announces joint venture with SMV Jaipuria Group, to invest over $50 million in 2-3 yrs

Earth911 Podcast: Gradiant's Prakash Govindan on Making Industrial Water Systems Sustainable

Indra Water: Treating wastewater efficiently

Capture, concentrate and destroy PFAS chemicals from wastewater

500 Billion Gallons of Water Prevented from Flooding Communities in 2021, Using Xylem Technology


WHO Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Annual report 2020

Veolia to Sell a Part of Its Industrial Water Treatment Services in France

Algae Toxins Linked to Brain Diseases Found in Florida - LG Sonic

Cheap gel film pulls buckets of drinking water per day from thin air

Innovation Showcase - Blue Tech Forum

SWAN Digital Twin Readiness Guide - SWAN Forum

Heavy rains focus more attention on floodlines

The Nitty Gritty Of Phosphorous Removal In Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water sector must prioritise supply chain resilience

A smart transition to tablet-based leakage detection

Smart Distribution Management System for reducing water losses

This Week in Water for May 22, 2022

Gradiant Acquires Synauta, Machine Learning Company, to Advance AI Technology in Water

Bringing water and hospitality together for sustainable FOG future

Treating agricultural wastewater and recycling it for irrigation

2022 - Global Water Awards

IDE Water Technologies Wins Global Water Award for Desalination Company of the Year 2022

Austin Water Selects Electro Scan for Innovative Inflow & Infiltration Project

Considerations When Upgrading UV Systems

How are digital tools helping utilities prioritize and improve investment decisions?


WEF Announces 100 New Start-ups Joining its Technology Pioneers Community

Presenting a Solar-Powered Service Module with Multiple Uses

Water purification using an eco-friendly adsorbent

Ovarro pollution early-warning technology chosen by Anglian Water

Organica integrates Microsoft products

This Week in Water for May 15, 2022

Water Framework Directive: Brussels does not foresee respite after 2027

aRe yoU Water Resilient?

The most compact Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier!

Seven most recent application of GIS in selection of suitable location for rain water harvesting

Hybrid modelling of water resource recovery facilities: status and opportunities

Isleton Water System Demonstrates In-situ Ferrous Generation Technology for Arsenic Remediation

Technology pulls drinking water from the air, 24 hours a day, with no energy input

Integrated Pest Management to Improve Lake Health with Lake Tech’s Eli Kersh

Battelle PFAS Annihilator Mobile Unit

Fluorine nanostructures can desalinate water 2,400 times faster than carbon nanotubes

Miami-Dade pilots sensors to cut water revenue leakage

Royal Haskoning helps Anglian Water revolutionise 'sludge digestion'

Forward Water Technologies Corp. (FWTC) is Revolutionizing the Remediation of Wastewater

Download "Water management 2040 - future scenarios" report

NoNa Desalination converts saltwater cleaner into MIT $100K win

WWF Water Risk Filter

new ROVAP™ solution for RO concentrate evaporation

CAST Technology - Micro Plasma and Applications

Major Issues in Micro-irrigation Systems in Agriculture.

Nordic hydrological frontier in the 21st century

UV-C LED Water Disinfection Products Certified to NSF REG4 and WaterMark Certifications

World's plastic waste mapped from space for the first time

Portable Seawater Desalination System for Generating Drinkable Water in Remote Locations

HydroBlu Offers Safe Drinking Water Using Blocked Activated Carbon Technology

Taking the Waste out of Wastewater—How What We Flush Can Be Repurposed, Recycled, and Reused

The massive, unregulated source of plastic pollution you’ve probably never heard of

Wastewater from battery recycling plants mined for water-splitting catalysts

Easy read of third party meters and sensors

New Technology for Seawater desalination using a portable device , ICP water desalination technology

Intro Nereda Technology

Iraq Is Facing Severe Water Scarcity

From promises to purpose building: capacity enhancement of youths in regional water cooperation

Hydroponic native plants to detox PFAS-contaminated water

Slow pace of innovation continues to frustrate supply chain

Water sector must invest in our planet

Lessons learnt during Covid 19 pandemic can help us tackle climate change issues

Review and outlook of river morphology expression

Engineers Create an Enzyme That Breaks Down Plastic Waste in Hours, Not Decades

Application of carbon nanomaterials in plant biotechnology

This Week in Water for May 1, 2022

Review Overcoming challenges due to enhanced biomedical waste generation during COVID-19 pandemic

Heartland Water Technology buoyed by $45 million investment

Clean TeQ produces graphene membrane for nanofiltration at scale

Technology to Treat Critical Environmental Issues

Material designed to improve power plant efficiency wins 2022 Water Innovation Prize

New technology seeks to destroy toxic "forever chemicals" in drinking water

From seawater to drinking water, with the push of a button

Tampa Plant Reduces Operating Costs with Online Process Analyzers

Let's Talk about DMA Size

Qdos CWT pump solves pipeline pressure challenge

Disruptive Innovation in Phosphate Removal

IUVA Announces New Biofilm Control Task Force

This Week in Water for April 24, 2022

Understanding clarifier

LifeStraw introduces new technology with Peak Series

Carbon-capture kings: Planetary Technologies lands US$1M prize from Musk Foundation

Water processing: Light helps degrade hormones

Everyday Plastic Products Release Trillions of Microscopic Particles Into Water

Investing in Innovations that address Water/Wastewater Risk

Five reasons why the laboratory is your best friend.

New water disinfection solution that reduces harmful by-products in manufacturing waste

WINT announces industry-first solution to cut water-related carbon emissions in buildings

S'pore's water challenge: More on tap at lower carbon costs

First-of-its-kind demand reduction platform enabling water use reduction in agriculture

Innovative irrigation technology boosts water efficiency in macro irrigation

Jacobs to design Singapore's Changi NEWater Factory 3

New Disruptive Technology for Desalination and Water Reuse

This Week in Water for April 17, 2022

Tuas Power-ST Engineering Consortium and PUB open

Scientists say this new satellite is a game changer for tracking how our environment is changing

Partnership to develop advanced biosensors

Solutum | Corona | 100+ Accelerator

Duke to Offer Full Scholarships to New Exec Ed Leadership Program for Water Managers

Resolute Marine

Solar Water Pump Installation - Solar basics | LORENTZ

W(H)AT ER(R) | Chandrasekaran Jayaraman | TEDxSusMafia

247 Pinks and Blues: Top 5 - Scaling UP! H2O

The Water Tower's ribbon cutting opens door for Gwinnett to become a major research destination

Propelair How It Works

Xylem Invests $20M in Venture Capital Funds to Support Early-Stage Water Technology Development

New AI-driven technology boosts IoT for smart cities

Solutions to environmental challenges come from machine learning

This Week in Water for April 10, 2022

246 The One About How To Patent New Water Treatment Technologies - Scaling UP! H2O

Bill Gates and Blackrock are backing the start-up behind hydropanels that make water out of thin air

Unpowered Irrigation Controller

Blue-green Systems

Part of the solution for the EU energy crisis is already there, right under your feet - Energy Post

Wisewell Announces $2M in Pre-Seed Funding

Using technology to create water using sunlight and air

EPA Hosts Micronic's TOP™ Water Technology

Pure Water Oceanside

Top US Utility Requests 30 Design Scenarios for 24 MGD WRRF Master Planning Tender

A message from our CEO Sheyi Nicholas Lisk-Carew

Evoqua Water Technologies Completes Acquisition of Frontier Water Systems

This Week in Water for April 3, 2022

Global Innovators Join The Water Council’s BREW 2.0 – The Water Council



245 The One Where We Demystify Marketing - Scaling UP! H2O

ANSTO Helps Develop Novel Thin-Film Technology

TECH NOTE: Site Selection for Continuous Surface Water Monitoring

CEM Key Performance Benchmarks

IDE Water Technologies’ Acquisition of GCM Perú

Polymeron wins the $1 Million Omniprenuership Award-Sustainability Branch

Using digitalisation to manage nation’s water

Veolia completes the combination with Suez

The US Clean Water Act on its 50th birthday

Identifying critical differences between Smart Water & Smart Water Metering

These solar panels pull in water vapor to grow crops in the desert

New gear: Aegina-Pure water purifier

[Infographic] Samsung Electronics’ Efforts To Reduce Marine Pollution in a Nutshell

Old City of Jerusalem Presents some Unique Challenges for Leak Detection

This Week in Water for March 27, 2022

NREL’s Wave-Powered Desalination Device Sets Sail

Eden Tech Raises over $750K in Seed Financing

The Value of Clean Water in Vanuatu

244 The One About Water Treaters For Clean Water - Scaling UP! H2O

NematiQ announces commercial-scale graphene membrane milestone achievement


A consortium led by Aqualia will manage water for more than 5 million inhabitants in southern Arabia

Pipe network monitoring and water loss reduction

Toxic Materials Detected in Water With Help of Machine Learning

Contract for Engineering Service of Public Water Works (DSİ) signed

Darío Soto-Abril, World Water Day 2022 Message

Groundwater - a non-renewable resource?

Sedaru, a provider of water utility management software, has been acquired by Aquatic Informatics

Flexible, Low-Cost Water Monitoring with Edge I/O

H2O Innovation Inc. common shares will commence trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Asset planning software brings utility cost savings

Training on Design & Operation of Various Water Treatment Equipment

Environmental Professionals, Innovators & Civic Leaders- how to Engage Online With Ease!

This Week in Water for March 20, 2022

Heartland Water Technology buoyed by $45 million investment

Bags that dissolve when they come into contact with water.

New method for cutting costs when using UV disinfection


Anglian Water to process payments by open banking with Ecospend tech

Safe drinking water: An unlikely antidote for malnutrition

New technology aims to green traditional garment dyeing processes.

10 ways to rethink plastic through technology

PepsiCo India partners N-Drip to help farmers to enhance water efficiency

243 Pinks And Blues: Price Increases - Scaling UP! H2O

Itron technology modernises water infrastructure in Tennessee

SupPlant raises $27m to bring irrigation tech to climate-embattled farmers

Responding to transboundary water challenges in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Profile: Bulgarian water sector • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

This Week in Water for March 13, 2022

Nanobots snap up pollutants with their polymer ‘hands’ to clean up water

Utilizing stratified growing media to invent the future.

Analyzing Membrane Fouling with Atomic Force Microscopy


Artificial Intelligence is Helping Save This Small Town From its Toxic Nightmare

Researchers develop technology for removal of pollutants from textile water

Aquacycl webinar recording: Promises and challenges of microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment

Reducing Environmental Footprint Technology Competition

242 The One About What To Do When Dip Slides Don’t Work - Scaling UP! H2O

Mosquitoes in drains Video 43.mp4

Hungary's Water Retainer technology to help address drought in tree crops in Ghana

Using soap to remove micropollutants from water

Innovation, Speed and Proven Technology Secured Success for Piney Point Remediation Project

Water security, climate change and COP26

Using Predictive Modeling To Identify Lead Service Lines


Avocado Precision Irrigation Boosts Water Efficiency and Productivity

Algorithm-guided irrigation approach could reduce irrigation water use by 24%

Applying Generic Water Quality Criteria to Cu and Zn in a Dynamic Aquatic Environment

Singapore, German firms join hands to build water infra in India | Technology

From the Field: Top Priorities 2022-2023

Can Indus Water Treaty be Renegotiated? - Focus Global Reporter

This Week in Water for March 6, 2022

Water sector must attract and retain women

From satellites to sniffer dogs: how are water companies tracking leaks? - Utility Week

Organic No-Till: Searching for the Holy Grail in Agriculture

Economic Impact of Geospatial Technologies: An Indian Context

Jacobs and Palantir Launch Global Strategic Partnership for Data Solutions

Lockheed Martin invest in Satellite Vu to bring its world-first climate change technology to the US

Stanford researchers turn wastewater into a valuable resource in an innovative treatment process

Sustainable Technology - Driving Resilience For The Indian Farmer | Forbes India

Assessing the impact of water use in conventional and organic carrot production in Poland

Electrochemical Sulfur Recovery from Wastewater

241 The One About Carrying The Torch At A Legacy Water Treatment Company - Scaling UP! H2O

Sustainable Development of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Water Treatment Process


Source Water Monitoring

Unsustainable Water Management in India

This Week in Water for February 27, 2022

A new solution to beach-fouling seaweed- SOS Carbon, LLC

Flocculants from biomass, an environmentally sustainable and cost-competitive alternative

ABB and Keppel sign memorandum for digital collaboration

Environmental DNA analysis to manage fecal contamination

Rising to the sewer pollution challenge

240 Pinks and Blues: Cooling Towers, Part 2 - Scaling UP! H2O

Advanced Lead Corrosion Control and Risk Management


Partnership conserves water, saves millions in annual costs, and delivers real value to customers

UN Treaty On Plastic Pollution: A Global Action Plan - Impakter

Drilling: the importance of good borehole siting in Professional Drilling - animated series

Resettlement Induced by Dams in China

Improving Post-Relocation Support for People Resettled by Infrastructure Development

This Week in Water for February 20, 2022

Editorial: Advanced Treatment Technologies for Drinking Water

MIT invents $4 solar desalination device

Hand-held device lets users know — within mere minutes — if their water is safe to drink

Data Analysis Isolates Water Main Breaks

239 The One About Negotiating - Scaling UP! H2O

Burnt Island Ventures Raises $30 Million For Early-Stage Water Startups

DEWA nanosatellite improves management of power and water networks

Small but mighty: Meet periphyton, the Everglades' hardest-working microorganisms

Guide ’plugs the gaps’ in SuDS manual

Identifying ‘discontinuity gap’ could solve freshwater shortages

Dewatering technology provides sustainable sludge solution

World's first legally binding global treaty to slash plastic pollution

AguaCulture Technologies GreenMach One

This Week in Water for February 13, 2022

A new ‘supercritical water’ approach to recycling plastic packaging waste

Water Finance Management December 2021 Page 36

238 The One With A Field Rep Turned Water Treatment Company Founder - Scaling UP! H2O

Living Between Land and Sea: A Webinar for Journalists on Covering Coastal Resilience

Report on the Garbage Crisis in Lebanon’s Tripoli

Unique alliance drives action for healthy watersheds

Calling all scientists, researchers, analysts and holders of traditional knowledge

How gold nanoparticles can be used to quickly test drinking water for bacteria

Polyethylene piping materials and trenchless technology are key to overcoming water loss


Innovative satellite leak detection method and results

Groundbreaking Technology for Homogenizers, Reducing Water Consumption by Up to 97%

Spanish police arrests users of illegal wells • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

Surface Water Profiling

This Week in Water for February 6, 2022

The Path to Renewable Fuel Just Got Easier

237 Pinks and Blues: Cooling Towers, Part 1 - Scaling UP! H2O

Genesis Systems, leading U.S. sustainable water technology start-up, breaks fundraising records

Advanced Technology Will Help Transform Our Cities’ Relationship With Nature

SharkFest Features Hydrology Expert Tracy Fanara PhD and the Aqua TROLL 600

Innovation Results in $300 Million in Savings for South Florida Water Utility

Don't waste your waste! Resource Value Mapping (REVAMP) tool, available for free

WABAG bagged its maiden order from UAE worth about USD 100 Million

Inroads in sewer system efficiency with first-of-its-kind machine learning

Protecting the Puget Sound - Process Management Optimization for Nutrient Reduction

Online Turbidity Monitoring - Reducing Headaches and Expenses

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment | CASE STUDY | Arvia Technology

Water-Scarce Economies and Scarcity Values: Can Water Futures Trading Combat Water Scarcity?

Hotspots for social and ecological impacts from freshwater stress and storage loss

Costs and optimisation options for monitoring of industrial dischargers

This Week in Water for January 30, 2022

Natural Flood management

Kerry Caslow Brings a Wealth of Knowledge and a Passion for Water to Her Work

Automated technology could be used to monitor ocean pollution

A new approach to decontaminating Bengaluru’s wastewater

DOE Picks First Marine Energy Projects for PacWave Test Site in Oregon

Making New Clothing from Old using Circulose

Breaking the $0.20 barrier for Desalination tariffs

Forward Water Technologies inks LOI for forward osmosis joint venture with Membracon UK

236 The One Where We Talk About Waters Treaters Changing The World - Scaling UP! H2O

This Week in Water for January 23, 2022

Coal power plant in Bulgaria is polluting rivers • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

Hire fleet expands as sludge rules change

235 The One About What A Microbiologists Wants You To Know About Legionella Testing

Groundwater Depletion Alarms Officials in Punjab, India and Prompts Monitoring Program

Chemical pollution has now passed safe planetary limit, scientists say

Rapid Legionella testing with the rqmicro.COUNT

Summary Citizen science

Eco-friendly plastics made from sugars boast "unprecedented" properties

Multi‑objective optimization of water resources allocation in Han River basin

This Week in Water for January 16, 2022

DEWA launches world’s first nanosatellite

The radical intervention that might save the “doomsday” glacier

Next generation process control for Nereda wastewater treatment plants

A Swiss Drought? How Water Scarcity is Closer Than You Think

New technology from Technion removes toxins from drinking water

Continuous Data Delivers Added Protection for Singapore Fish Farmers

234 The One About How To Align Sales and Marketing To Drive Accelerated Growth - Scaling UP! H2O

CDM Smith announces launch of subsidiary Trinnex

Patented Nanobubble Generators Eliminate Source of Foul Odor at Dominguez Channel

Microplastic pollution lingers in rivers for years before entering oceans

A report on the water quality in UK rivers

Biological treatment process for nitrate in groundwater gains state approval


Industrial sites must fulfil water protection obligations



Israeli cleantech company aims Miriam’s Well water purifier at developing world

La Gestión de Recursos Hídricos en Perú en el Contexto del COVID-19

Water quality - Wastewater treatment standards in different countries

This Week in Water for January 9, 2022

Why people Monitor for Dissolved Oxygen?

Indian Youth Parliment

Indian Youth Parliment

Water Purification with Ceramic Beads

FAO's new report- State of the world’s land and water resources for food and agriculture

Holland Pump Acquires Pump Service & Supply of Troy

Produced Water Treatment Using Microalgae


Appointment of Kevin Brook boosts Orbis Team

233 The One About Being The Best You In 2022 - Scaling UP! H2O

Seaweed based biodegradable material designed "to make packaging disappear"

Groundwater protagonist of World Water Day 2022

New year brings resolution on pollution

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce the launch of its new PHOSPHIX™ technology

Imperial water technology startup Inflowmatix acquired by SUEZ

UC Davis researchers create a non-melting, non-molding ice cube

NaturalShrimp Announces Second Phase Trial for Freshwater Salmon

232 The One Where We Celebrate What We Learned In 2021 - Scaling UP! H2O

Paige Peters - Alumni Story

Plastic bags could be repurposed into eco-friendly fabric for army uniforms, sports apparel

KIST Biochar Uses Recycled Kelp to Remove Toxic Heavy Metals from Water


Social Water and Sanitation Entrepreneurship – a complementary approach to achieving SDG 6

November 2021 Ivory Coast Water Treatment Plant Construction

DEWA launches smart grid data integration

Safar Partners and Hostplus Invest in Gradiant's New Funding Round for Cleantech Water

New atlas of ocean’s oxygen-starved waters

IIT Madras Students Built 'Saaf Water' Device To Provide Clean Water To All Indians

231 The One About Inspiring The Water Treatment Industry - Scaling UP! H2O

13 million people were impacted by water projects designed with Transcend software in 2021

Clean Crop Solutions offering an alternative to toxic chemicals

FAO releases a new SDG indicators domain in FAOSTAT

Epic Cleantec Raises $9.4M to Accelerate Adoption of On-Site Water Reuse

Take Your Stage Monitoring to the Next Level

Exclusive webinar on the 27th of January 2022 at 3pm GMT


DuPont and Partner to Increase Global Access

How counting nanoplastics can help clean up the environment

Why people monitor for algae?

This Week in Water for December 19, 2021

Is plastic trash in the middle of the ocean becoming a new kind of island habitat?

ITRI touts graphite technology to draw water from the air

230 The One With A Water Strategist - Scaling UP! H2O

The bim4water data taskforce releases key recommendations for public consultation

I say ’aquifer’ and she says ‘groundwater’ … Let’s call the whole thing off...!!

New insights on governing transboundary water – hydro diplomacy

Ecohydrology – what is it? And why should I care? - Earth Trust

New proso millet varieties significantly boost yields on non-irrigated acres

8 inspiring innovations that are helping to fight plastic pollution

Wastewater treatment using plant-derived bioflocculants

Stream Restoration in the Eastern U.S. with Laura Kelm of GreenVest

KROHNE has become member of the Digital Data Chain Consortium (DDCC)

This Week in Water for December 12, 2021

Ro membranes

Hydrology and Hydraulics of Urban Floodplains (Dr. Bledsoe)

Building Water Resilience in a changing climate - Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

Renowned author to deliver BlueTech Forum keynote

229 The One About Women In The Water Treatment Industry - Scaling UP! H2O

Serpentine solution for algae water treatment

228 The One About How To Attract and Hire The Next Generation Of Water Treaters - Scaling UP! H2O

Stories from GWP- voices of water leadership

Food Security and COVID-19: Impacts and Resilience in Singapore

Free Water Engineering Tool Just For You

This Week in Water for December 5, 2021

226 The One About Being A Curious and Passionate Water Treater - Scaling UP! H2O

CleanTech CLuster Announces Innovation Winners for 2021

FREE WEBINAR: 5 Steps to Successful Continuous Surface Water Monitoring

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is Becoming Home to New Creatures

Appointment of Kevin Brook boosts Orbis team

Initiatives boost opportunities for women in water

Marine pollution is a growing problem in today’s world

Evaluation of the H2S paper strip test - A field test for assessing microbiological quality of water

This Week in Water for November 28, 2021

Public consultation to improve EU rules on bathing waters

Indian Unveils Web-Based Water Quality Monitoring System for River Ganges

Government of Canada backs innovative company pioneering new wastewater treatment technology

227 The One Where We Talk About The Importance of Having A Water Management Plan - Scaling UP! H2O

This Week in Water for November 21, 2021

Solutions for flood control

New membrane using a structure inspired by a protein from algae

'Zapping' untreated water gets rid of more waterborne viruses

Development & distribution plans for Forward Osmosis technology

New Study Charts Where Highest Concentration of Human Excrement Is Entering the Ocean

Let's Give Nature a Seat at the Table

Researchers Collect Critical Water Quality Data on Multiple Trips to Africa’s Okavango Delta

New global policy centre launched during COP26 to tackle the world’s plastic pollution problem


This Week in Water for November 14, 2021

Virtual Lecture, 211021, CIVE633 Environmental Hydrology, by Prof. Victor M. Ponce, Fall 2021

New polymer detection method to turn the (pep)tide in the fight against water pollution

Lessons from the driest place on Earth the Atacama desert

225 The One Where Rory Vaden Teaches Us How To Multiply Our Time - Scaling UP! H2O

Air Guardian UVC Disinfection Technology - Product Video

Avertas Energy to generate energy from waste in Australian first

New MITRE BlueTech Lab Will Accelerate Maritime Technology Development

Monarch Tractor brings tech to farms, vineyards

21st century cities: Asia Pacific’s urban transformation

OriginClear’s Water On Demand Achieves First Funding, Prepares for Pilot Program

Worsening water quality in Ganga’s lower stretches and what it means for us

Importance of Data-Driven Water Quality Management - LG Sonic

Dry Pulping Technology Could Reduce Paper And Water Waste

PUBs Sustainability Report

This Week in Water for November 7, 2021

Nutrient pollution in water eutrophication & hypoxia

Meet Imagine H2O Asia's Third Cohort of Water Tech Companies

Water filter that uses milk protein to catch arsenic achieves positive results in Peru

Rapid Legionella pneumophila detection enables precision disinfection and follow-up by practitioners

224 The One About The Internet Of Things (IoT) Augmented Industrial Water Treatment - Scaling UP!H2O

Why is it important to keep track of your water hygiene?

Coal product used to create green clean water

Digitizing Water Risk With Deutsche Telekom and divirod

SOURCE Global’s Approach to Solving the World’s Drinking Water Crisis

Improving safety from the skies: how Damsat is protecting Bristol’s dams

Special Issue SW2T2021 | Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination | IWA Publishing

AMS Changing Global Water Industry Paradigm

Water Ways Receives Several New Smart Irrigation Component Orders

This Week in Water for October 31, 2021

Vital Water Clues to Help You Weather the Dry Future of the Western US

223 Pinks and Blues: Phosphonate Replacements

Alphabet designed a low-cost device to make drinking water from air.


New Device Purifies Water with Static Electricity

New Solar Hydropanel Can Pull 10 Liters of Drinking Water Per Day Out of the Air

Roles of hydropower and dams in society, including mitigation and adaption to climate change

Salinity Solutions Campaign - technology to clean up the world's water treatment industries

Clarifier sludge scraper mechanism - sludge removal from clarifiers

Effectively dealing with stubborn blue-green algae infections

Water, the Oil of the 21st Century

This Week in Water for October 24, 2021

New water purification tablet makes river water safe to drink

New Large Scale Filtration System to Remove PFAS from GroundWater

222 The One Where Janet Stout Shares Key Industry Updates

New Online Water Data Platform to Transform Water Management

CCell Renewables could have solution to reversing coastal erosion

Protective Shield Against Microplastics Produced by Tap Water

Making it rain: how water funds caught a following tide

Zuverlässig. Effizient. Tropfen für Tropfen.

Aplicación de modelos digitales en análisis hidrológicos

Grease management guide for food businesses published


Solar Water Solutions receives funding from Nefco to scale up solar-powered water purification

This Week in Water for October 17, 2021

Uncharted Waters

PFAS Treatment

NASA Invites Media to Briefing on New Water Data Platform

WaterSurplus attending WEFTEC

How Does A Floating Mixer Mix A Wastewater Lagoon? -White Board Series "Everything Wastewater"

Aigües de Barcelona Implements Use of Online THM Monitors

Dr. Terry Mah Named Chairperson of WaterSurplus Executive Advisory Board

Appropriate technologies for desalination to boost water security in coastal regions

Did you know that four of our staff members dedicate 100% of their time to pollution prevention?

Opportunities and challenges facing China

What does the future of RO look like?

The world faces an invisible crisis of water quality

This Week in Water for October 10, 2021


Combating Our Global Water Crisis Using AI

Duane Devall and Buddy Boysen talk offshore water treatment - Water Standard

A new way to remove troublesome ions from water

The Problem with Traditional Water Coolers

DuPont Joins Water Resilience Coalition

ANUBIX™-B in Belize

Booming hydrogen market heralds water technology opportunities

What are the impacts of water pollution?

215 Industrial Water Week 2021: Pretreatment Monday

This Week in Water for October 3, 2021

DIY unpowered drip irrigation on sloping land with 95% uniformity

214 Pinks And Blues: Dip Slides

Vineyard Tech & The Green Cyber Revolution

New filtering method promises safer drinking water, improved industrial production

Announcing Flotation 360, a holistic approach to flotation in mineral processing

Aerobic Treatment Plant for Poultry Processing Effluent

Energy-efficient way to treat water contaminated with metals could be applied at mine sites

StormHarvester joins Wessex Water in biggest ever AI wastewater network rollout

IUVA Announces New Group Dedicated to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Design and Engineering issues for a coke oven activated sludge process

EEA identifies seven key pressures on Europe’s waters • Water News Europe

rqmicro.COUNT: How to quantify Legionella in water in 2 hours?

Can the water and sanitation crisis in Africa’s largest slum be solved?

An Interview with Brian Richter: "Moving From Water Scarcity To Sustainability Is Possible"

rqmicro.COUNT: rapid and quantitative detection of bacteria in water

Re-engineered Technology Cleans Produced Water for Green Use

What effects does water pollution have on human health?

Water Quality - Hallstein Water

This Week in Water for September 26, 2021

213 The One Where We Quantify Leadership Effectiveness

Using Magnets to Remove Microplastics from Water

A new method for removing lead from drinking water


Relatório do Movimento da Década do Oceano

99.9% Purity Battery-Grade Lithium Hydroxide

How to Irrigate Better and Save Water

Ultra Rare Premium Water

Researchers develop super-hydrophobic cotton for oil-spill cleanup

Sustainable irrigation based on co-regulation of soil water supply & atmospheric evaporative demand

New catalyst improves waste water conversion to clean energy

Aquarius Spectrum has launched a new analysis engine

Los Angeles directs utility to aim for net-zero emissions by 2035

Paving the way for microfibre filtration in household washing machines


Major logistics hub selects WPL wastewater technology

This Week in Water for September 19, 2021

Leaf Inspired Technology Could Solve major Drinking Water Problem

NX Filtration starts pilot for water reuse from paper mills in the Netherlands

A new eco-friendly and sustainable algae-based way to fight water pollution

Collaboration to Enable Sustainability and Circular Economy for Customers

Puralytics Process animation video

A worldwide track record of sustainable farming from inception to completion

Expedited Support Resolves Technical Problem for a New SWRO Plant in Chile

What is the difference between water footprint and virtual water?

Sustainable Football Irrigation for a Changing Climate

Modern Water Ezine, Summer 2021

Largest STP in the World

Laguna Beach County Water District

Carollo to be first tenant at new water innovation center

Power-industry first, saving tens of millions of gallons of water/yr & reducing operating costs 85%

PUB receives S$51 million funding for water research

BC WaterNews Exclusive Q&A with Prabhakar Somavarapu of Regional San and SASD

Portugal: Swiss technology for +20% water savings in almond orchards


Micro-factories for local and sustainable production of water and other beverages

Improved water management system for toxic textile effluents developed

This Week in Water for September 12, 2021

NATIONAL RECOVERY AND RESILIENCE PLANS An opportunity for a Water-Smart Society

Water in the Infrastructure Package

Vortex Grit Chamber

Join the HydroPoint Professional Services Team of Contractors!

AQUA4D: Achieving a Quadruple Bottom Line for Smart Irrigation

Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide in the Food Processing Sector

Sustainable Development – A Business Approach to Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

Gross-Wen Technologies Closes Oversubscribed $6.5 Million Investment

The Impact of Water Pollution

3 common beliefs about industrial liquid quality monitoring - and how to look beyond them

Implementation of Intelligent Water Leakage Management System in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia

210 Pinks and Blues: Concentration Ratio

Kazakhstan Moves to Ease Water Conflict in Central Asia

Hydroquo+ is revolutionizing water management

Is On-Site Water Treatment Good for Hotels and Resorts?

374Water Enters Into a Strategic Engineering Services Agreement With Baran Group

Upgradation of activated sludge - Levapor

Fortera closes Series B funding round

AquaRecycle breaks through the Iron Curtain with four new installations in China

There’s One Surefire Way to End Big Sewage Spills: End Big Sewage

Arad at 80—Where we are and how we got here

How AquaSpy Provides Key Soil Quality Indicators for Regenerative Farmers

Establishing a Hygienic Culture in Schools Through Safe Water and Sensitization

'World-first' technology cleans wastewater from milk plants

Leak detection technology rolled out in Australia and New Zealand

Improve water sustainability with more accurate measurement

Next steps to tackle plastic waste

Assessment of global hydro-social indicators in water resources management

Nereda technology – a major coup for the Longford Sewage Treatment Plant project

Water X Future Podcast

New FAO-Toilet Board Coalition Discussion Paper on circular sanitation for agricultural systems

Water quality and pollution by hazardous substances


This Week in Water for August 29, 2021

209 The One To Listen To If You Ever Want To Have Enough Money To Retire

Why do we need real-time water quality monitoring?

Washing clothes releases thousands of synthetic micro fibres

2021 W.A.T.E.R. Report Analyzing Costly Water Mismanagement and Historic Droughts

How the construction industry can stem water pollution

‘Nanojars’ capture dissolved carbon dioxide, toxic ions from water

Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated Fishing: Transparency


Cat launches 777G Water Solutions truck, taking a direct approach in mine water truck market

Major Utility Selects OriginClear’s Water Treatment For Multiple Power Plant Water Systems

New waste water treatment technology brings hope for India’s polluted rivers

This irrigation system talks to plants to find out when they need water

New method improves detection of harmful microscopic parasites in water

This Week in Water for August 22, 2021

Ensuring water quality in poultry production

120Water and National Rural Water Association Announce New Partnership

The fracking concern with water quality

Su-Nav Rolls Out Sustainable Clean Water Technology to its Fleet

NCL scientists develop novel hybrid technology to disinfect water

Ostara to expand in St. Louis with largest facility, investing $25 million and creating 40 jobs

10 Big Questions for the Water Sector in 2020 and Global Water Awards 2021 Announcement

Israel’s national water company has a road map to the future and it’s rooted in innovation.

Vodafone launches IoT technology for utilities

AET tube settler I plate settler I lamella clarifier systems - reference tutorial

UK doubles funding to tackle water pollution after a string of water quality failures

Real-time water quality monitoring

This Week in Water for August 15, 2021

Middle East AgTech Red Sea Farms accelerates expansion following oversubscribed investment round

207 The One Where We Revisit One Of Our Most Popular Episodes

Turn Trash Into Cash: Machine That Turns Organic Waste To Fertilizer


Clean TeQ Water awarded water recovery contract in Middle East

Revolutionary AI solution to detect water leaks in fire suppression systems

Farmbot Selects ORBCOMM’s Satellite IoT Technology to Enable Smart Agriculture Solutions

Maven Equity invests GBP250,000 in G2O Water Technologies

Rate of global adoption of MABR continues to increase

China Opens Asia's First Facility to Treat Medical Wastewater Using Electron Beam Technology

Water filtration technology company piloting devices at Wisconsin State Fair Park

Water sampling technology on trial

Warm Springs leaders back high tech in struggle for safe drinking water

New Standard for Sustainable Bottled Water

UAE: Machines that produce water from air placed in parks, beaches in Abu Dhabi

WaterLOUPE From water scarcity risks to solutions

Why water quality monitoring matters

This Week in Water for August 8, 2021

What are our top tips to reduce plastic pollution? | Lombard Odier

206 The One That’s All About Customer Solutions In A Drum

Aerobic Nereda® technology with an innovative anaerobic digester technology

Using graphene foam to filter toxins from drinking water

Health implications of Escherichia Coli (E. COLI) in recreational and drinking water

Evaluation of wavelet performance via an ANN-based electrical conductivity prediction model

Wavelet-linear genetic programming: A new approach for modeling monthly streamflow

This Week in Water for August 1, 2021

205 The One To Listen To If You Want To Hear How Rewarding A Career In Water Treatment Can Be

How breathable sand could revolutionise farming in the UAE

Water Transmission Pipe for a Landmark Water Reclamation Project in Southern California

SoilPioneers: Bastien Sachet, CEO Earthworm Foundation

OASE Professional CyanoClear eliminate Algal bloom from Ganga water in Varanasi

Understanding Water Stewardship

Saving Streams With Good Science - the Stroud Water Research Center

Just 20 firms behind more than half of single-use plastic waste - study

Phigenics Announces New Diagnostic To Detect Viable And Viable But Non-Culturable Legionella

Why should we worry about eutrophication?

RSK takes over Water Research Centre

This Week in Water for July 25, 2021

204 Pinks and Blues Questions From The Nation! Being Profitable - Scaling UP! H2O

"Breakthrough Technology Company Of The Year" By The 2021 Global Water Awards

American Water's (AWK) Unit Invests $6M in UV Technology

water industry awards

What Managers of Healthcare Facilities need to Know about the Growth and Spread of Legionella

Looking after port Waters

Water is one of the most basic of all needs

Water is Life and Clean Water means Health

Why monitor water quality?

A Water Quality Index (WQI)

Meet the young CEO who is successfully trying to combat India’s water crisis

Talking on Water with Phil Higgins, Head of Water, UK & Ireland, Jacobs

New Sewer Monitoring Solution to Help Reduce Pollution and Restore Natural Waterways

On the Frontlines of a Global Battle Against Harmful Algae Blooms

Enabling optimum use of existing water data

374Water Inc., enters into an agreement with Stantec to provide representative services

Removing Micropollutants from the Environment with Nano Materials


Learn about Hydrosmart, what it does and how it works.

Wastewater specialists Aerofloat helps pizza maker meet industry compliance

2020 Impact Report

Making Seawater Drinkable in Minutes: A New Alternative Desalination Membrane

Kran Nanobubble: Development of nanobubbles to combat water scarcity

No "Safe" Level of Lead in Drinking Water for Those With Kidney Disease

This Week in Water for July 18, 2021

Scientists turn to eDNA to curtail the freshwater extinction crisis

How Bio-Waste Materials Can Capture Heavy Metals in Water

203 The One With Our Across The Pond Legionella Expert, John Sandford - Scaling UP! H2O

The future of human fecal disposal to save planet Earth

Tejidos Royo, Tailorlux Develop ‘Lowest Impact’ Denim

Massive New Facility Captures Tiniest Pollutant Particles

Aquarius Spectrum to provide leak detection services in Singapore

Analysis of Rural & Urban Surface Waters Identifies Human Waste as Driver of Antibiotic Resistance


The Value of CEM – Looking Beyond the Numbers

Updated User Agreement

Comparison of continental hydrological models helps improve water management

New EverGreen and AspenPro Product Line Featuring Innovative Iron Solution

This Week in Water for July 11, 2021

What are the reason and problems of over utilisation of water.

202 The One Where We Learn The Best Ways To Network in a Virtual World - Scaling UP! H2O

OP-ED: In-pond raceway system

Cholera Map- From satellite to smartphone, app warns public of unsafe water

WSL presents: new spin-off company TerraRad Tech

New Analytic Services to Provide Customers Expert Lab-Based Testing & Consulting Services

Engineering seeds to resist drought

Membrane Pilot Achieves 98% Recovery in Southeast Asia | Saltworks

Improving borehole implementation in basement environments

What is a Membrane Filter and How Does It Work?

China's sustainable Concept wastewater treatment plant progress - The Source

Performance evaluation of sediment ejector efficiency using hybrid neuro-fuzzy models

HEAVY METAL REMOVAL MINING A very efficient heavy metal removal solution

Heavy metal contamination prediction using ensemble model: Case study of Bay sedimentation, Australi

Development of artificial intelligence for modeling wastewater heavy metal removal: State of the art

Cost-effective polymer sealant could significantly reduce irrigation water loss worldwide

This Week in Water for July 4, 2021

201 The One Where We Learn Why The Hiring and Onboarding Process Is Essential To Any Business

Tetra Pak’s integrated solution helps cut emissions in dairy sector

India-China Border Tensions : The Worst Clash

Evonik markets new advanced technology  for sustainable pharmaceutical production

Calculation of the make-up water consumption for the wet cooling tower |

TIDE toolbox

8 amazing solutions to stop plastic flowing into the world’s oceans

International Rhine Commission does not allow access to discharge permits

Wastewater treatment key to nutrient neutrality equation

Molson Coors, Canada

How to Save U.S. Coasts: Transforming Climate Research into Action

This Week in Water for June 27, 2021

First UV LED Water Bottle to Be NSF/ANSI 55 Certified

The One That Celebrates Our 200th Episode!

Reign Maker Water Sampling Drone Solutions

Canoe is pleased to announce a new Waterworks Program for its members across Canada

Wireless water monitoring solution program for the Canoe Procurement Group of Canada

Harvesting drinking water from humid air around the clock

Clean Wash Water for Circular Plastics Australia (PET)

Celebrating the extraordinary talent of women in engineering

MEP Water Group steps up for prioritising water on EU-agenda

500,000 African Farmers Are About to Get ‘Sensorless’ Water-Saving Irrigation Systems

Universal Cartridge Filter

San Elijo Water Campus named ‘Plant of the Year’ in California

Choa Chu Kang Waterworks to get major upgrade

Aquaculture startups to watch

Mekorot launches startup for remote monitoring of water data

Permascand Applauded by Frost & Sullivan for Electrochlorination Water Disinfection Technology

EC refers France to the Court of Justice over waste water treatment

Peer-reviewed scientific paper confirms safety of water treated by Advanced Oxidation System

The cure for blue-green algae blooms in South Florida?

Nanotech for environmental remediation to remove heavy metals from water

This Week in Water for June 20, 2021

199 The One About Cooling Towers and Legionella Bacteria


Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR)

Tube settler vs. Plate settler - Clarifier capacity improvement options

Modelling Chlorination/Dechlorination with GPS-X

Technology The Key To Rare Earth Element Extraction

Company Tests Algal Bloom Prevention Technology On Lake Munson

Mueller Water Products, Inc. has acquired i2O Water, Ltd.

Mining Journal talks with Todd Wisdom, Director of Tailings at FLSmidth

Toilets, Streetcars, and Light Poles—A Brief History of Artificial Reefs in Southern California

NaturalShrimp aims to produce 1.5M shrimp per year using its non-toxic, enclosed salt-water system

How Technologies Can Help Combat Desertification and Drought in The Arab World

Using microorganisms to monitor water quality within minutes

EEA: ‘Majority of Europe’s bathing waters in excellent condition’

Water Around the World: Moving Towards Smart and Sustainable Water Infrastructure in American Cities

Circular Economy & the Water Sector | Aquatech 2021

This Week in Water for June 13, 2021

198 Mark C. Winters

Ground-breaking water quality analyzer for accurate, real-time information

Researchers generate electricity from wastewater, while cleaning it up

New technology from Scoot Science promises to simplify ocean forecasting

Aquatech and Upwell Water Create Joint Venture to Enable Water Treatment at No Upfront Customer Cost

Webinar: Trends in Water Resource Management

Resilience in canal irrigation systems


Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for Reefat Garments / SILT

Global Marine Technology Trends 2030

Not just a drop in the ocean

Summary of the RWSN Roadmap E-discussion

New Report Offers Solutions to Water and Climate Challenges

New technologies taking on harmful algal blooms

Self washing filter at Mpanga Gorge, Uganda

Water Industry Process & Automation 10 Year Edition

Qatar researchers develop biological technology for treatment of industrial wastewater

Landmine technology adapted by award-winning St Andrews water sensor company

Rural Community Water Supply

This Week in Water for June 6, 2021

CropZone production 2021

197 The One Where We Learn How To Be A Badass Leader - Scaling UP! H2O

PEARL Membrane: New “Swiss Army Knife” Cleans Up Water Pollution

IDE Water Technologies Launches Israel’s First BWRO Treatment Facility

Designing and All-In-One Filter

A new water treatment technology could also help Mars explorers

CSIR-NCL lab leverages Ayurveda for safe drinking water technology

US Patent Granted to Graphene-Based Environmental Remediation Technology

AWWA awards inaugural Innovation Award to Utilis for SAR technology

Can China be carbon neutral before 2060?

Sri Lanka faces disaster as burning ship spills chemicals on beaches

Ecolab Launches Digital Solution for Water Usage

Accelerator - Toilet Board Coalition

German Innovation Award  for Wasser 3.0

New tech will let cities detect virus in sewage with higher sensitivity

Innovyze Brings Dynamic Digital Twins to the Water Industry

DEWA’s smart programmes increase conservation and water network efficiency

A Deluge ofBIG DATAThe Connected Water Utility

How to become the 'Utility of the Future'? Igniting transformation in water utilities

5 things we can do in 2021 that will protect the ocean and change lives

196 Pinks and Blues Questions From The Nation! Good Communication - Scaling UP! H2O

Farmers protest against cuts in the Tagus-Segura transfer • Water News Europe

The World's Top 50 Private Water Operators

PUB to deploy autonomous drones to enhance reservoir monitoring

WaterWorks A new way to invest in water

Aridification is the New Megadrought

UnifAI Technology

Mobilising Change: 10 years of climate resilient water investments

GWP in Action - 2020 Annual Report

Managing Change – A Vital Ingredient to CEM Success

World’s First Zero-Water Consumption Commercial Data Center

Success Stories in the Smart Water Evolution

Stricter rules for wastewater treatment in Europe • Water News Europe

195 The One Where We Learn That Information Is A Corporate Asset - Scaling UP! H2O

Sabesp upgrades metering with 100k IoT units

Technology helps resource firms move towards sustainable mining

Vuronyx Introduces New Water Desalination Technology

Big Sky Water & Sewer District uses smart utility network to enhance leak detection

New Material Could Harvest Water All Day Long

Reclaimed wastewater as an ally to global freshwater sources: a PESTEL evaluation of the barriers

British Water appointments will enhance member support

VAPAR Launches UK operations to be closer to growing customer base

Rethinking Disinfection Policy

Cyanides removal

WIPAC Monthly April 2021

New project to recharge aquifers and cut water use in agriculture by 30 percent

Hydromorphological assessment in North Morocco: The case of Martil River

Compounding focusing events as windows of opportunity for flood management in Singapore


Effect of aeration on the development of the microbial community in biofloc technology systems

This Week in Water for May 16, 2021

Xeros partner launches washing machine with its technology

Analytics platform for coastal desalination plants wins 2021 Water Innovation Prize

Uzbekistan: There Were Adopted Measures To Improve Water Management In The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Who's Who in Water

Orange County Water District Receives 2021 Clair A. Hill Water Agency Award for Excellence

Cambrian and The Florida Brewery Partner to Reduce Costs and CO2 Emissions

Advancing Smart Tech for Sewer Infrastructure: An Interview with Corey Williams

Practical guide for the realisation of the human rights to water and sanitation

194 The One Where We Learn About Productivity Tools - Scaling UP! H2O

Managing water risks ? on site and in catchment

Karlsruher Institute For Technology: Water Treatment: Use Sunlight To Eliminate Hormones

European Commission steps up towards zero pollution in 2050

Design of an automatic hydro-meteorological observation network for a real-time flood warning system


Transcend Raises 10M to Accelerate Sustainable Design in Water & Infrastructure Engineering

Nutrient runoff pollution reduction pilot tests to enhance community waterways

Twenty plastic-busting inventions to clean our rivers and seas

Estimating the Worldwide Extent of Illegal Fishing

IUVA Releases "Far UV-C Radiation: Current State-of Knowledge" White Paper

Nuveen Launches the Industry's First Impact Investing-Focused Closed-End Fund

Using mechanics for cleaner membranes

LifeStraw Expands Home Product Portfolio With Water Filter Dispenser Available Now

How PNNL Extracts Rare Earth Elements from Geothermal Brine

LG introduces water dispenses with UVnano technology

Skagit Valley natives invent high-tech fix for farmers' irrigation problems

This Week in Water for May 9, 2021

193 Pinks and Blues Questions From The Nation! ABC (Always Be Closing)

Indonesia is seeking innovative solutions to its plastic pollution problem

Extracting 90% water from urine

Research boosts transition to climate-smart livestock management in East Africa


Ecuadoran water fund transforms consumers into conservationists

Sustainable Development Goals – will the Western World meet the deadline?

Tackling trunk main losses with combined technologies

Unlocking the power of water data – Q&A

Novel Paper-Based Sensor to Detect Antimicrobial Pollutants in Water Bodies

Water firm trials new technology to reduce pipe bursts

Locating Deep Seated Water

Scientist: Extent of DDT dumping in Pacific is 'staggering'

Ammonia removal technology selected for Scottish site

192 The One With The Best Marketing Expert In The Water Treatment Industry

New materials and processes to clean pathogenic microorganisms from water

Virtual Lake Maintenance Presentation

Waste and Blue Economy CWWA 2020 Presentation - C Corbin

MSUE Resiliency Planning Webinar Series: Session 6

Learning Exchange: GWP IWRM Action Planning to Accelerate Progress on SDG 6

State of California Department of Water Resources Central Valley Project Water System Revenue Bonds

This Week in Water for May 2, 2021

waterloop #94: A Rancher and the River with Paul Bruchez

How The Ocean Cleanup Mapped the World's Rivers | Research | The Ocean Cleanup

Where plastic waste in oceans is coming from

New tech to help water-based solutions industry

ECHA identifies 290 new chemicals of concern

5 sustainable farming methods assessed

Scientists propose improvements to precision crop irrigation

Scientists: Algal Blooms Release A Dangerous Toxin Into The Air - LG Sonic

Drones for Trash Clean Up in Waterways Could Save the Oceans

New Nanoparticle Material Developed for Efficient Water Desalination

New Land Mapping Technology Implementations in Marin & Sonoma Counties

Why Frost & Sullivan recognized the PI System with its 2021 award for top water management solution

Frost & Sullivan Awards Top Water Management Solution Recognition to the PI System

Compendium of Water Supply Technologies in Emergencies

Anglian Water takes innovative approach to reduce algae growth

EC: Member States should raise water prices

This Week in Water for April 25, 2021

US and Iranian researchers collaborate on Lake Urmia restoration

191 The One Where We Learn About Tannin

First Close of $100 million Loan to WaterEquity's Global Access Fund

SePRO launches new watershed management solution

Membrane Enables Complete Removal of Heavy Metals From Wastewater

Semtech Accelerates Technology Deployments Aimed at a Smarter, Sustainable Planet

Restore Our Earth. Q&A With Xylem President & CEO Patrick Decker

Revolutionizing the Economics and Environmental Impact of Wastewater

Wastewater solution perfect for multi-faceted business

Micron Invests in Leading Membrane Technology Company

Technology trials ease trade effluent pressure

Research shows water shutoff ban saves lives

Scientists Develop Biodegradable Plastic That Easily Breaks Down With Just Heat And Water

zNano Membranes Announces New Global Patents in Water Treatment

Importance of Aquatic Plants and Algae In a Lake's Ecosystem - LG Sonic

Use Of Biosolids as Soil Amendments May Be a Pathway for PFAS Contamination

Watsan Natural Purifiers and Ready to fit toilets Impacts last mile villages.

Harnessing data to meet alarm system standard

Experts meet to reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution

This Week in Water for April 18, 2021

New Membrane Simplifies Desalination and Removes Toxic Metals

Preparing for Floods on the Third Pole

190 The One Where I Celebrate Four Years Of Hosting This Amazing Podcast - Scaling UP! H2O

The Mekong River Commission, Basin Development Strategy 2021–2030

Lecture Notes: Principles of Water Resources Management - Concepts and Definitions

Basics of the water chemical mode of low-pressure steam boilers |

Surface Water On-Demand Nanobubble Webinar

Finally, 3D-printed graphene aerogels for water treatment

OriginClear Launches Water On Demand™, A FinTech to Accelerate Water Treatment By Private Businesses

Global X launches Clean Water Industry ETF

Integrated Water Planning & Management: Opportunities and Challenges

Creating Mini Wastewater Treatment Plants - Activity

California Grade I Wastewater Math - part 3 of 4

Best Digital Marketing Solution for the Water Sector

Bacteria Modified to Mass-Produce Moringa Tree Proteins for Industrial Water Treatment

Stantec launches Institute for Water Technology & Policy

Strong supplier partnership brings leak detection advancement

Submarine groundwater discharge is essential for the functioning of coastal ecosystems

How China eradicated absolute poverty

Water Reliability in the Western USA - 2021 SECURE Water Act Report

Algae-based phosphorus removal technology for wastewater

This Week in Water for April 11, 2021

189 The One Where We Talk About Innovation & Human-Centered Design - Scaling UP! H2O

New Tech Deployed to Study Harmful Algal Blooms

How Can Water Treatment Help Facilities Overcome Current Challenges?

The World Bank Group - Key Green Transitions: How Systems Are Changing for People and Planet

How DC Water’s George Hawkins made sewage sexy

Water stewardship now critical for business resilience

Artificial Intelligence to reduce the cost and improve the performance of water quality sensing

Utilis launches MasterPlan for water utility asset management

Gold Mine Case Study

Nature Based Solutions in science , policy and practice

City eyes system to detect leaks in water service area

The World War II Bomber at the Bottom of Lake Mead

WIPAC Monthly - March 2021

Developing approaches and options for reservoir coordination

This Week in Water for April 4, 2021

MOF-based sensor for water quality testing

188 The One To Listen To If You Are Considering Becoming A Water Treater

A new study has found out how we could grow more crops with fewer fertilizers

Dyeing/​Finishing/​Printing Superdry to use new dyeing route

Forward thinking with FO-RO funding

New Reactive Electrochemical Membrane to Adsorb and Degrade Toxins

Inspired by the pufferfish, this hydrogel purifies water using nothing but sunlight

Sindh Water Balance

UnifAI Technology: DAVE

Lake Huron water treatment in Goderich

Microvi Announces Unprecedented Results for its Chromium Removal Technology

DuPont™ B-Free™ pre-treatment keeps your membranes free from biofouling

World’s first green, hybrid water filtration media

Evaluating the economic impact of water scarcity in a changing world

NEW gets €8 million to roll out its water technology knowledge base

This Week in Water for March 28, 2021

DIY gravity feed uniform irrigation on sloping land using non-pressure compensating drippers

Expert Q&A: Dr. Sujoy B. Roy Discusses Modeling and Analysis to Assess Future Climate Change Impacts

Nanofiltration membranes to treat industrial wastewater from heavy metals

BM Kando Reginato Gruppo CAP

In-Pipe Hydropower Generation by Super Butterfly

Flowserve’s Desalination Center of Excellence

187 The One Where Conor Parrish Interviews Me, Part 2 - Scaling UP! H2O

Israeli company turns SA water from toxic to drinkable

Scientists Finally Identify a Deadly Toxin That's Been Killing Birds

IWRM Success stories in Kayinja

Ralph Lauren Unveils New System That Recycles & Reuses Water From The Cotton Dyeing Process

Techcross announces new Turbidity Correction technology in ballast water treatment

MIT engineers make filters from tree branches to purify drinking water

European utilities successfully trial multi-parameter sensors

Innovations in microbiology generating opportunities in water

Digital sludge dewatering helps Dutch city reduce carbon footprint

A NEW INDUSTRIAL EMISSIONS DIRECTIVE Mastering water efficiency and reuse challenges

What is water (Primordial water)? |


UN World Water Development Report 2021

15 Security Fundamentals You Need to Know

This Week in Water for March 21, 2021

UN-rapport provides tools to determine true value of water

Commissioning Like a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jim Andrew shares PepsiCo's success in Sustainability

Water prices compared in 36 EU-cities • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

186 The One Where Conor Parrish Interviews Me, Part 1 - Scaling UP! H2O

Interactive Online Session: River Basin Organisations and the Implementation of Treaty Commitments

$5.9 million seed round to scale new fouling resistant membrane technology

Identifying Harmful Algae

Smart irrigation technology hailed as 'game changer' by researchers

GF Geschäftsbericht 2020

This water meter can shut off leaks before they cause damage

Eco-friendly filtration technology remove invasive aquatic species from the ballast water

Irrigation in California: Our Experts Answer Your Questions

What water stewardship can do for corporates

The looming danger of extinguishing unseen planktonic forms revealed

Geospatial AI technology to monitor high risk dams for US utility

Graphene oxide coating technology

How filter-feeding bivalves could be used to clean up microplastics

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. Develops New Potable Water Treatment Technology

This Week in Water for March 14, 2021

Israel's First School of Sustainability and Climate Change

Water Industry Process Automation & Control (WIPAC) Monthly - February 2021

ASCE’s 2021 Report Card Marks the US Infrastructure Progress

Fundamental Step Towards Water Sustainability, Briefing for Water Policy Makers

Sea-level rise drives wastewater leakage to coastal waters

Audubon and Partners Discover Culprit Behind Mysterious Seabird Deaths and Nerit’e work together to develop better farming solutions

185 The One Where We Talk About How To Make Your Money Work For You - Scaling UP! H2O

Water Industry Awards 2021 not one, but two categories

Breakthrough in Forward Osmosis

Computing Clean Water

Ep 5: Water. Paddleboarding. Innovation with Fiona Regan

Tracking India’s Progress in Clean Water and Sanitation: A Sub-National Analysis

India’s Enduring War of Water Governance Paradigms

Clean drinking water free of heavy metals

EEA: ‘Sustainable agriculture key to achieve WFD goals’ • Water News Europe

EC presents new strategy on adaptation to climate change • Water News Europe

This Week in Water for March 7, 2021

184 The One Where I Interview My Mastermind Mentor - Scaling UP! H2O

IDEXX introduces next-generation HPC testing

Update on Produced Water Treatment in Permian Basin

Radionuclide removal using graphene oxide

Graphene technology business moves forward into commercial applications

Grant from Singapore’s National Water Agency to Increase Sustainability of Desalination

Race for Water | A new shipowner for the Race for Water

New Approach to Removing Toxins in Wastewater

OxyMem MABR_A full-scale installation at Severn Trent's Spernal site

Infrared tech startup challenging UV

The MeyGen Tidal Power Project - Episode 1

Rejuvenation in Bundelkhand: How an upland watershed got its groundwater back

Frauenhofer Syswasser

Ocean Technology Campus Rostock

Wetlands: Havens of Life

5 Trends For 2021: The Year of the Ox

How DNA tool can help keep tabs on freshwater quality


Hydrology at its Finest

S2 E4 Ep 4: Mental wellbeing and mountain biking with Damian Wells

Ground-Breaking Augmented Reality Excavation Technology

Climate change poses a big risk in flood water management in Kenya

Covid19 has underlined the water problem facing Africa

This Week in Water for February 28, 2021

Toyobo, Abu Dhabi group eye patent for new water treatment system

Open Online Course on Programming for Geospatial Hydrological Applications

183 The One Where We Talk About Artificial Intelligence - Scaling UP! H2O

Webinar I: Interactions between water and different sectors

Colorado River Futures – “Climate & the River” Edition

The role of citizen science in hydrology - Prof. Wouter Buytaert (Imperial College London)

Extract up to 75 % of water from manure while concentrating and segregating nutrients.

OriginClear Agrees to Sponsor Program to Finance Outsourced Water Projects

Info360 Overview

Private Water Network Water Treatment Webinar Series Lead In Private Wells

$10M Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Upgrade

Autodesk to Acquire Innovyze, Inc. for $1 Billion

3M raises spending on water quality, other environmental goals, sees $1B price tag over 20 years

AI Offerings to Deploy Sensor Placement Technology for Water Utilities

Startup Awarded $1 Million Grant for Water Cleaning Technology

How to Solve Algal Blooms in Municipal WaterMonitoring and Tr

Global study of 48 cities finds nature sanitizes 41.7 million tons of human waste a year

This Week in Water for February 21, 2021

182 The One Where We Share How We Create The Podcast - Scaling UP! H2O

BlueTech Global Connect, February 18 2021 - Main Event

Award-winning Hybrid Activated Sludge (HYBACS) process- one decade in Bahrain

Exelon's Aquify Leverages Trimble's Digital Water Technology to Expand its Analytics Services

NASA Ames Water Treatment Technologies Webinar

Private Water Network Water Treatment Webinar Series Radon In Private Wells

Water Quality Platform

Making comprehensive water resources modeling more accessible


charity: water and Accenture Labs Collaboration

Wastewater treatment at one-third the size and cost

Precision Biological Processes with Machine Learning and Bioinformatics

CAD$4M Cotton Irrigation Project in Central Asia

Israeli AI company develops tech to manage national water infrastructure

W&F Technologies BV acquires Pure Water Group

Toilet Board Coalition - CALL FOR APPLICATIONS


This Week in Water for February 14, 2021

News & Downloads | Future Pipe Industries - Corporate Brochure

Green method of stemming the tide of invasive marine and freshwater organisms by natural filtration

S2 Ep 3: Water footprints and Captain Planet with Ioana Dobrescu

181 The One Where Water Geeks Talk About Social Media - Scaling UP! H2O

Masterclass 06 : Integrated Urban Water Management

New material shown to more efficiently desalinate water

Molecular simulations show how plant-based materials capture water pollutants

Organic Valley adapts satellite technology for dairy pastures

UnifAI's AI outperforms traditional water sensing

World's First AI Monitored Swimming Pool, Celorico, Portugal

Business Led Innovation Award - Health

Poole Harbour goes live with an Artificial Intelligence world first

Improving agriculture and sustainability with AI

3.9 Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

The case for desalination in South Africa

Sustainability Innovation Award - Soil Monitoring

Wassup Laundry’s waterless wonder works for water woes

Embracing Digital To Maximize Efficiency: Seven Recommendations for Success

Improved WASH Situation in the RMG Factory Workers’ Communities

Continuous blowdown of the steam boiler based on the alkalinity of the boiler water |

Impact Brexit on water sector becomes evident • Water News Europe

The Plastics Pipeline: A Surge of New Production Is on the Way

This Week in Water for February 7, 2021

Can nanotech and microbes partner to destroy PFAS?

180 The One Where We Talk About Keeping Water Treaters Healthy - Scaling UP! H2O

How 3D printing is helping GE Research turn air into water

New bacterium can improve wastewater treatment

90% Less Algae in Potable Water of Superior, Colorado - LG Sonic

AQUA4D® : a revolution for the management of salt in soils

Water Softening and Specific Treatment-III

Finding Solutions to Water Scarcity: The Potential of Virtual Water Trade in Agricultural Products

Innovative Solutions Needed for Wetlands in Crisis

The Water Network by AquaSPE AG


Most Accurate Leak Detection Solution Finding on Average over 750 Leaks per Mile

Technion researchers develop an automated method for the prediction of crop stress

New Material for Water Desalination Obtained by Laser Ablation in a Liquid

Advancing sustainable dyeing processes in the denim supply chain

Water disinfection with ozone instead of chlorine and UV rays

BioLargo teams up with Garratt-Callahan to co-create and develop a wastewater treatment product

Water risk mitigation tool set for agricultural lenders and landholders

This Week in Water for January 31, 2021

S2 Ep 2: Digitally mapping the world with Dr Chris Fisher

179 Another One that Teaches Us to Communicate Better with Others - Scaling UP! H2O

VorTech Water Solutions scoops two prizes

Deadliest catch: Thailand's 'ghost' fishing nets help Covid fight

Learn Drip Irrigation System Design

Financing Water: Investing in Sustainable Growth

Novel two-stage potable water filter technology launched

SCV Water Encouraging Public to Provide Input on Contingency Plan

HPE awarded $35+M to build supercomputer using its end-to-end HPC technologies for the NCAR

Ageing Water Storage Infrastructure: An Emerging Global Risk

Joining forces to achieve the impossible, ...

World’s largest reed bed treatment plant in operation for 10 years

10.6M USD Seed Round for Building a System That Turns Tap Water into Mineralized Water at Home

Winners of the Water ChangeMaker Awards

India's National Institute of Ocean Technology Develops Biodegradable Plastic Using Marine Seaweed

Stanford researchers develop a new way to forecast beach water quality

DEWA upgrades water infra in the region through its projects

Ben-Gurion University Researchers Advocate Using Seashells to Monitor Pollution

Drought-stricken Colorado River Basin could see additional 20% drop in water flow by 2050

Banking on Finance to Save Our River Basins

Race to Resilience: Placing water at the heart of climate adaptation

What if ... instead of fixing leaks, we could avoid them?

This Week in Water for January 24, 2021

Vortex layer unit(AVS) can reduce the amount of chemicals required for wastewater

Meet the next generation turning the tide on plastic pollution

Integrate National Water Policy – Inclusion

Regional Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Urbanization in South Asia Arvind-Kumar-RPDSUSA-17-18dec2014


Economic Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability: Case Study Meghalaya – UNSDN

The IBDLP in the state of Meghalaya envisaged rejuvenating the local water capacity & empowering ..

Ecosystem-based approach: The case of Meghalaya | India Water Portal

India Water Foundation | United Nations

First Durable Water Repellent (DWR) agent based on plant-derived processing wastes

Introducing Terra Vera: Technology for Pesticide-Free, Clean Cannabis

Highly functional membrane developed for producing freshwater from seawater

A Novel Approach To Monitoring Fresh Water Health

Wastewater treatment

Researchers develop new graphene nanochannel water filters

Biotech Drives the Water Purification Industry Towards a Circular Economy

Valmet introduces advanced water treatment technologies for marine industry

Sponge-like aerogel turns airborne vapor into drinkable water

Water Scarcity: The Most Understated Global Security Risk

The Ongoing Collapse of the World's Aquifers

Mbran Filtra Introduces the Smallest Portable Water filter in the World

Her company treats wastewater to make it drinkable

New micro hydro technology

Eliminating microplastics in wastewater directly at the source

Increasing the service life of filter systems for drinking water supply

Celebrating 50 Years : Five decades of watering Indonesia and counting

Water Reuse for a Large Beverage Bottler

6 Industries Impacted By Algal Blooms

New wastewater rules in Australia

A Question of Trust

World Water-Tech Webinar: The Emerging Changemakers

This Week in Water for January 17, 2021

Reweighing the Sustainability of DAMS

S2 Ep 1: Hydrow's interactive water partnership with Sera Moon

Innovative Plastics Recycling Process in Alliance with Mura Technology

Experts Dispel Popular Cotton Statistics, Say More Context is Needed

Three GRI Standards Come Into Effect for Sustainability Reports in 2021

City of Columbus, OH Upgrades to Smart Utility Network from Sensus

New Water Dissolvable Frac Ball Tooling Launched

PepsiCo in Veurne

Veteran ISRO scientist aids farmers, develops banana waste processing technology

New steps for battling algae blooms affecting water taste and odor

United Utilities names the eight new tech firms in its Innovation Lab 3

From Digital Twins to Autonomous Optimization Systems: Can Smaller Wastewater Administrators Benefit

Digital twin underpins ACCIONA's KSA desalination plant work

A river used to run through it: how New Mexico handles a dwindling Rio Grande

Marlowe completes £10m acquisition of WPL

Six types of filters mostly used in purifying water for city dwellers

Hydro Geek Volume 1 Issue 1

Importance of Groundwater Discharge to Ocean Chemistry Highlighted

TU Graz identifies bacterium that protects rice plants against diseases

Sulzer to buy Sweden's Nordic Water to expand wastewater business

This Week in Water for January 10, 2021

Ten Novel and Innovative applications of water energy nexus

Five Models Traditionally Used For Electrical Load Predictions : Issue 1 of WENexus Letters

LoRaWAN-enabled digital water meter

Desalination Innovation Could Make Water Filtration More Cost-Effective

Badger Meter Broadens Water Quality Offering With Acquisition of Analytical Technology, Inc.

About The Water Network powerpoint presentation

New research sheds light on early mechanisms driving diatom bloom formation

SPIRE Webinar 4: Reclaiming Brownfields through Nature-Based Solutions

Kansas Water Webinar: Partnering to Protect a Critical Resource | December 11, 2020

Microplastics remain area of emerging concern

New digitalisation white paper on water quality monitoring and reporting

National Launch of the Resilient Accelerator Initiative & Innovation Hub

Eddy Solutions - Smart Water Leak Protection for Buildings and Single Family Homes

How peracetic acid is changing wastewater treatment

It is possible to measure hardness on a softener using an ion-selective sensor.

New microfluidic water purification system under development by UMaine, Harvard researchers

Solution Against Toxic Algae Has Been Approved For Commercial Use In California

Wasser in Myanmar- report by GWP and the German Government

Indigenous Land and Water Defense Actions & Strategies

Moving Towards Continuous Defluorination of the Perfluoroalkyl Moiety of PFAS in Drinking Water

Novel attempt to revive lake in Hyderabad

Launch Of Leaf Home Water Solutions

In Norfolk, sea level rise reduces some stormwater system capacity by 50%, data shows

IWA Summary of AI in Utilities

Textile makers go green in battle against micro-plastic waste

800 Years of Paleoclimate Patterns Unearthed in Largest Study of Asia’s Rivers

175 The First One of 2021 - Scaling UP! H2O

Expanded functionality of soil moisture sensor with temperature, humidity, location and impacts

Importance of Tibet’s rivers for Asian water security

Largest study of Asia's rivers unearths 800 years of paleoclimate patterns

Water Treatment Process Part IV

Future proof your water treatment plants with Actiflo®

What I learned about water in 2020

Turbidity I Wastewater treatment - How to reduce turbidity

Day 4 | Pre-Conference "Water, Megacities and Global Change"

Swansea team develops faster, greener way of producing carbon spheres

Facing the Challenge of Long-Term Sediment Contamination: Are Bioreactive Sediment Caps the Answer?

Cleaning Up Past Contamination – Rivers, Ports, Harbors, and Lagoons

2020 eWater Conference

174 The One With the Best Episodes of 2020 - Scaling UP! H2O

Georgia treatment facility will use membranes to boost performance

The Stream: Holiday Special!

Long-term trial to assess farm systems

NO-DES truck and trailer to its fleet using patented technology

Toilet Tech: Toledo Team Developing Flushable Wipes That Are Actually Safe To Flush

A year after dams removal on Kogilnik, Kagach and Sarata rivers

Seatrout Fyn - Sustainable Succes

2020 River Prize - Test & Itchen Restoration Strategy

Satellite system will track Western water usage

Grow oysters in deeper water — with the help of solar energy

A new study offers a number of technological solutions tackling plastic pollution


Port of Antwerp to Save the Region Millions of Liters of Drinking Water

Fertilizer Runoff In Streams And Rivers Can Have Cascading Effects, Analysis Shows

Conversation with Junhong Chen lead scientist Argonne "Water + AI"

Chile’s new constitution could rewrite the story of lithium mining

Simple, solar-powered water desalination

New community water fluoridation system is ‘game-changer,’ advocates say

Better smelling and tasting water for Tampa

Digitalising Water – Sharing Singapore’s Experience

TOGO: “Bboxx EDF Togo” and SunCulture to supply solar water pumps

Tube fishway technology will get fish up and over those dam walls.

Fresh water pollution by Leather Industries: Solutions for sustainability!

Global progress report on WASH in health care facilities: Fundamentals first

Striving for Borehole Drilling Professionalism in Africa: A Review of a 16-Year Initiative

Government plans to measure depth of Himalayan glaciers to assess water availability

Quantification of large-scale hydroclimatic patterns from observational data

This Week in Water for December 20, 2020

Predicting Runoff Chloride Concentrations using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

IHE Delft

173 The One With the Exit Plan - Scaling UP! H2O

EU Drinking Water Directive Approved

New PFAS Remediation Technology

Enzymatic polymerization brings new biomaterials for municipal and industrial water treatment

Wisconsin Irrigation Scheduling Program (WISP 2012) - Part 1 Soil Water Balance

Risks to Water Resources

Water Resources Accountability and Collaboration

Artificial Intelligence on Water Resources- IHE Delft

Restoration of water resources | Narayanan Kamakodi | TEDxVCSM

Photoacoustic Tech Allows Airborne Underwater Imaging

WWF Water Risk Filter Demo Video: How to analyse site results

Plastic Alternatives Made From Industrial Waste

Aquarius Award through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)

Cavitation Technology Into Vertical Farms

A filter made for astronaut urine could soon be providing drinking water on Earth

Clean water technology at Port of San Diego America’s Cup Harbor

Micro- and macrostructure changes of soil under AQUA4D® irrigation

Cost-efficient Power Generation Operations - LG Sonic

Deadliest plastics: bags and packaging biggest marine life killers, study finds

This Week in Water for December 13, 2020

Ep 17: Sheds, Shirts and Sturgeons with Stuart Orr

Consultation: The CDSB Framework application guidance for water-related disclosures | CDSB

172 The One That’s All About Clean Energy - Scaling UP! H2O

Nestle invests in Startup Timeplast for Alternative Packaging Technologies

How GEA’s VARICOVER reduces water consumption and minimizes product losses

Self-cleaning membrane under visible light treatment

New technology to harvest water from the air by using the concept of hydrophobicity

Money should flow like water … but should water be like money?

Improved water treatment technique using 'energy matching'

Pathocert project defines new technologies for managing emergencies

Future Water Awards - 3 December 2020

Ground Water Restoration Plan for Karachi, Pakistan


Control of the process of acid ion exchange of water using the electrical conductivity of water

Virginia Tech pioneers smart reservoirs

Digital twin lets Acciona fire up Saudi desalination plant remotely from Madrid

The City Upstream and Down: How Integrated Water Management Can Help Cities Thrive

Moleaer Launches IoT Solutions for Improving Water Quality

World’s First Solid-State Broadband UV Research Device Coming

Report: Pollution is the Largest Environmental Cause of Disease in the World Today

This Week in Water for December 6, 2020

amane currents Fall 2020 Issue

Episode 1: Turning the Page | HSBC Clean Waterways Programme

Q&A WITH ABB’S JAMES CHALMERS- Singapore pushes for water sustainability

The pros and cons of biofloc

Common pipe alloy can form cancer-causing chemical in drinking water

171 The One That’s About Navigating a Pandemic - Scaling UP! H2O

Climate change now top threat to natural World Heritage – IUCN report


Plastic in paradise: Goldman prize winner's fight to protect Bahamas

Flushability Publicly Available Specification (PAS)

Improving habitats on the frontlines of climate change | Aga Khan Development Network

In Latin America, farmers use microfinance to fight climate change

Shell Qualifies Technology for Removal of Heavy Hydrocarbons and Water from Natural Gas

ABB and CORYS Sign MoU for Digital Collaboration

LG Sonic part of Aguas Andinas’ water infrastructure for adapting to climate change - LG Sonic

Changes in the conductivity of water when adding hydrochloric and sulfuric acid to it |

Airborne Sonar

Introducing the Safe Water Optimization Tool (SWOT)

NX Filtration to provide membranes for Indonesian drinking water plant

Lagunitas Brewing company

Wastewater Plant Relies On Thermal Flow Meter for Co-Gen Power Gas Blending Process

The Designation & Management of RAMSAR SITES

Developing a transboundary groundwater model in Central Asia

Mobility: The great urbanisation challenge

Building the GatorByte

Japan and UNDP sign $3 million grant to combat plastic waste pollution in Kingdom - Khmer Times

SWAN Americas 12th Webinar: Regulation, Procurement, and a Culture of Innovation

Ep 16: Innovation and ukuleles in the Philippines with Yang Villa

The Masters of Malt

This Week in Water for November 29, 2020

Integrated Water Resource Management - An Exercise in Back Casting for the Mekong River Basin

7 - AECOM Water Resources Seminar World Bank -16-Sept

WIPAC Monthly - November 2020

170 The One With Max Herzog - Scaling UP! H2O

Lake’s High Purity Lithium Carbonate to Produce First Lithium Batteries at Novonix

Peel-off coating keeps desalination cleaner and greener

Intrapore energy barriers govern ion transport and selectivity of desalination membranes

Accountability in WASH Case studies from Kenya

Towards Sustainable Management of Water Resources

An integrated water resource management for sustainable peatland management on coconut agriculture


Sydney Water selects tech partner for $4 billion network modernisation project

How bioengineer uses technology for water access

Mayors step up for a drinkable Meuse

The calculation of carbon dioxide concentration in steam condensate |

Q&A: Reflecting on Kenya’s single-use plastic bag ban three years on


International company submits unsolicited bid to help relocate Fort Pierce wastewater plant

Nature-inspired material removes copper from wastewater with atomic precision

Final design services terms for new wastewater treatment plant

Tech Talk: Smart river solutions

Checking Out the Latest Watermakers from Blue Water Desalination

This New Fish-Friendly Technology Was Designed With Fish In Mind

MIT Water Summit 2020 - Panel - Health and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Model filter system removes antibiotics from wastewater

Who is Championing the Environment in 2020?

This Week in Water for November 22, 2020

Expert panel recommends 5 technologies for drinking water, sanitation

Mitsubishi Electric Partners with AquiSense Technologies to Offer UV-C LED Disinfection

Meet the Expert Webinar - We must reduce and RETHINK PLASTIC OUR HEALTH IS AT RISK !

Applying Scientific Sampling Methods into Mineral Exploration - CSIRO - Ryan Noble - Episode 48

Nutrient Strategies in Iowa: Nutrient Loss Reduction Partnership Workshop

Advancements in Agricultural Water Management and Regulation

eMWRE Free and Open-Source Software for Water Resources Engineering Webinar Series - SWAT

Samkna fish farm first in region to use offshore floating cage technology; to produce Qatari seabass

Groups assess organic research needs

AFRICA: UKRI funds research projects against plastic pollution | Afrik 21

Everything you need to know about mine water management

Xylem and Waterboys Are Helping Bring Clean Water to Americans

A robot that tells growers when to water crops

169 Pinks and Blues Questions from the Nation! - Scaling UP! H2O

Treatment strategies for effluent generated by Leather industries/Tanneries

Microbiologist develops improved technology for poultry food safety

World Bank: Inside the Aggregation of Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities

New genetic tools will deliver improved farmed fish, oysters, and shrimp.

HSB Canada Launches ‘Sensor Systems by HSB’ to Help Cut Commercial Water Claims

European Union body grants EUR5.4 million to FLSmidth-led mining efficiency project

How do microplastics in the ocean accumulate?

Why aren't solar-powered water heaters more popular in the US?

Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020 From World Development Indicators - The World Bank

SPRING : Managing groundwater sustainably

Robonomics Floats Aquatic Drones to Scan Water Quality

Bringing Clean Water On Tap To Rural Villages In Polynesian Island Nation Of Tuvalu

Environmental scientists' new ozonation method treats water from antibiotic residues

Global Water Security & Sanitation Partnership (GWSP): Annual Report 2020

Tejidos Royo Recognized as One of Europe’s Greenest Businesses

Ion exchange water softening. How do I find out if the installation functions properly?

Improving Plant Performance Under Extreme Environmental Conditions: Reflections From Brazil

These 10 European tech startups deal with desalination right now

This Week in Water for November 15, 2020

Purdue-led team named quarterfinalist in DOE solar innovation contest

For a Green, Circular & Smart Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive

Joshua Klein: A thought experiment on the intelligence of crows

Ten Novel and Innovative Examples of Water Energy Nexus

Truth Behind the Trash: 'America Recycles Day'

A Small Farm Offers Big Opportunities for Measuring Watershed Restoration Success

Water reuse within a circular economy context

California Water District Uses Sensus Smart Utility Network to Sustain Efficient Operations

Ep 15: Innovation, unreasonable people & PFAS with Tali Harif

Sustainable glasshouse production innovations

Digitalization Turns Around a Municipal Water Treatment Company

Basic Sanitation, a must for Brazil's Future

Water-efficient rice research

Sydney Water utilise WaterGroup sensors in leak prevention program

Nanotechnology to create new lithium extraction technology


168 The One That’s All About Feed Pumps  - Scaling UP! H2O

Household Water Treatment & Storage : leaving no one behind

Black & Veatch Announces 2025 Net Zero Goal as Part of Sustainability Pledges

Better disposable coffee cups

Selenium treatment: What you need to know about selection and control advances in mining

120Water and PUR® Community Join Forces to Simplify Lead Remediation Programs

EPA-funded researchers develop bacteria-based water filtration system

UN World Water Development Report 2020 - Water and Climate Change

‘Low-carbon’ piping with sensor technology could transform the way infrastructure projects work

UC Berkeley professor invents rapid way to purify drinking water

Emergent Properties of Water Resources and Associated Watershed Systems

Functional Art and Water Science

Pattern-Based Approaches to Evaluating Water Quality

Using Water Footprints to Identify Alternatives for Conserving Local Water Resources in California

The Water Council invites applications for our post-accelerator program BREW 2.0

31 priority areas in 10 states to receive $13 million in Funding

Treatment of Harmful Algal Blooms - LG Sonic

Urban Wastewater infrastructure best practices in the European Green Deal

This Week in Water for November 8, 2020

Water-energy nanogrid provides sustainable solution for rural communities lacking basic amenities

New technology could remove PFAS from environment at Jervis Bay Australia

167 The One with John Fenton   - Scaling UP! H2O

New Technology May Save Venice From Future Devastating Floods

New Water Treatment Pilot-scale Testing & Technology Development Facility

ZLD for leachate treatment

Leachate treatment in UK

Ep 14: Crowdfunding water innovations and chicken dinners with Lon Johnson

USGS Unveils Mobile Flood Tool for the Nation

Large-Scale POU Water Filters of Granulated Ceramics, to Leave No One Behind

Sludge-to-energy recovery methods − a review

USGS Program Tackles Complex Water Questions

The problem of applying of RO for the preparation of feed water for steam boilers |

This Week in Water for November 1, 2020

If China sets an eco-target, it reaches it

Chemical Dosing Contributes to HAB Occurrence - LG Sonic

An Iron Compound Can Make Your Water Safer To Drink

Copolymer Attracts, Captures and Destroys Toxic PFASs

166 The One Where We Celebrate Halloween  - Scaling UP! H2O

Advanced Water Capture from the Atmosphere, University of Sydney

Market Partnership for Next Generation Evaporative Technology

St Asaph company launches solution to global water loss crisis and wins award

New method to get lead out of filters, better measure amount in tap water

Street Sweeping: America's Proven First Line of Defense for Stormwater Runoff Pollution Abatement

New solar-powered fuel cell can purify three litres of water a day

Kraft Heinz sustainability chief reflects on 'interdependence'

Saving today means water tomorrow | Texas Water Newsroom

Amazon badge for products with environmental certifications- but no water Footprint

Novel approach to mitigating chromium contamination in wastewater

New Line Of Oleo Derived Additives For Metalworking Fluid Applications; Biocea™

18m3/day and 100m3/day Zero Sludge Biopipe Sewage Treatment Plants

Researchers Develop New Technology to Rapidly Track Radioactive Sea Water

Project aims to recycle industrial wastewater and heat

Reverse Osmosis is Totally Inappropriate process for seawater desalination

Water consumption for trees is calculated in order to design precision irrigation systems

Scottish Water taps into citizens' thirst for sustainability

W-Lab making strong progress to build a technology roadmap for the local water industry

Environmentally friendly ballast water solution and unique operational advantages

Home Industry Giants to Expand Smart Water Technology to More Homes

Water Footprint Assessment Tool

Wastewater test that could act as an early warning sign for COVID‑19 outbreaks

CIP scientists developing digital tools to optimize irrigation water use in potato production

Water quality and distribution monitoring software Ketos raises $18 million

First-of-its-kind surface water Atlas brings together 35 years of satellite data

Israeli firm aims to stop algae leaving Lake Okeechobee from reaching St. Lucie River

This Week in Water for October 25, 2020


Financing Water Supply and Sanitation in a Changing Climate

Babies May Be Drinking Millions of Microplastic Particles a Day

Innovation goes beyond inventing products, it is also in partnerships

Dynamics of Fish Assemblages as Policy Shifts from Fishing Concession to Co-Management

Rising water stress risk threatens US coal plants, largely clustered in 5 states

Engineers devise new method to remove harmful E. coli from water

165 The One All About Cyber Security    - Scaling UP! H2O

Using smart water in cities

The European Green Deal Call

Bill Gates-backed venture aims to eliminate 'forever chemicals'

EC-proposal may force companies to pay for chemically polluted water bodies

Colorado Groundwater Quality and Emerging Contaminants

Cyanobacteria Assessment Network (CyAN)

Wastewater treatment and the Cementaid Everdure CALTITE System

Sustainable hubs powered by clean and green technology to sweep away costly old-style laundromats

Modelling Drinking Water and Process Water Treatment with GPS-X

GreenTech Innovation Awards 2020 | Nominees category Sustainability

US EPA Trash-Free Waters Program

How swimsuit material inspired the ‘holy grail’ of water filtration

Microvi Expands Reach to Areas Hit Hardest with Nitrate Pollution in Central Valley of California

How Can We Get the Best From Biochar?

McKim & Creed Adds Water Loss Recovery Services

All Things Water Course I, Nutrient Removal Part 2 of 2

Ranch Systems Testimonials: Shane Tucker, Stoma Farms

Researchers step toward understanding how toxic PFAS chemicals spread from release sites

New filter technology may provide solution to fluorine pollution

All Things Water Course I, Nutrient Removal Part 1 of 2

Interview with Michael Salas, SUEZ North America

This Week in Water for October 18, 2020

Ask an expert: A climatologist explains La Niña's impact on Texas

To Fish or Not to Fish: Using Real-Time Data to Protect Trout Populations

164 The One With Chris McChesney - Scaling UP! H2O

Global health risk statement due to the discharge of all untreated wastewater,

All Things Water Course I, Activated Sludge

Finnish startup Sofi Filtration gets €3 million to innovate how industries use (and re-use) water

A new attempt to get water from the air from MIT, Utah and Korea

Ep 13: Urban water innovation, dogs & TikTok with Kelly Trott

Water-smart ​irrigation sees ​surge of ​interest in ​Chile and ​Peru

Aussie AI startup bags $700,000 to take pioneering sewer-repair tech global

New areas at risk of drinking water arsenic exposure in India

Day One Of Amazon Prime Day; Nearly 200k Children Receive Access To Safe Drinking Water

Utilizing NASA Technology and Innovation to Clean the World with Sergio Albino

National water strategy to cope with increasing droughts in Germany

Top Three Places to look for openings in hydrology

Sustainable sewage sludge management in Morocco: Constraints and solutions

The High Cost of Algae Blooms in U.S. Waters: More Than $1 Billion in 10 Years

Real-time, On-site Endotoxin Assay for Dialysis Water

Millions of Plastic Bottles Will Be Offset as Remote Town Gets Renewable Source


Inside the world's biggest water desalination plants in Saudi Arabia

Gilghi Off-Grid Water Treatment Solution

Researchers addressing algal bloom in conventional water treatment facilities

Military technology could be used to improve water quality

Colorado River water supply is predictable on multi-year timescales owing to long-term ocean memory

Citywide asset management degradation curve for pump stations

Interview with Cindy Wallis-Lage, Black & Veatch

This Week in Water for October 11, 2020

Webinar: Algae Control in High Nutrient WaterVallecitos Water

Enhanced performance of wastewater treatment process, by reverse osmosis-photovoltaic system

Disruptive Technologies Adds New Water Detector to their World's Smallest Wireless Sensor Lineup

Joint Venture (“JV”) to address the severe water crises to Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo

A Tale of Two Coastlines: Desalination in China and California

Behind China’s ‘pork miracle’: how technology is transforming rural hog farming

Artificial Intelligence best-practices in agriculture

Rethinking PPP in power and water

Remote Sensing for Mangroves in Support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Important information for all the members of the Water Guardian Experts Community

How to handle ammonia spikes when farming shrimp

How to use the knowledge of hydroinformatics in opening a start up ?

Investment To Improve Water Resources of River Basin in China's Yunnan Province

Using satellite imaging to map groundwater use in California's central valley

Syrinix and TaKaDu to deliver a broader smart water solution for water utilities

The method of controlling the process of ion exchange water softening |

Special Report: Plastic pandemic - COVID-19 trashed the recycling dream

Netherlands: Covid-19 sewage measurements difficult to interpret


Two of world’s biggest water corporations move toward merger

Three nation team with IIT-M researchers win US Energy dept prize

Join us as we celebrate Industrial Water Week all week long at Scaling Up! H2O.

Toshiba Launches Innovative IoT Solution for Water Treatment Sites

Total – Native Ads BIOMEM

Voice of nature: benefits of organic fertilizers

Webinar: Future Policy Award - Protection from Hazardous Chemicals

The battle over fish farming in the open ocean heats up, as EPA OKs permit

This Week in Water for October 4, 2020

158 the One That's Virtually Live At 2020 AWT Conference   - Scaling UP! H2O

Shihong Lin wins prestigious Paul L. Busch Award for innovative water research

Moleaer’s Nanobubbles Part of Solution to Seafood-Borne Pathogens


Innovation in Action: Utilities on the Frontline

The establishment of a farmers’ cooperative to support sustainable family farming

Measurement of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in wastewater tracks community infection dynamics

Joint Interview with Wim van Vierssen & Ilari Aho – Water Europe Board Members

Dr. Clive Lipchin: "Sampling of COVID-19 in Wastewater"

Wastewater at NEST – a valuable resource

Sofa 8688 part 2: Development Impact Bonds for Urban Sanitation in India

UNICEF Webinar: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)

Regeneration Optimized Sorbent ("ROS") enhanced atmospheric water generator system

How Europe is turning to tech to help clean up the shipping industry

Capacity building key to mainstreaming onsite sanitation management

ETH Zurich invention may be used in Fukushima nuclear clean-up

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster

Swiss Technology Solves Salinity in Seville Orange Trees

How Irrigation Water Quality Influences Production in Brazil

Reimagining infrastructure in the United States: How to build better

Strengthening Utilities through Consolidation: The Financial Impact,

SWAN Webinar: Understanding Real-Life Digital Twins and Their Architecture

This Week in Water for September 27, 2020

EP calls EU to act upon pharmaceutical pollution • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

ALGAESYS role in sustainable development

Florida Small Business Wins SBA’s 2020 Exporter of the Year Award

Repurposing Resources

Anglian Water deploys ultrasonics to boost quality of drinking water

Royal HaskoningDHV recognized with Water Technology Company of the Year award

ERIOPON® E3-SAVE can dramatically shorten the polyester dyeing process and save water& energy

UNHCR wins €1m prize for novel water tech in refugee camps

Ep 12: Music, memories & Zimbabwe’s water challenges

Decoding Singapore’s food security

ClearTech® is good news for water quality

World Food Prize Laureate hails DSR as solution to Punjab’s water crisis

Ask the Membrane Expert- replace versus cleaning

BIG and Ramboll masterplan “urban mosaic” of islands in Penang


Canadian project to focus on recycling of heavy water

Mueller Introduces PipeRank™ Virtual Condition Assessment Service for Water Pipelines

Towards a cleaner Mediterranean: a decade of progress

7 laws of Compliance Planning

Sydney’s New Flexible Water Prices

This Week in Water for September 20, 2020

'Failing or close to it': Environmental organization gives cruise industry poor report card

Ash from power stations processed into reagents for water purification

WINT Launches Leak Prevention Solution for HVAC Chilled Water Systems

Water-ion permselectivity of narrow-diameter carbon nanotubes

New technology makes wastewater from the oilsands industry safer for fish

This Week in Water from H2O Radio

Introducing Dynamic Hydrologics TM

Soil check: How much water does your soil contain?

Nebraska team wins grant to advance irrigation access for smallholder farmers in six African nations

EPAs New Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center 2020

FAU Lands $11 Million from U.S. Office of Naval Research for Oceanic Bioluminescence

MuniRem Demonstration Test: Making the world a safer place

Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security

LG introduces tankless water purifier

Web Application to Transform Water Management in the Western United States


Water Tech Hub

World’s First UV-C LED Point-of-Entry System Hits the Water Treatment Market,

How Distributed Water Infrastructure Can Boost Resilience in the Face of COVID-19 and Other Shocks

German Researchers Measure Rainfall by Studying Radio Waves

Ep 11: Water enterprise & innovation in Ghana with Jacob Amengor

As much as half of the world’s water supply is being stolen, report finds

H2O Innovation Secures 6 New Projects, Totaling $17.8 M

Farmers try to find better ways to utilize water resources

155 Pinks and Blues: Questions just for Trace - Scaling UP! H2O

Hydro Industries is shipping its water purification equipment to Bangladesh

Moleaer Named Emerging AgTech Innovator, Treating 100 Million Gallons of Water Per Day

Patent to Remove Drugs from Drinking Water

IoT to ​provide water ​monitoring ​solutions to ​various ​industries

Temasek contributes to US$100m water innovation fund as cornerstone investor

Fumigant Monitoring With Multipoint Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Mexico struggles with U.S. water debt, suggests U.N. audit

NX Filtration’s hollow fiber nanofiltration attacks summer droughts in the Netherlands

EEB: Ban on microplastics could aggravate water pollution • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

WEFTEC's 2020 Innovation Showcase


Microplastics from Japanese surface waters get sampled

Level 2 Papermaking - Equipment for Process water treatment

This neighborhood flooded 17 times over the last 30 years—now it’s moving

Historical water architecture concept in India

This Week in Water for September 6, 2020

154 The One With AWT President, Tom Brandvold, CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

Determining the pH value of water without using a pH meter |

How to Select the Right Metering Pump for a Treatment Process

Hangzhou wins award for 'five water' project

DuPont Adds Degasification to Water Treatment Solutions

PA helps Water Source with digitising its treatment facility

What can aquaculture learn from terrestrial livestock production?

Center to preserve historical water structures established in Pasargadae

Complete SARS-CoV-2 Inactivation in 10 Minutes

A Global Water Hyacinth Invasion

Water & Sanitation A Handbook for Finance Ministers – how to make public investment work

US Algae Blooms, 2010 to Present

Stuart Orr - Expert Interview Series

Duncan Family Farms Installs Innovative Irrigation Water Treatment System

Clean TeQ achieves formal completion of first DESALX® plant in Australia

Tutorial for cutting pipes and installing a clamping ring

This Week in Water for August 30, 2020

New technology to transform UAE food and water security

Ep 10: ABI's Andre Fourie and the 100+ Sustainability Accelerator

153 The One Where We Answer Your Questions About Legionella - Scaling UP! H2O

WWWeek @Home - Video Recording - Sewers for Resilient Sanitation in the 21st Century Aug 25, 2020

Melaka to use technology to become flood-free by 2025

Reduce the rapid growth of water hyacinth & clean up oil spills at the same time

Choa Chu Kang Waterworks named Water Project of the Year at Global Water Awards

Water Warriors Smart Foam Makes a Splash in Water Treatment

UV254 for Review

New technology extracts potential to identify quality graphene cheaper and faster

WSAA projects for digital technology growth and security

Jumping The Permit Compliance Hurdle

WPS Working Paper: Interprovincial Water Challenges in Iraq

Vallecitos water district provides high quality water using LG Sonic's ultrasound technology

Japanese team wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2020

Micro- and nanoplastics detectable in human tissues

QualSens is a process control in water desalination systems

Dr. Chris Bunt on fishing and infrastructure

This Week in Water for August 23, 2020

Filpumps evolves to keep Scotland’s private water supplies safe

152 The One Where We Talk More About Legionella

A Sustainable Field-Erected Wastewater Treatment Plant for the Future

Catastrophic failures raise alarm about dams containing muddy mine wastes

Innovative Technology in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector

SWA Webinar : The Water Market in South East Asia (050820)

Farmers help grow water plan

The National Ground Water Association Offers New PFAS Educational Resources for Private Well Owners

A quick, cost-effective method to track the spread of COVID-19 through untreated wastewater

A Norwegian Startup Is Turning Dry Deserts Into Fertile Cropland

Surface slip on rotating graphene membrane

Ecological solution for water systems gains regional endorsement

Smart Water Systems: Data and the Future of Water

Developing Circular Water Efficiency Across Multiple Industries

Advisors - The Water Network is honored to have the strategic leadership of these thought leaders

Water industry urged to “be agile” to build resilience

Three number of ideas on which PG Projects can be accomplished

Contextual engineering adds deeper perspective to local projects

Advanced Level Transmitters for Urea/Carbamate Services – IJERT

Integrated Cooling Tower for Fertilizer Complex a New Approach – IJERTch

Better Statistics Means Better Permitting - an published in Chemical Processing in July, 2020

EP 151 The One Where We Talk About Legionella - Scaling UP! H2O

The largest functioning fog collection project in the world

Water quality at America's beaches

Retrofitting coal power plants with carbon capture may lead to increased water stress

Aeration, fine bubble diffusers and oxygen transfer

Analyses of Runoff and Sediment Transport and their Drivers in a Rare Earth Mine Drainage

Ep 9: Water Stewardship (& the Braai) with David Grant, PepsiCo

AkzoNobel makes waves in China with water-based renewal of major plant

The recircular economy: RAS trial centre opens for business

GROW – Small farmers and scientists unite in soil observation, amid concerns over climate change

DOE selects additional project to enable near-zero water consumption of power plants

Solar-powered sewage treatment plant opened in Manila bay

Waste Water Treatment Plant Virtual Tour

Freshwater for Food and Nutrition Security in SIDS: SIWI World Water Week

Vessel equipped with UV attacks invasive aquatic plants at Tahoe PPP

Bacteria can help fix fashion's water pollution problem

Xylem leads water sector’s transition to EU Stage V diesel engine dewatering pumps

88% Reduction in Total Suspended Solids - LG Sonic

Four Years of Cooperation with Salto Grande - LG Sonic

Transcend Announces Series A Financing

Environment Protection in Fertilizer Plants – IJERT

Troubleshooting in Water Treatment Process for Variable TDS – IJERT

Five steps to convert paper maps to digitized data driven interactive spatial application

The water quality control for high-pressure steam boilers |

Tetra Tech Develops Microseismic Technology to Mitigate Tailings Dam Breaches

Food Waste Anaerobic Digester On-Site Wastewater Treatment

This Week in Water for August 9, 2020

150 The One Where We Talk Legionella Basics - Scaling UP! H2O

Novel Method to Retrieve Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage

Market with Reusable Water Bottle Made from 50% Transformed 'Trash'

UCD spin-out raises €6m to develop crop-spraying tech

MDC water desalination using hybrid CSP/PV technology

Bringing Technology to Specialty Crops

Jacobs Applauded For Its Best-In-Class Digital Water Solutions And Robust Partner Network

City of Tucson Water Department selects’s AI software

Where We Live: Reimagining Washington Park's reservoirs

Austin Water Selects Aclara to Supply Fully Integrated AMI for Landmark Water Project

How “forever chemicals” polluted America’s water

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $462m across rural America.

Scientists find over 500 dams are planned in Protected Areas

This Week in Water for August 2, 2020

Evaluating scenarios toward zero plastic pollution

Unilever has entered into a tie-up with biotech start-up Algenuity

Fashion for Good and SeaChange present ground-breaking solution to wastewater treatment

149 The One About Some of the Lesser-Used Technologies - Scaling UP! H2O

The FieldDock project helps scientists and farmers to breed and grow crops more efficiently

Tending Orchard In Thar With 70 Percent Less Water

Ep 8: Smarter agricultural water trading with Richael Young

Ökologische Wasserkraft: So funktioniert das neue Schachtkraftwerk

How COVID-19 worsens hunger in India, the world’s largest food basket

Graphene Filtration | A revolution in Desalination technology!

Webinar | Cytotoxic Wastes in Western Balkan Countries: Challenges, Roadblocks, and Solutions

Stantec leads study to define digital framework for smart utility of the future

Carderock Engineers Lead Environmental Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation

Sensus News | Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities Selects Sensus for Smart Utility Network

Decline of bees, other pollinators threatens US crop yields

Five empirical models, for prediction of peak discharge and estimation of flood

Water Scarcity Is Greatest Risk to Metals and Mining


Blue Economy anchor for EU Green Deal • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

Migratory river fish populations plunge 76% in past 50 years

WaterNSW launches Water Insights portal

StormHarvester has concluded a €2 million investment round

Rainmaker - Air To Water - AW100

Desalination emerging in Belgium and Netherlands • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

This Week in Water for July 26, 2020

A COVID-19 Bridge Over Troubled Water?

Carlsbad Desalination Plant Improves Sustainability

Inmarsat + Farmbot To Work Together On Remote Water Monitoring For Australian Farmers

148 The One About The Big Thirst - Scaling UP! H2O

Ground-breaking technology for advanced biological nutrient recovery

Sanitation Economy Accelerator - meet the Companies

Meet the Dutch startup that turned Amsterdam canals’ water into safe drinking water

Adelaide Wetlands Virtual Field Trip

Algae | Great Lakes Now Virtual Field Trip

Containerised Water Treatment Plants for Irrigation

Using satellite tech to help create a sustainable livestock feed

Onsite 100% Sludge Free Biological Sewage Wastewater Treatment System

Solar-driven membrane distillation technology that can double drinking water production

Finnish utility trials asset investment planning software

Water Europe Vision Implementation 2020-2027

Containerized drinking water plant AZUD WATERTECH DW

The most suitable option for tertiary treatment. Wastewater reuse with disc filtration.

Solar Water Treatment Plants for emergencies

Milwaukee’s Sustainability Leader Advances a Back-to-Nature Strategy to Lower Flood Risk

Hengtong Checks Flood Damage with Speed and Technology

Grey water recycling AZUD WATERTECH GW


GWI GLobal Water Awards 2020 Short list!

Elimination of pesticides from wastewater

This boat made from plastic waste is on a mission to end ocean pollution

LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology)

Cell-free biosensors for rapid detection of water contaminants

Alfa Laval Launches New Product Range for Safe and Clean Tap Water Duties

New drilling technology helps drought-stricken farmers find valuable water in Granite Belt

CP612 Carbon Capture in Water Industry

Decentralized Water Solutions

This Week in Water for July 19, 2020

Five Notes on the Inextricable Link Between WASH and COVID-19 | Engineering For Change

Implementing new safety norms in the Netherlands


147 Pinks and Blues Questions From the Nation! - Scaling UP! H2O

Modernizing Manila's Water Supply

Algal Blooms: the good, the bad, and the colorful

Hyperion MBR (membrane bioreactor) Pilot explained

PSP.US, Inc. Acquires Assets of PolyCera, Inc.

Filtration technology to avoid the impact of algal bloom on desalination plants [BLOOM PROJECT]

Vale starts dry iron ore concentration pilot with New Steel technology

New solar material could clean drinking water

Welcome to amane currents - Vol 1 Issue 1

6 Exciting Upgrades to the Sea Sentry Wash Water Monitor

SWAN Forum and LoRa Alliance partnership to accelerate IoT adoption in the water sector

Far UV-C in the 200 – 225 nm range, and its potential for disinfection applications

Turning hair into water sensors

GO3 Water Bottle Sneak Peek

Jefferson Project Year Five

Preventing a Great Lakes Drinking Water Crisis

Wireless aquatic robot could clean water and transport cells

Pesticide Mixtures an Underestimated Problem at the Great Barrier Reef

New solar material could clean drinking water

"Know Their Story"

This Week in Water for July 12, 2020

Certification™ Program for Farmers as a Nod to Water Sustainability Efforts

146 The One Where We Bring EOS and Sales Together - Scaling UP! H2O

Backed by GOED funds, water tech startup spins out of DRI in Vegas

Department of Energy Announces 10 Water Resource Recovery Prize Phase One Winners

Reports on Gujarat WQMS Labs

RO Water Chemistry and Pretreatment: Silica Scale Prevention

Source 5.0, one of the most significant releases of Source since the end of the eWater CRC

Rising to the region's water challenges: Meet the Imagine H2O Asia 2020 accelerator companies

Tensions with China-Pakistan can derail fragile water treaties, but India won't talk about it

Open Source Community flood model organized by Ole Nielsen

JanaJal - Safe Water for All

Engineers and Operators, meet your new co-pilot: Digital Twin

Digital Water White Paper

Black & Veatch 2020 Strategic Directions: Water Report

Water mining to gain valuable resources from wastewater and brine • Water News Europe

How Puerto Rico can build a stronger, more sustainable energy future

Lightning Rounds for Disaster and Risk Mitigation Technology & Investment

Triple-I, ResilientH20 Partners Launch Resilience Innovation Hub | III

American & British Water Utilities Adopt Trenchless Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)

Fracta Helping Drinking Water Utilities Address Water Main Replacement Challenge

145 The One About Positive Mental Attitude - Scaling UP! H2O

Fish more vulnerable to warming water than first thought

Prototype for PFAS Treatment System and Prepares for First Pilot Projects

Industry can make or break water smart societies • Water News Europe - News EU water sector

Ep 6: Four water tech trends with Imran Jafarey

MICRO2020, Fate and Impacts of Microplastics: Knowledge and Responsibilities

Water Europe 2019 Annual Report

GWP’s annual ‘in action’ report

The State of South Africa’s Water & Sanitation with Solutions & Hope

The Rising Tide Mastermind

The Green Economy

Watts Water Technologies Publishes Its 2019 Sustainability Report

Sustainable Piping Material: Alcorr DWC Pipes

Aquam Corp. Announces the Divestiture of Aquam Water Services, Ltd. and Orbis Intelligent Systems

New Report Underscores Funding Needs For U.S. Stormwater Sector

Indigenous Farmers Harvest Water with Small Dams in Peru’s Andes Highlands

MSU research leads to new method of protecting water affected by mining

Xylem Closes $1 Billion Inaugural Green Bond

Tap water for every household

Harmful Algal Bloom Detection and Outdoor Recreation Choices—Assessing the Benefits of Satellites

Trends in Water-Related Innovation, Based on Patent Data

This Week in Water for June 28, 2020

Pathways towards zero-emission copper mines

Managing a second spike: How China’s approach to the Beijing outbreak compares with global efforts

144 The One Where We Talk About Virtual Assistants - Scaling UP! H2O

Checking In #4: Dr. Jennifer Pagan & Dr. Rich Simons on UV-C LED for PPE Disinfection

Unorthodox Desalination Method Could Transform Global Water Management

Manchester experts launch spin-out to bring new water-filtration technology to market

Removing toxic chemicals from water: New environmentally-friendly method

Successful remote condition monitoring trial with Anglian Water

Purifying water with a partly coated gold nanoparticle

Beijing manages dualities of pandemic

​Step change in ​the monitoring ​and control of ​water networks

Membrane-based water treatment & reuse in mining

Taking a glimpse of the journey of a young water expert

Introduction to Solar Energy Part 2

Thousands of Tons of Microplastics Are Falling from the Sky

Industrial Water Treatment: Community & Inspiration

What is Scale and How does it Impact Water Treatment?

WaterGEMS/WaterCAD Fundamentals Part 1: Introduction and Model Creation

The Importance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials for Biofilm Formation and Management

Smart Sponge Soaks Up Oil Spills In Water Without Harming Marine Life

New green wall technology to help brewers and the environment

Nano clay can help clean water in Pakistan

This Week in Water for June 21, 2020

Pilot study finds IoT AWD feasible for smallholder farmers in Vietnam

From blooms to ocean deserts – understanding primary productivity in the ocean

143 The One With Jack Altschuler - Scaling UP! H2O

The Smart Water Show - Episode 1: 4 Reasons To Choose Cellular AMI For Your Water Utility

A path to food security? Urban agriculture and COVID-19 crisis management

Towards a joint action agenda on women’s rights to water and sanitation

Brazilian-German Partnership to Improve Water Monitoring through Geospatial Intelligence

IIT Madras researchers find copper-covered jute beads could prevent contamination of water, diseases

Role of the IoT and AI in the digital transformation of water utilities

Zero Mass Water Raises $50 Million to Scale Global Access to Renewable Drinking Water

Textile Industry Water Use and Treatment

Fidelity launches fund focused on ‘unexplored’ waste and water sector

UN-Water Prepares to Launch SDG 6 Accelerator

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring with Chemical Sensors

Toward Managing Rural Drinking Water Quality in the State of Punjab, India

[WEBINAR] How to Reduce TSS, pH and Harmful Algae - NIPSCO Case Study

How many sensors are used at water utilities?

CSIRO and Goanna Ag bring smart sensors to help farmers improve crop water usage

Siemens & Acciona Creating Digital Twin for Water Treatment Plants

Circular economy: the projects leading the way in mining waste recovery

How new tech is being used to warn of flood danger

Water crisis threatens Pakistan

Easy framework for WASH - Article in Journal of Water Policy

This Week in Water for June 14, 2020

How to use ELECTRE for solving water resource management problems ?

Q&A with Mark Pestrella of LA County Public Works

Water managers California’s Central Valley — are tasked with estimating available groundwater

142 The One That Helps Us With Video Meetings - Scaling UP! H2O


CIO Nigel Watson is creating the most digital water company in the sector

The complexity of water management in mines

NIPSCO chooses a greener path to comply with NDPES regulations

UN-Water Analytical Brief on Unconventional Water Resources

“The Ocean is life, freedom, adventure, discovery, our future.” – Race For Water

Monitor Water Quality and Algae with LG Sonic Monitoring Buoy - LG Sonic

Urban water works and water cycle management: advanced approaches

Calik Denim Debuts Antimicrobial Denim Fabric That Require Fewer Washes

City of Dothan, Alabama Selects Aclara's Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solution

Access to clean water may be as vital as cutting antibiotic use in the fight against superbugs

EEA: Majority of Europe’s bathing waters of excellent quality • Water News Europe

Flovac vacuum sanitation in field hospitals

Lead Reports for your Product/Service and company

Environmental Pollutant May Be More Hazardous Than Previously Thought

Ultrathin water-stable metal-organic framework membranes for ion separation

COVID-19 heightens water problems around the world

Lessons learnt during Covid 19 pandemic can help us tackle climate change issues

This Week in Water for June 7, 2020

Water Security Among Six "Global Systemic Risks" For Investors

Technology at the Forefront for Healthier High-Rise Buildings

Farmers in Punjab to plant around 25% paddy with DSR technology

Process Controller Timer Modes

How to minimise water loss with sensors

141 The One About Neglected Accounts – Scaling UP! H2O

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Implemented Electronic Upload of Bid Submittals

Ep 4: Artificial intelligence (AI) in water with Prateek Joshi

Achieving Sustainable and Resilient Corporate Water Strategies with AI

Free virtual screening of Microplastic Madness for World Ocean's Day

Trimble Takes Digital Water Solutions Global

Solving the mysteries of water and air underground

Checking water from afar

World Economic Forum Uplink - final round of Ocean Solutions

Hong Kong-Based Epic Group Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Arvind Envisol

Five-level filtration purifies water to the level of bottled drinking wate

More safety for softener & steam boiler

How do You Manage the Water on Your Farm?

Clean Water Act Applies to Groundwater

Quasi newton artificial neural network training algorithms

What is Conductivity?

Unique seawall design provides rain-or-shine benefits

Sorbent for Purifying Water from Radioactive Elements

Fish Waste to Create a Unique Alternative to Plastic

This Week in Water for May 31, 2020

In Poland they use clams in water tanks that push a button when they detect contamination

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Water Management Project Helps Sustain Malta

140 The One That Helps Us Reopen Building Water Systems – Scaling UP! H2O

Drone startup Ranmarine Technology lands Series-A investment

Volvo CE Machines Help Restoration of Florida Everglades

USDA Invests $281 Million in Rural Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements

5 inventions that could transform the health of our ocean

Water wheel barrage concept could solve River Severn flood challenge

Salmon sector urged to step up tech investment

Common Ground Alliance Releases Damage Prevention Technologies Report, Honors Leadership

Saturas Decision Support System for Precision Irrigation

New permeable hardscape technology that can help cities confront stormwater runoff pollution

Improve water supply in poorer nations to cut plastic use, say experts

How can Greece solve its water crisis?

Terminology and Basic Questions About GIS

How digital technology has revolutionised the agricultural sector globally

IDE wins Sorek 2 desalination tender amid US pressure

European Parliament approves law for reusing treated wastewater • Water News Europe

MOFs that remove and reduce hexavalent chromium yield drinkable water

Is the New Normal Sustainable?

Synchronization and Delay Between Circulation Patterns and High Streamflow Events in Germany

Urban Sanitation – A Challenge Needing Contextual Planning Especially in India

A Snapshot of the World's Groundwater Challenges

Introduction to particle swarm optimization

Transfer Pump Selection

Mississippi Delta marshes in a state of irreversible collapse, study shows

Crowdfunding for machines that clean highly contaminated water produced by industry

Emerging technology could solve 'ludicrous' fish loss from irrigation in Australia

This Week in Water for May 24, 2020

A new study reveals that 'understanding arsenic hazard

Phosphorous removal start-up I-Phyc raises second funding round

China and the fight against COVID-19: Lessons from Wuhan

Amalgam Biotech & PMC Pune Joins hands to improve Sanitation standards of Public Toilets & Urinals

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Best practice production to reduce the water footprint of dairy milk

Geberit's latest sanitaryware products include high-rise drainage technology

RELX Environmental Challenge 2020 is now open for applications

BWMS: 21% of systems fail D-2 requirements

Xinjiang Poverty Battle: Farmers now have access to clean water

ACCIONA launches BIONS, a new intelligent cloud-data platform for water management

Hanoi applies new technology to clean up To Lich river

Fayetteville’s 2019 water quality report available online

We need to engage and exchange for a sustainable water economy

New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year ‘all-plant’ drinks bottles

Wetland Rehabilitation in the City of Kigali

Time to learn from China’s good practices

VA Tech WABAG: Finding waterways

Gen3Bio wins recognition, investments for technology on waste algae disposal

Tuskegee researchers patent new technology to improve wastewater filtration methods

LiquiPro Atmospheric Water Generator | Clean and Safe Drinking Water for India

Turning PET bottles into adsorbent material for the removal of antibiotics from water

Low-Tech Water Wand Finds Contaminated Drinking Water

Innovation award for graphene-based water decontamination technology oil clean-up by Grafysorber®

Low-cost interventions to improve water supply systems adopted by the Ministry of Jal Shakti

Liquinex ​Water ​Purification ​System was ​awarded Gold ​Medal in ​AsianInvent ​Singapore2020

USGS updates SPARROW streamflow modeling tool

The digital transformation of the water sector is accelerating

This Week in Water for May 17, 2020 by H2O Radio

IoT technology prevents exploding manhole covers

What role will smart metering systems play in the future?

Using Big Data to Design Gas Separation Membranes

Rupees 376 cr for reviving 155 water bodies

138 The One That’s All About Cooling Towers - Part 2 - Scaling UP! H2O

Study introduces a comprehensive system to mitigate floods and increase groundwater recharge

Tejidos Royo Adapts Foam Dyeing Technology for Black Denim

Antibiotics Can Be Removed From Water With New Nanomaterial

Waterhound Futures selects TDM as agent for water analytic software in the Philippines

New data logger for smart water metering platform

Next-Generation Ultra High-Pressure Reverse Osmosis (UHP RO) Industrial System

Australian government in Water Ledger blockchain for trading water rights

Satellite technology to help tackle invasive aquatic weeds

'Meandering' restores twists and turns on Lambert Creek

The monitoring of the water-chemical mode of steam boilers using the pH value of boiler water

Diving with Purpose—How Veterans Are Healing Their Wounds by Helping the National Park Service

How a focus on sustainability will help the fashion industry emerge stronger from Covid-19

How does E.C.O.Film non-phosphorus cooling water treatment work? | SUEZ

Wastewater Systems and Laundry Operations (Conclusion) A look into the future of wastewater systems

Changing the Nature of Storm Water Management


Is the world going to run out of water?

Busan Turns to Blockchain Technology for Water Supply System

Parkway partners with Worley to help commercialise aMES™ minerals from brine technology

This Week in Water for May 10, 2020

Selecting your Cartridge Filter

137 - The One That's All About Cooling Towers - Part 1 - Scaling UP! H2O

Stuart Orr Joins Waterhound Futures Advisory Board

Waterhound Futures Wins The Water Council AI Tech Challenge

Khalifa University develops technology for ‘artificial soil’ suitable for agriculture in UAE

Irrigation Systems for Climate Change Adaptation in Viet Nam

Episode 2: Digital water, data privacy and martinis

How Low-Code Tools Are Changing Programming And Business Strategy Forever

The Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research (ZIWR)

Bombe toxique : Effets des plastiques sur la santé

Beware the false security of wearing plastic gloves

Funding available to develop new water treatment technologies

eWater is proud to announce the release of MUSIC X, for Urban water design

Scottish Water switches on latest solar array at Dunfermline wastewater facility


Spinout raises funding to accelerate tests for harmful bacteria

Choice Market to Remove Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles From Stores by 2021 - CStore Decisions

Team ensures stability of desalination process with magnesium

Success in Engineering Management - A Methodical Approach

The influence of various forms of carbon dioxide in water on its pH value |

This Week in Water for May 3, 2020

Microbial Nitrogen Fertilizer Company Pivot Bio Raises $100 Million

Sugar Industry: A case of Policy and Institutional Failure

136 The One About The Mastermind Group - Scaling UP! H2O

Freshwater Ecosystem-Based Management in California

DuPont Recognized by American Chemical Society for Enabling Access to Safer Drinking Water

2018- Mitte® Raises 10.6M USD Seed Round

On Floods in Southern West Bengal, India

Ganga flows cleaner though just marginally

Drones that locate E.Coli

South African companies collaborate to create intelligent solutions for the growing water crisis

On Aspects of Construction of Hydro-Electric Power Projects

Terramera’s Actigate Technology Recognized as World Changing Idea by Fast Company

FloWater Ranks in Top 100 on Financial Times 2020 List of Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies

Wastewater Laundry Operations (Part 1) Changes, improvements in systems over past decade

Using technology to help with groundwater management

Zero-Power Tech Converts 59 Million Litres of Sewage into Reusable Water

Solar Desalination for Lake Titicaca Islands

Environmental Impact Assessment with Special Reference to Water Resources Projects

Why Connected Worker Technologies Are Now A Business Priority For Industrial Companies

Replacing toxins with water in the green production of plastics

This Week in Water for April 26, 2020

The flip side of development (theflipsideofdevelopment)

Abu Dhabi Department Of Energy Issues 2019 Annual Technical Report

135 The One with Adam Lean - Scaling UP! H2O

The fate of Tonle Sap Lake is decided upriver

Pilot episode: Nature's reboot, flannel shirts & why 'The Stream'

Egypt opens world’s biggest agricultural drainage treatment, recycling and reuse plant

Residual Chlorine measurement to evaluate efficacy of Cleaning and SanitationTreatment

Talbot provides total water management solution for South Africa coal producer

Beavertown Brewery boosts sustainability with the new wastewater treatment plant from GWE

Will Florida be lost forever to the climate crisis?

Breakthrough that will help save the third largest coral reef in the world

First intelligent wastewater pumping system in North America

Tornello's new Laundry (R)evolution technologies

Veolia helps pulp mill manage chemical recovery

Saltwater-grown plants are basis for new fabric technology

Cyanotoxins Treatment Strategies for Water Utilities

Floating wetlands: The best solution to the biggest problem

Valorizing wastewater can improve commercial viability of biomass oil production

New technology that turns waste into “green” fuel

Virginia Tech ‘fog harp’ increases collection capacity for clean water

Modelling inter-annual and spatial variability of ice cover in a temperate lake

This Week in Water for April 19, 2020

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UAF innovation breaks down PFAS chemicals

Crisis Proves Out Omnia Fishing’s Digital Strategy

Introducing Veolia's Water Treatment Webinar Series


Moonshot Missions Launch Video with George Hawkins, Founder & President

6 month postponement… – Race For Water

Portions of Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Are Most Endangered in U.S.

Top technology to boost Melbourne’s water network

Water where you need it - MIT Technology review

Wetland Technology: Practical Information on the Design and Application of Treatment Wetlands

WhatsApp initiative drives international Covid-19 collaboration

Double Scottish wastewater win for WPL

Improving Wastewater Management in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Tech Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Lithium Extraction

Molecule wins award for water sorbent technology

The Economics of Water Main Failures

Ice water treatment impacts on peeling time, meat quality of Pacific white shrimp

Advanced Oxidation: Treatment Solutions that Protect the World from Emerging Contaminants, PFAS,GenX

This Week in Water for April 12, 2020

Aquisense CEO got COVID-19. He realized his business could help fight the pandemic.

ADIO allocates $100 million to four agritech companies

NASA-Inspired Indoor Garden Grows Vegetables Using Zero-Gravity Technology

More accurate assessments for when growers should irrigate, and how much

Tropical Oceans Headed For Collapse Within The Next 10 Years, Major Study Reveals

SUEZ & Veolia published their full-year results, giving a first look into their long-term strategies

Scientists create mutant enzyme that recycles plastic bottles in hours

Stellenbosch opens eco-friendly water treatment facility

Computer modelling to protect populations from groundwater contamination

WaveBoost project closes with clear improvement in performance of wave energy technology

Industrial Line of Chemical-Free Water Treatment Technology Systems

Helping US utilities unlock maximum potential of their data and turn it into action

New technology to convert sewage sludge into bio-oil.

Monitoring spread of coronavirus through waste water • Water News Europe

Studying The Potato's Water Needs for More Efficient Irrigation

Wash your hands, sure, but where's the water?

Hyderabad based UrbanKisaan to disrupt farming

New Method to Generate Substantial Volumes of Nanobubbles in Water

The water management system providing real-time benefits and savings for farmers

Streamlining EPA method 537 to increase water sample throughput

This Week in Water for April 5, 2020

Troubleshooting Diaphragm Metering Pump

Online Process Control Equipment

Clarifier basics - How do clarifiers work I Clarifier design

132 Pinks and Blues: 12 Week Year - Scaling UP! H2O

The WaterExpert™ Mobile App – All of your knowledge, all in one place.

Using digital twins to maximise returns on existing infrastructure

Satellite data analytics to drive a unique approach to vegetation management and burn control

Soil-free vertical cultivation technology to produce sustainable food.

SETi’s Violeds Technology Proves 99.9% Sterilization of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 30 Seconds

Bluewater Bio Secures 6th Phosphorus Removal Contract with Severn Trent

NZ's new plan for clean water

The story of Arosia Water ATM

From wastewater surveillance to sustainable growth


Culligan Completes Acquisition of AquaVenture and Divestiture of Seven Seas Water

An Improved Model for the Evaluation of Groundwater Recharge

California DWR Awards $47 Million in Grants for Groundwater Sustainability

Wastewater process plant diagram

HKU team develops new wastewater treatment process

Clarke Valve Closes $10 Million Venture Funding

Investor intervention for tailings dam safety

Not just biofuels: Algae's next wave

Health of Australia’s environment less than 1 out of 10

Water disinfection with chlorine

Drought and Water Solutions In Israel -- Environmentalism and Water Management

Water Desalination in Israel is Revolutionizing Water Management & is being shared around the world

This Week in Water for March 29, 2020

The features of operation of an ion exchanger in the process of water desalination |

Removal of emerging contaminants from wastewater during chemically enhanced primary sedimentation

New water works to benefit 80,000 working equines in Ethiopia

Plenareno Material Science and Nanotechnology Conference

260 MW Fishery PV Plant Is Largest in East China

MOROCCO: Drought-stricken country raises 12 billion dollars for water

Can You Afford Not to Make an Investment in Water?

Partnership to Redefine Water Management with Data-Driven Insights

131 The One About Standard Operating Procedures - Scaling UP! H2O

A Hidden Hazard in Our Drinking Water

This Week in Water for March 22, 2020

AI project uses hot water cylinders for energy storage

Pharma's potential impact on water quality

New subsea processing tools designed to enhance recovery, lower capex

Largest LoRaWAN® deployment in Germany

UGA Extension helps Georgia improve water usage efficiency

Water and Climate Change The 2020 edition of the World Water Development Report (WWDR 2020)

Flexible compact flotation unit improves water treatment efficiency

Patent application for using solar energy for filtration of produced water

Siltbuster shortlisted for ‘Best Innovation’ category for this year’s Construction News Awards

New Satellite-Based Algorithm Pinpoints Crop Water Use

How the North East uses traditional means to harvest rain water

Cuba River Water Chemistry Reveals Rapid Chemical Weathering Promise of More Sustainable Agriculture

UK’s Xeros signs major denim deal with India’s Ramsons

Researchers create water-degradable plastic combining starch and cellulose

Biomass Researchers Studying Biomass Enabled Nanomaterials for Desalination and Water Purification

Satcoms to support African water management

Early-Stage Innovations in Water: An Akamai India CSR Flagship Initiative

After re-bidding, Brunswick given two proposals for reverse osmosis and expansion project

Electric jolt to carbon makes better water purifier

The Proactive Webinar Series - Scaling UP! H2O

Can Covid-19 be transmitted through water? I Coronavirus & Wastewater

Working Toward Better Wastewater Treatment in Bolivia

New Reverse Osmosis System Aids Biological Research at Brunel University

Fluorinated gel grabs PFAS

First consignment of Kaumera biostimulant delivered for greener wastewater treatment


China’s ‘Development Approach’ to the Mekong Water Disputes

3 ways to put water onto the climate agenda

130 The One About The Tools I Use - Scaling UP! H2O

Engineers Help Bring Better Water Treatment to Indigenous Communities

World first “solar hydro” plant in Victoria

Women in Water: Siri and Queenie's Stories | Interflow

Smart ponds creating a splash in field of stormwater control

Climate change resilience through better water management

Restoration and resilience post disaster (Video)

Managing Florida's Springs Sustainably | Nestlé Waters North America

Largest Public Bids Database from Water Utilities in North America

Sand dams could be the answer to water woes in drought

Electro Scan trials pipeline assessment technology in Australia

The alarming impacts of microplastics on the marine environment

Managing Climate Adaptive Water Resources in the Aral Sea Basin in Uzbekistan

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Interview with Ernest Chua

Using silica gel to desalinate brackish water

This Week in Water for March 15, 2020

Data-driven approach to improving livestock productivity, sustainability

Armela brings fresh perspective to farming in UAE

Efficient Water Use Management in the Alentejo Region, Portugal

Converting wastewater into aqua feed protein

Water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management for COVID-19

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Energy Recovery Awarded $23.5M - Contract for World’s Largest Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility

AquAffirm - Arsenic Sensing Device

Researchers and farmers join forces in bid to save Great Barrier Reef from fertiliser run-off

Rwanda - Nasho Irrigation Project

Submersible sensors rapidly detect bacterial pollution in water

NASA Improves ISS Life Support System that Turns Pee into Drinking Water

U.S.-Israel consortium launches $21.4 million initiative to develop water-energy technologies

Success Story: Celebrating 5 years and 5 projects with EPM - LG Sonic

Screening Strategies for Toxicants in Industrial Wastewater

Natural contaminant threat to drinking water from groundwater

Emerging Technologies to Advance Research and Decisions on the Environmental Health Effects of MPs

Removing Excess Phosphorus From Ethanol Production By-product Could Reduce Water Pollution

Zero Mass Water Transforms Colombian Community With New Hydropanel Installation

In Denim, Investing in Sustainable Technology Is the New Normal

UConn researchers 3-D print micro water filters

Waste water treatment for fish canning industries--Case study: Dakhla Port, Morocco

901-XG Glanris Water Filtration Media Shipments

Spreading coronavirus, spreading fear: Assessing China’s management of the coronavirus crisis

128 Pinks & Blues: Tonnage x3 - Scaling UP! H2O

Fish Wearing ‘Marine Skin’ Sensors Collect Information 6,500 Feet Below The Sea

Bhutan launches river bank filtration program

$3 Million Funding for Gravity-Fed Virus-Removal Water Filtration Technology

Evaluation of morphometric parameters and hypsometric curve of Arkavathy using RS and GIS techniques

Battery grade lithium hydroxide produced from Brine

Low tide, high on trash: New study identifies flow of plastic into the sea


An Introduction to Water Treatment - part 3 of 3

An Introduction to Chemical Dosing

Day in the Life of a Water Treatment Plant Operator

University of Washington clean water spinout Membrion raises $6M

Prevention is always better than cure

How to treat the coronavirus in the water cycle? • Water News Europe

Digital Twin Technology Helps City Reduce Combined Sewer Overflow Volume by 247 Million Gallons

Race for Water, in the city of China, on the Japanese island of Okino-Erabu!

Key Takeaways – World Water-Tech Innovation Summit 2020

Profiteering Water Trucks

Yale engineers invent water purification device based on Mangrove trees capillary action

Rezatec named Europe's 142nd fastest-growing company by Financial Times

A sustainable waste water treatment plant - Constructed wetlands

Veolia - Waste water treatment

CSO Retention Basin Presentation

Is there a technological solution to aquatic dead zones?

Waterloo successfully pilots water infrastructure leak detection technology

Procurement Software Digitizes $1.8 Billion in Vendor Contracts For Great Lakes Water Authority

Borehole regeneration - Atlantis Wellfield, Cape Town, South Africa

Yale Sorcerer Seeks Feedback from Water Experts

Gulkevichsky Starch Factory – Global Water & Energy to create a blueprint for waste reduction

This Week in Water from H2O Radio


Love-Hate Relationship for Oil and Water

A Bill Gates-led fund is pumping millions into “game changer” lithium mining technology

127 The One With Tom Hutchison - Scaling UP! H2O

Water systems more reliable, efficient thanks new SCADA monitoring technology

Autonomous Draper Drone to detect microplastics in the water

DEWA Receives World’s Lowest Tariff Of 0.306 USD For Hassyan Desalination Plant

Education programs for safe well extraction in central Mexico

2D Material Membrane Enables Easier Oil Separation

Bubble tech blows microplastic problem out of water

TERI partners with start-up to generate water from air moisture

Mass Balance for Sludge Calculation in Water Treatment Plant

EPA’s National Water Reuse Action Plan Makes Reuse a National Priority

The Danube River Basin and the ICPDR

What is biofilm? (2 min video)

$9M Series B funding to optimize billing and conservation using its AI-enabled IoT solution

BQE Water Partners with Black & Veatch to Apply Selen-IX™ Technology at a US Mine

Ishigaki, here we are !

AO Smith’s latest water purifier hits market

Tetra Tech Acquires Segue Technologies to Expand High-End IT Capabilities

ECCO Wins Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award For DriTan Leather Technology

Water sensors, data collaboration make Great Lakes smarter

DXC Deploys Mixed Reality Employee Training at Water Treatment Leader Ixom

Portland Installs Turbines in City Water Pipes To Create Free Electricity

A multi-level inverter for solar water pumps

New flexible pipe technology designed for challenging environments

Industrial RO plant introduction

Badger Meter receives Smart 50 award for smart water deployment

A Review of Aerobic Technologies for the Treatment of Wastewater

126 The One That Explains where 120,000 Comes From - Scaling UP! H2O

Water Infrastructure:Technical Assistance and Climate Resilience Planning Help Utilities Prepare

'Peak phosphorus' is upon us, and sewage is valuable muck

Activated Sludge - All things water Course 1

CA Grade 1 Wastewater Math, Part 1 of 4 HD

Low Uncertainty Flow Calibration Facility for Large Water Main Metering Systems

Former state Democratic party chair launches crowdfunding platform for water tech

Naneau Water: Before & After Blood Analysis

Biolargo raising $100-$500,000 for Poultry Water processing

The Future of Wastewater Treatment

‘Mine of tomorrow’ completes $30-million water protection project

How San Diego Scientists Use E. Coli To Test For Toxins In Water

Israeli researchers develop new technology producing water from air

How does Ion exchange work?

New technology for pathogen detection driven by lasers

Produced Water in Texas … Who Owns It?

Tube settler I Plate settler maintenance - Best cleaning I clogging methods

Exclusive Interview with Microsoft - World Water Tech

Vale Mining to invest in technology to reduce dam use and increase safety

Why new policies are needed to tackle India’s orphaned wells with no water

Chromite and coal operations improve tailings water recovery with Multotec filter press technology

“Only a dam across the North Sea would help against projected sea rises” • Water News Europe

Israeli water tech deployed in Gaza to ease water crisis

About Aqua membranes

125 The One with Justin Ranger, CWT - Scaling UP! H2O

Paint Wastewater

MABR Technology Introduction

Law to Protect Yangtze: Significant Step To Ecological Development

Regarding Groundwater and Drinking Water Access through A Human Rights Lens: Self-Supply as A Norm

Removing phosphorus and solid materials at Finland's third largest wastewater treatment plant

MIT's passive solar-powered water desalination system achieves ultrahigh-efficiency

Clean Water Franchise Jibu Grows to Eight Countries in Africa

Non-Revenue No More: West Virginia Utility Gets Strategic with AMI

UCD lab helps investigate fish-protection technology

Partnership Advances Water’s Digital Future

Pure Potential: Rethinking the Value of Waste Water Purification

Electrification and Decarbonization of Chemical Manufacturing | Karthish Manthiram | TEDxMIT

Towards Citywide Inclusive Sanitation - Dhaka

The golden age of algae control - LG Sonic

Tackling Invasive species in the Great Lakes


RO Water Purifier Ban – Should You Be Worried?

Overview: Real-Time On-Line Pipeline Leak Detection by Mass Balance

Solar Water Desal Announces project in the Kingdom

Reduce your water management expenses

124 The One That’s all about the International Water Conference - Scaling UP! H2O

Interview with Lila Thompson CEO British Water - World Water-Tech Innovation

Technology breeds sustainability on Brazilian family farm

GivePower takes aim at water scarcity with new solar desalination systems

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Exclusive interview with Dr Jo Burgess, Senior Technology Specialist - Isle Utilities

India Plans $50 Billion Push to Supply Piped Water to All Homes

California governor proposes new plan for managing water

Large Distribution Meter Calibration Facility

PFAS Challenge with Innovative Treatment Solution

Mine water energy to be used at major Seaham development

The electric-current systems of WaterTectonics removes all sorts of contaminants.

New method to remove oil from water

AI startup digs up business opportunity in aging water pipes in Japan and elsewhere

WINT AI-Powered Leak Prevention Technology Wins Gold Award

Vast amounts of valuable energy, nutrients, water lost in world's fast-rising wastewater streams

Public domain innovation that can save water and help adapt to climate change.

Miracle of nature: Trappist monks turn waste into water

Using green technology to improve water quality in Kenya’s Mtwapa Creek

Newton Prize goes to PHL research on fertilizer from wastewater

Corys Investments & Georg Fischer enter fast growing gas and water distribution market in Egypt

ETRI develops drone and AI technology to predict algal blooms

Saudi Minister inks $426.5m bridge finance deal for desalination plants

Depuporc System Presentation

123 The Other One with Reid Hutchison  - Scaling UP! H2O

A Water Utility Managers Guide to Community Stewardship

Sensus News | Washington State Municipality Puts a Cork in Non-Revenue Water with Sensus

Spanish institute charts levels of trihalomethanes in drinking water • Water News Europe

Plastic Health Summit 2019 - Race for Water report

Vital Implications on Water Scarcity According to 13 Experts

Race for Water’s stopover in China postponed to August 2020

New $100 million+ VC Fund Aims to Solve the Ocean Plastic Crisis in Asia

Unibio developing protein for aquafeed from methane

Protein pores packed in polymers make super-efficient filtration membranes

Saudis Plan ‘Solar Dome’ Desalination Plants at Neom Mega-City

Hungary: breakthrough in water purification

Making desalination attractive


Setting Stormwater Rates Using Machine Learning

Water Insecurity and Sanitation in Asia - Book Summary

Diffused Air Flotation (DAF) - What is it and how does it work

Improving Efficiency of Electroplating Wastewater Treatment.

Control of pH using mineral acid (sulphuric acid) and carbon dioxide.

CTA awards Ethiopia’s digital agriculture start-ups

Taronis Technologies (TRNX) Awarded New Water Patent


Assessing business and sustainability in China

Sensus News | Tacoma Public Utilities Selects Sensus for Advanced Meter Project

Waste Water Treatment Using Cassia Gum Powder

Varanasi to get new lease of life with new sewage treatment plants

Assessing a treated sewage water quality for MBA calculation and assessment.

Carlow Sludge Drying Reed Bed Pilot Programme | Wastewater Treatment | Irish Water

New STPs in Patna to stop sewage flow into Ganga

California Voters to Decide Costly Bond Issues for ‘Climate Resiliency’

Japanese tech students develop quality measuring app for Rwandan coffee farmers

Indigenous Water Co-Governance: Emerging Models in British Columbia and Alberta

Contaminated water in Zimbabwe's capital puts millions at risk | Pumps Africa

$24 Million to Fuel Advanced Analytics Growth

Sanitation for all in Djibouti

Biofilm detection and prevention of related issues

122 The One with Reid Hutchison - Scaling UP! H2O

China’s Inland Water Quality Improves

Bulgarian government faces no-confidence vote over water crisis

Trump Administration Cuts Back Federal Protections for Streams and Wetlands

Flowback Water Treatment in the Permian Basin: A Case Study for a Large Oil/Gas Exploration Company

Biofilm detection and prevention of related issues

Biofilm detection and prevention of related issues

Cost Benefits of Process Water Disinfection via UV Light Sterilizer Technology

NJDEP Provides $13.5 Million to Address Harmful Algal Blooms

Retailers initiatives fight plastic pollution !

New Jersey Is Getting Its Lead Out

Water Management Discovering the water circuit - educational video

Advanced polymers help streamline water purification, environmental remediation

Enhancing asset management performance

Integrating Adaptive Programming with Theory of Change

New Membrane Technology Improves Water Purification and Battery Energy Storage

9 Viable Water Scarcity Solutions for the 21st Century

Global solutions for a greener future – GWE has an answer to the new sustainability goals

UKWIR failure database success for Servelec Technologies

Why Interactive Ultrasonic Programs are Important to Effectively Control Algae - LG Sonic

China moves to phase out single-use plastics | China | The Guardian

World Water Day concentrates on link between water and climate change • Water News Europe

121 Another One with Dr. Janet Stout Part 2 - Scaling UP! H2O

Dam Automation

ECHA starts list safe substances that come into contact with drinking water • Water News Europe

Breakthrough dry-test membranes posed to move water industry forward

Water scarcity accelerates plans to close Xcel's Tolk coal plant by a decade

Judging ideas in a changing world: Measuring the social impact of research

Start-Up Showcase: Water Innovators Shaping the Future

Digital tool helps utilities overcome sludge pumping challenges

Green Practices involved in the Stabilisation of Arsenic-Laden Sludge from Arsenic Filters of India

Applications of Global Precipitation Measurements for Assessing Extreme Dry and Wet Periods

Detecting Wastewater Leakages With The Internet Of Things

Detecting Wastewater Leakages With The Internet Of Things

New report details progress on market-based solutions to protect natural capital

Meet Julie Bliss Mullen, The Under 30 Honoree Working To Solve The Clean Water Crisis


Social responsibility is business of business

A new branch office in Singapore! | Global Water & Energy PTE. LTD.

Investing in Nature for European Water Security

The City of LA: using innovation and community engagement to tackle climate change

Echologics® |San Jose Water Leak Detection

New invention tracks water pollution in real time

Capitalizing on Technology to Remove All Lead Pipes by 2021

Hydraloop - award winning Smart Water Saving

UV Treatment: How to Choose a UV System for Water Reuse in Your Facility

Film fill plastic media and attached biofilm growth I Wastewater treatment

Kent RO Chairman Mahesh Gupta unveils "ZERO WATER WASTAGE TECHNOLOGY" while talking to Ten News

Better Business. Mobile Technology Provides Solutions and Insights to Water Utilities

AdEdge Water Technologies in the WEFTEC Now Studio

Utilities urged to share data with suppliers

The Water Network - What does member Rank mean?

LoRa and LoRaWAN: How the Technology Helps Smart Cities

Bacteria and turbidity: Young Scientists develop solution to monitoring private wells

Verteco’s waterless urinal wins IWFM Award for Innovation in Technology and Systems

Sandia National Lab develops potential water use reduction, efficiency measures for power plants

Film fill plastic media and attached biofilm growth I Wastewater treatment


120 Another One with Dr. Janet Stout Part 1 - Scaling UP! H2O

Verification services in the water industry

Ecolab jumps into livestock safety by buying Belgium CID Lines

A Clustered, Decentralized Approach to Urban Water Management

Morocco unveils $12bn programme to reduce water stress

New discovery makes it easier to design synthetic proteins that rival their natural counterparts

PPP Builds New Wastewater Plant – with Penetron Technology

Sewage Plants Can Remove Medicines From Wastewater – Here’s How

California State releases water resilience plan

New technology for WEEE plastics recycling

Improving Climate Resilience Through Water-Smart Irrigation

Commercial-Scale, Indoor Growing System for Animal Feed

From chlorine to chloramine

MIT Green Tech Startup, Improves America’s Oil Production

Zero Mass Water's 'hydropanels' are being used in towns in schools in Australia

UC Santa Cruz helps develop Egyptian Center of Excellence for Water

Japan’s Water Utilities Threatened by a Declining Population


New DNA tool traces water contamination

DuPont develops RO-based water treatment plant

Scottsdale Firm Saves Millions of Gallons of Water, Setting New Treatment Standard in LA

New Smart Water Detector to Enhance Smart Home Water Security System

MOU with Mekorot, to develop spectral water monitoring systems.

Primayer| What's ahead for Primayer in 2020?

How does denitrification work and simultaneous nitrification/denitrification

Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in fixed film applications

119 The First One of 2020  - Scaling UP! H2O

Stormwater overflow - How do WWTPs manage heavy rainfalls?

The cost of alternative urban water supply and efficiency options in California

Study Investigates Smart Waterflooding in Sandstone Reservoirs

Waste-to-Energy Upgrade for Chicken Processing WWTP


Scientists develop system to remove contaminants from nuclear wastewater

How serious the problem is in India and the way out.

Republic of Turkey to Ban Acetylene, Other Metal Cutting Fuels

UK Scientists Develop mini portable water-filtration plant

EPA Lead Proposal, Derided as Weak, May Be Sneakily Strong

11 Smart Water Technology Startups for Smart Cities

16 Initiatives Changing Urban Agriculture Through Tech and Innovation

118 The Last One Of 2019 - Scaling UP! H2O

More than 8 BILLION tonnes of plastic produced since 1950s and most of it is landfill or litter

Stanford Researchers Have an Exciting Plan to Tackle The Climate Emergency Worldwide

Development of ultrathin durable membrane for efficient oil and water separation

Biofouling and Biofilm

Colorado Water Trust: Investing in Colorado's Water Future

With Botanic Dyes, Sustainable Denim Takes On Limitless Possibilities

Modi unveils plan to tackle water shortages in India's heartland states

A creative solution for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan | LaToya Ruby Frazier

OPINION - The myth of day zero: What we got wrong with water

Company proposes using Berkeley Pit water to power Los Angeles

Great Lakes waters at risk from buried contaminants and new threats

Trickling filter design guideline - How do trickling filters work?

Next-Level Water Management

After Deadly Dam Spills, Miners Seek a Better Way—It Isn’t Working Out

O2 tests the 5G water with augmented reality maintenance and mapping

DuPont exercises option to acquire UCD spin-out OxyMem

Despite bad results European Commission wants to continue with WFD • Water News Europe

Europe: Deal on Drinking Water Directive • Water News Europe

117 The One With Temperament Expert, Kathleen Edelman - Scaling UP! H2O

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