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Hydropower in the Energy Transition and Managing Extreme Hydrological Events in China

Hydropower propels China’s climate action

Rethinking Scotland’s water management

Cool ideas vital to coping with heat waves

India’s unsustainable urban water management


Free Water for India

Shallow Aquifer - Weakening Foundation

CeC: contaminants of emerging concern - Research in Holland

Researchers find microplastics deep in the lungs of living human for the first time.

The Age of Aquarius

Water Is Life

Clarifying a confusion of tongues

Nanoplastics measurements in Northern and Southern polar ice

How Singapore’s water management has become a global model for how to tackle climate crisis

From poverty to prosperity, China’s century

COP26, climate change and human development

Climate change, extreme weather events and the future of humankind

Ofwat chief highlights priorities at water gathering

Research shows phosphate removal requires holistic approach

Future of urban water and wastewater management: views on Singapore International Water Week

Water company performance survey seeks supplier views

The Holy See and the Global Environmental Movements

Water industry “shifting to outcome-based strategy”

Enabling optimum use of existing water data

Public debate on water pollutions “oversimplified”

British Water and the Water Industry Forum confirm merger plans

Party has led people to prosperity

Preventing rising main pollutions through machine learning

What the coronavirus vaccine roll-out says about innovation in an age of geopolitical rivalry

Talking trash: No time to waste

Food & beverage industry urged to adopt water best practice

Innovation successes highlighted at water sector briefing

Collaborative leakage project recognised by water sector

Singapore’s two-front battle with water security and climate change

Some way to go before China can become carbon neutral by 2060

Cloud-based apps mitigate water management risk

Asia’s failed resilience and grim water future

An Assessment of the 2015–2017 Drought in Windhoek

Catch the rain: Another feel good plan

Setting digital as the default for water – a Q&A with Clare Kovacs

The Role of Hydropower in South Asia’s Energy Future

Water as an Engine for Regional Development

Ovarro completes acquisition of ControlPoint

Biosolids – “never ending problem” or increasing opportunity?

Open data can open up opportunity

Wastewater compliance maintained at locked down holiday park

British Water adds voice to diversity campaign

Ovarro appoints new UK sales director

Ovarro completes acquisition of Datawatt

Wastewater technician training continues despite challenging year

Pioneering water projects celebrated by inaugural Lighthouse Awards

Survey reveals Covid-19 impact on water supply chain

Water Reuse in Singapore: The New Frontier in a Framework of a Circular Economy?

Ovarro leak technology supports WaterAid in Nepal

Ovarro collaborates on major smart network trial

Tertiary treatment success leads to equipment purchase

Evaluating the presence of microplastics in striped dolphins stranded in the Western Mediterranean Sea.

Water documentary goes mainstream

MWH Treatment to play key role in Thames Capital Delivery programme

Scale-up data technology, water companies urged

UK-India water MoU offers great boost to trade

A collaborative approach to zero pollution

Leak loggers support emergency effort in Beirut

157 Pinks and Blues When Your Pinks Don’t Turn…

Supply chain survey will assess Covid-19 impact

How prepared is Singapore for the next flash flood?

How India’s civil society can shape the country’s water policy

Bringing life to urban sprawl: The importance of green space initiatives

British Water joins mentoring programme supporting women

Be bold to cut pollutions, water companies urged

Delivering essential training in a digital landscape

Paving the way for greater inclusion in water

Remote access gave utilities Covid-19 advantage, says review

The power of DNA to optimize detection and control of biological processes in water & wastewater systems

Czech town welcomes wastewater treatment installation

Atmospheric transport is a major pathway of microplastics to remote regions

Managing floods in a changing climate: Preventing disaster in China’s south

China can water down impact of floods

Supporting women’s water careers in uncertain times

Supply chain highlights need for innovation progress

Updated wastewater treatment guidance gains regulatory support

How COVID-19 heightens water problems

BlueTech Research and Imagine H2O strengthen partnership

Partnership will deliver water innovation for Australia and NZ

Association offers help sourcing PPE for water workers

Australia, it's time to talk about our water emergency

Report puts suppliers at heart of innovation

Podcast highlights support offered to water retailers

Potable water reuse: The next megatrend?

Strategic Foresight to Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development Goals

Contributions of Recycled Wastewater to Clean Water and Sanitation Sustainable Development Goals

The Pivot Project: Post-COVID 19 Futures. We are seeking your insights from the Water Sector

India can learn from China to clean its urban air and help lead the world to a brighter future

Government initiatives may dovetail with companies’ sustainability reporting

Seafloor microplastic hotspots controlled by deep-sea circulation

China's water revolution

British Water welcomes workforce planning report

Water-Peace-Political Stability Nexus

Water industry pledges support for supply chain

Guayacanes in Ecuador (12209)

Long-term exposure to nanoplastics reduce life-time in Daphnia magna

Microplastics generated when opening plastic packaging

Statement from British Water chief executive Lila Thompson on the Environment Agency’s National Framework for Water Resources

Estimating the size distribution of plastics ingested by animals

Test 0331 in Germany (11149)

Legionella Management in Building Water Systems. The Role of Chlorine Products

Effective Transboundary Aquifer Areas: An Approach for Transboundary Groundwater Management

Climate change and national security: The rules of foreign policy are changing

Ofwat chief urges suppliers to “be assertive”

British Water launches micropollutants technical group

All sectors need to pull together, says EA chair

British Water pledges to improve gender equality

Drink More Recycled Wastewater

UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

The Evolution of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility

A giant has fallen - RIP Arjen

Photochemical dissolution of buoyant microplastics to dissovled organic carbon: Rate and microbial impacts

The Dam Nobody Wants Just Won’t Go Away

Damned from the Start—Many U.S. Reservoirs Could Be Rendered Useless—And That Was Part of the Plan

Marine pollution from pyroplastics

White and wonderful? Microplastics prevail in snow from the Alps to the Arctic

Major Cities in the West Are Paying Residents to Take Out Turf to Save Water—With Two Notable Exceptions

Wastewater - STP in India, Tamil Nadu (7952)

India in India, Tamil Nadu (7950)

Mexico Sludge Design for 100-500,000 Capacity

India’s Development Cooperation in Bhutan’s Hydropower Sector: Concerns and Public Perceptions

Human Consumption of Microplastics

Europe bans single-use plastics to reduce plastic soup

Here are Essential Industry News Every Water Expert Should Read This Spring

Sewage treatment plants in Saudi Arabia

Water Security, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

Water Parliament

To Sustainability and Beyond: Here are Essential Industry News from March Every Water Expert Should Read

And I Quote "To Know Water is To Love Water"

Understanding Emergent Participation Practices in Water Governance

The Irony of an Electric Car Named "Tesla" (And What a Small Town in Colorado Had to Do With It)

How to Make Water Issues Matter to World Leaders

Any Progress Towards Sustainable Development or at Least Sustained Development?

10 Essential Industry News from February Every Water Expert Should Read

In-toxic-ated: A New Study Finds the Weedkiller Glyphosate in Major Brands of Beer and Wine

Accidents Waiting to Happen—The Toxic Threats to Our Rivers, Lakes, and Streams

Kumbh is Fine but Why is Ganga not Kept Clean All the Time?

Going, Going ...Gone? The Most Abundant Tree in Hawaii Is Dying and There's No Cure in Sight

Communications on Technological Innovations: Potable Water Reuse

Water Demand Framework and Water Development: The Case of China

Double trouble in the South Pacific subtropical gyre: Increased plastic ingestion by fish in the oceanic accumulation zone

Women Are the Secret Weapon for Better Water Management

10 Water News from December Every Water Expert Should Be Aware Of!

Water Use Efficiency in Irrigated Agriculture

Hydropower Without Dams—How Utilities Are Tapping into Energy They Once Not Only Wasted But Paid to Lose

Microplastic ingestion ubiquitous in marine turtles

10 Water News from November Every Water Expert Should Be Aware Of!

Bioavailability and effects of microplastics on marine zooplankton

10 Water News from October Every Water Expert Should Be Aware Of!

Consistent microplastic ingestion by deep-sea invertebrates over the last four decades (1976-2015)

Tackling Asia’s water challenges

Girl Genius: This 12-year-old Invented a Device to Detect Lead in Water—And She's Just Getting Started

10 Water News from September Every Water Expert Should Be Aware Of!

10 Water News Everybody's Talking About - Overview of AUGUST News You Can't Afford to Miss!

Impacts of Marine Plastic Pollution From Continental Coast to Subtropical Gyres (...) in the SE Pacific

Has the well of good ideas and public policy on water run dry?

Identifying Types of Corrosion in Water Systems

Flight Plan: How Unmanned Aircraft Are Helping Scientific Research Take Off

Solving the world’s potability problems

10 Water News Everybody's Talking About - Overview of JULY News You Can't Afford to Miss!

The Water Industry Wants You: Careers in Water are a New Way for Veterans to Serve Our Country

Microplastics in mussels samples from coastal water and supermarkets in the UK

Emmessar and sons

Why smart policies are key to solving the world’s clean water problems

The Threat to Drinking Water from Wildfires

The Slow Drip of Poor Water Policy

Commentary: Singapore’s Water Story Underscores the Value of Preparedness

A 'Dummies' Guide to Drought - or Why Some of us Appear to be in Drought when We're Not...

Disruptive water technology acceptance

10 Water News Everybody's Talking About - Overview of JUNE News You Can't Afford to Miss!

Gaming Gravity: How Farmers and Ranchers Are Using the Flow of Water to Power Operations on Their Land

Trophic transfer of microplastics and mixed contaminants in the marine food web and implications for human health

An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos: Use Your Resources to Protect Our Most Precious Resource

Sleeping Like a Log? What Trees Do—and Don't Do at Night

Wastewater Heat Recovery – How to Save Money

Three Common Myths About Solar-powered Water Pumping

New HEC-RAS for Water Resource Management

Human Footprint in the Abyss: 30 Year Record of Deep-sea Plastic Debris

740 in New Zealand (6189)

Action WWTP in United Arab Emirates (6170)

Transboundary Aquifers: Mexico and USA - Identification and Categorization

dholera in India, Gujarat (6163)

10 Water News Everybody's Talking About - Overview of APRIL NEWS You Can't Afford to Miss!

Episodic records of jellyfish ingestion of plastic items reveal a novel pathway for trophic transference of marine litter

What Abbott and Costello Can Teach Us About Water

Arctic Sea Ice is an Important Temporal Sink and Means of Transport for Microplastic

7 Ideas on How Knowledge Can Help Us Achieve Universal Access to Safely-managed Drinking Water and Sanitation

Where Did the Water Go?

Wtp in India, Haryana (6056)

WWM in India, Haryana (6058)

test1 in Other Western Europe, Arctic Western Europe (6038)

TEst1 in Other Western Europe, Arctic Western Europe (6036)

Low levels of microplastics in wild mussels compared to exposure via household fibres fallout during a meal

Model-1 in India, Tamil Nadu (6019)

Some Farmers Are Trying to Prepare for Climate Change But Getting Pushback from Neighbors, Families—and the Government

10 Water News Everybody's Talking About - Overview of MARCH NEWS You Can't Afford to Miss!

Cities Thirsting for Water

Wetlands Experts See Nature-based Solutions (NBS) as a Smart Strategy for Sustainable Water Futures

KUNLE in Nigeria (5962)

Vacuum Distillation System for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

treatment in Turkey, Marmara (5940)

Does a Changing Climate Require a Change in Vocabulary?

Assessing Global Water Megatrends

STP in Bangladesh (5895)

prova in Italy (5878)

Towards Global Water Security: A Departure from the Status Quo?

Sair WWTP in Israel (5855)

SPS in Egypt (5862)

tesplant2 in Austria (5860)

Upgrade in Bulgaria (5844)

Check in Bulgaria (5842)

Combined WWTP in Bulgaria (5832)

Combined WWTP in Bulgaria (5834)

Plant 1 in Australia (5827)

UW in South Africa (5769)

“The Borehole is Not a Madman” 3 Reasons Why Community Based Management Demands a Rethink

Somaliland Participated the 3rd African Climate Resilient Summit (ACRIS III) in Marrakech, Morocco

amu in India, Uttar Pradesh (5811)

wat in Oman (5815)

test4 in Austria (5798)

Managing Urban Waters in Africa: Challenges Ahead

Frequency of Microplastics in Mesopelagic Fishes from the Northwest Atlantic

EDAR in Spain, South Spain (5791)

Chennai in India, Tamil Nadu (5777)

plant in Italy (5779)

plant in United States, Mississippi (5785)

NWA in Vietnam (5773)

lekhnath waste water treatment project in Other East Asia, Island Other East Asia (5775)

Hanna Jabbour plant in Saudi Arabia (5771)

tezmant in Egypt (5783)

Caetetuba in Brazil (5781)

TEST in South Korea (5751)

1 in Israel (5747)

Sapir in Israel (5765)

vx in Australia (5745)

10 Water News Everybody's Talking About - February Overview of News You Can't Afford to Miss!

Africa’s Manmade Water Crisis

Federal Court Upholds Protection for Arctic Seals Under the Endangered Species Act—Citing Climate Change

Validation_test_Test02 in Hungary (5704)

Is Cryptocurrency Going Down the Drain?

STP 50 kld in India, Tamil Nadu (5692)

Water Efficiency Policy: A Technological High-water Mark? Singapore and Water Efficiency Innovation

Dust Up: The Growing Problem Affecting Snowpack and Water Supply

Day Zero Looms for Cape Town as South African City Prepares to Turn Off Taps

Technology Can Improve Water Sustainability, But Social Attitudes Still Matter

deneme in France (5638)

PTAR in Peru, North Peru (5636)

Stp in India, Tamil Nadu (5619)

TWN_live_test_01 in Philippines (5615)

206 people. 54 households. 1 AguaClara Hydrodoser.

How Many More Years Will It Be One of WEF’s Top Global Risks Before the World Starts Valuing Water?

Los Cebollales in Other South and Central America, Central America Islands (5589)

unpublished article test 2 in Brazil (5575)

unpublished article test 2 in Chile, North Chile (5577)

RRP in India, Andhra Pradesh (5565)

ID checking desing in Hungary (5554)

Plastic Waste Associated with Disease on Coral Reefs

Flood Disaster Prevention: Lessons From Tokyo

Water Poverty in Africa

Q4 2017 Regional Roundup: Part 3/3

Q4 2017 Regional Roundup: Part 2/3

Q4 2017 Regional Roundup: Part 1/3

What Made Singapore Tick: Soft Options and Hard Rules

Eastern Cape Provincial Wastewater Treatment SA in South Africa (5516)

FNC in Iran (5514)

Is Help on the Way for Sierra Leone?

WWTP design project in Hungary (5490)

Lessons From Leonardo: What Leonardo da Vinci Can Teach Us About Water

My Design 4 in Hungary (5443)

swiss test 2 in Switzerland (5439)

Clouds with a Silver Lining: Seeding Storms to Boost the Colorado River

Plant design for 29000 v1 in Italy (5407)

Small-scale Farmers in Namibia Benefit from the Hippo Roller

Small-scale farmers in Namibia benefit from the Hippo Roller

New Filter Element for Fracking and Oil/Gas Wastewater

Drastic action needed to cut water use here

Moving Ahead on Blended Financing Mechanisms and Pricing Water in India

Concept Note on Cost Recovery in Indian Water Sector

My desing in Sweden (5372)

WWTP in Other Eastern Europe (5364)

Designing the Financial Bridge for Water Infrastructure: Legislation Section

PE 20000 in Norway (5350)

Plant for 30000 PE in Belgium (5346)

Hide and Seep: Citizen Science and the Fresh Water Cycle

Design in Hungary (5339)

By Influencing the Water, We Change the Climate

Ingestion and fragmentation of plastic carrier bags by the amphipod Orchestia gammarellus

Sierras Chicas Test in Argentina (5256)

Poland WWTP in Ukraine (5253)

Poland WWTP in Poland (5251)

Sewage treatment plant in United Arab Emirates (5249)

sewage treatment plant in United Arab Emirates (5247)

KMARAS MAIN WWTP in Turkey (5243)

MOLSON in India (5239)

Sierras Chicas WWTP - 13.4 MLD in Argentina (5237)

WWTP 20171128 in Belgium (5234)

WWTP Austria in Austria (5225)

WWTP in _Hungary in Hungary (5220)

Sawan in India (5216)

HCC sustainable water project in United States (5214)

trajtimi i ujrave te zeza ne lagjen KODRINA in Other Eastern Europe (5212)

Tagaytay Sewer Treatment Plant in Philippines (5210)

Montana check v3 in United States (5207)

Test_OCS_avg_India_Basic in India (5195)

Test_OCS_avg_India_Intermediate in India (5192)

Test_OCS_avg_India_Strict in India (5189)

Test_OCS_avg_Vietnam_Strict in Vietnam (5186)

Test_OCS_avg_Philippines_Intermediate in Philippines (5183)

Test_OCS_avg_Philippines_Strict in Philippines (5180)

Test_OCS_avg_Malaysia_Basic in Malaysia (5177)

Test_OCS_avg_Malaysia in Malaysia (5174)

Test_OCS_avg_Malaysia_Strict in Malaysia (5171)

Test_OCS_avg_Indonesia_Basic in Indonesia (5168)

Test_OCS_avg_Indonesia_Strict in Indonesia (5165)

Test_OCS_avg_China_Class_IA in China (5162)

Test_OCS_avg_Egypt in Egypt (5159)

Test_OCS_avg_South Africa in South Africa (5157)

Test_OCS_avg_China_Class_IV in China (5155)

moj proekt in Greece (5150)

F in Spain (5148)

tiny in India (5141)

lti in Philippines (5139)

sewage treatment plant in India (5137)

Casa de retiro in Mexico (5135)

Concepcion in Chile (5133)

Muhandseen Town in South Africa (5130)

domestic wastewater treatment in Vietnam (5128)

DEMO PROJECT - ARGENTINA in Argentina (5119)

Test_OCS_Egypt in Egypt (5117)

Test_OCS_South Africa_General Standard in South Africa (5114)

Sewerage Treatment Plants Bahria Town in Other Middle East (5110)


clear waste water treatment in Egypt (5101)

4CWSD in United States (5097)

mesdical in India (5079)

damu in Indonesia (5077)

East Coast in Saudi Arabia (5070)

Pivotal Infrastructure Ltd. in India (5068)

wwtp in South Africa (5064)

South City in India (5060)

Residential Wastewater Treatment in Jakarta, Indonesia in Indonesia (5058)

etp in India (5054)

zamhatch in South Africa (5052)

Fashion Ostos in India (5050)

YOUNGWARRIORS in Other Middle East (5046)

stp in India (5043)

Pankaj Singh in India (5041)

WWR in United Arab Emirates (5038)

PCB in India (5036)

XYZ in United Arab Emirates (5033)

Aqaba WWTP in Israel (5030)

WWTP MBBR in Myanmar (5028)

Aquatic Solution in India (5026)

Radhun Resort in Malaysia (5024)

wrqr in Argentina (5016)

Chak 232 AV in Other West Asia (5014)

wastewater sewage treatment in India (5012)

Chak 232 in Canada (5010)

SCL in China (5008)

sdasd in United States (5006)

STP in Indonesia (5004)

local area plan in India (5002)


Mykonos Laundry small in South Africa (4998)

Mykonos Laundry in South Africa (4996)

PTAR CHIA in Colombia (4994)

Unknown in South Africa (4988)

bay15 in India (4986)

Confidential in Other Africa (4982)

Tim Peck Test 3 in India (4979)

Kwasa Land 340,000 PE in Malaysia (4977)

Tim Peck PPC Test in France (4971)

SBR India in India (4969)

Mike Test in Argentina (4964)

Tim Peck - Test in Ecuador (4961)

Sample in United States (4959)

sewage in India (4957)

sewage treatment plant in India (4955)

TAEF STP in Saudi Arabia (4951)

TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM in Mexico (4947)

ETPP in Canada (4945)

ETP in Canada (4943)

venkateshwara developers in India (4938)

124 in Austria (4936)

koye fetche decentralized wastewater treatment plant in Egypt (4923)

koye fetche decentralized waste water treatment plant in Egypt (4921)

nashik in India (4914)

nashik in India (4912)

nashik in India (4910)

Water Online Test in Belarus (4902)

VertMarkets Horsham in United States (4900)

WWTP EXPANSION in United States (4884)

WWTP Expansion in United States (4883)

WWTP expansion_ in United States (4882)

WWTP expansion in United States (4881)

4-corners in United States (4877)

Test Joe G NY again in United States (4873)

TEST in India (4871)

Free Design Test 2 in United States (4869)

test in United States (4867)

safai in India (4860)

test reg in Hungary (4852)

Lawad pond in India (4841)

CAMP STP in United Arab Emirates (4829)

Primary Treatment Of Waste Water Fundamental Of Environmental Engineering full design engineering pr in India (4827)

Primary Treatment Of Waste Water Fundamental Of Environmental Engineering full design engineering pr in India (4825)

Primary Treatment Of Waste Water Fundamental Of Environmental Engineering full design engineering pr in India (4823)

Sewerage treatment plant (s.b.r) in India (4821)

ABRAJ AL JAMIA in Egypt (4810)

XX in Saudi Arabia (4808)

sbpl in India (4806)

Multi Functional Commercial Building in India (4801)

econssa in Chile (4798)

stp in Malaysia (4796)

sewage treatment plant in India (4794)

Zero liquid discharge in India (4792)

Gaurav in India (4789)

process masters in India (4787)

waste water treatment design in Kuwait (4785)

Proposed Residential in Philippines (4783)

Varun-2 in India (4781)

Varun-breweries in India (4779)

SM Branding Campaign Tracking Test in Argentina (4777)

Dairy wastewater in India (4775)

PTLC Esquel 2040 in Argentina (4773)

water plant in India (4771)

stp in India (4768)

wastewater treatment in Oman (4764)

滨海污水处理 in China (4760)

Los Tajos in Other South & Central America (4757)

Sewage treatment plant in India (4755)

Municipal corporation in India (4753)

Kay and Emms in Other Middle East (4751)

Final Design in South Africa (4749)

INA in India (4747)

Singapore Test in Singapore (4742)

Ha Long in Vietnam (4740)

Test TY Advanced in Algeria (4735)

Test TY 2 in Algeria (4733)

Test TY in Algeria (4731)

RAJA1 in Romania (4726)

RAJA in Germany (4724)

Sewage treatment plant for domestic wastewater in Philippines (4722)

Kafr El-Sheikh CAS in Egypt (4720)

Test2Test in Hungary (4707)

Test1test in Hungary (4704)

ESSAR in India (4699)

ESSAR in India (4697)

Haware Nirmiti in India (4693)

Haware Nirmiti in India (4691)

nil in India (4687)

Project Y in Other Middle East (4678)

Project X in Other Middle East (4676)

Sequential batch reactor in India (4672)

Yummy in Indonesia (4663)

Sulibya in Egypt (4661)

Processing Unit ETP in Other Middle East (4659)

Yummy choice in Indonesia (4657)

Water Treatment Plant in India (4655)

Effluent Treatment Plant in India (4653)

sewage treatment in India (4651)

vish in India (4646)

Rawda village in Egypt (4644)

Spring water in Canada (4642)

1 in Kuwait (4640)

Erin in Canada (4638)

Test in Colombia (4636)

Test8282 in Bangladesh (4631)

Baffal Reactor in India (4629)

Millaniya in Sri Lanka (4610)

Testing in Algeria (4590)

Nazarabad in Iran (4584)

Taishun wwtp-Zhejiang-40MLD-Greenfield in China (4582)

sewage wastewater treatment plant design in India (4580)

STP in India (4576)

Seleli Andrew mwakagenda in Other Africa (4574)

Myanmar Disillery in Singapore (4572)

testofOrganica in Poland (4570)

SSTPP II Khandwa in India (4562)

DEGE ECO VILLAGE in Other Africa (4560)

Eratex in Indonesia (4558)

Siveria colony SSTPP II in India (4556)

Water treatment in India (4553)

kathmandu in Other Eastern Europe (4550)

Water treatment plant at Carletonville in South Africa (4548)

sewage treatment plant in India (4546)

HY-40 in Philippines (4544)

Convention center in Sri Lanka (4538)

Advanced 1 in Germany (4536)

ETP in India (4534)

ETP in India (4532)

Indian Municipal project in India (4530)

UPL in India (4528)

Shantivan in India (4526)

demo in Egypt (4524)

Waste water treatment in India (4522)

No UTM in Algeria (4512)

UTM Test in Algeria (4510)

Yavne WWTP in Israel (4503)

Yavne WWTP in Israel (4501)

Testing in Argentina (4495)

sasfsasfa in Belgium (4485)

Demo Basic in United States (4483)

AquaSPE test in Switzerland (4481)

Trudi test in Switzerland (4479)

Demo Advanced in India (4477)

Demo Basic in United States (4475)

Musanna STP in Oman (4473)

Yingkou 30MLD FCR in China (4469)

Yingkou 30MLD FCR in China (4463)

8.7_3 in Algeria (4457)

ISL in Malaysia (4447)

PK in India (4442)

Dennis in Hungary (4440)

granada in Spain (4437)

Basic 8.4_1 in Hungary (4434)

Activated Sludge 8.1.17 in Italy (4431)

Bellpepper greenhouse in Netherlands (4428)

CAPEX India in India (4421)

Altınova Municipality WWTP in Germany (4416)

Sewage treatmentplant in India (4403)

Advanced 7.20_2 in Hungary (4401)

Basic 7.20_2 in Hungary (4399)

Advanced 7.20_1 in Hungary (4397)

Basic 7.20_1 in Hungary (4395)

Andy_1 in United Kingdom (4392)

Advanced 7.19_2 in Hungary (4390)

Basic 7.19_1 in Hungary (4386)

Organica example in Australia (4382)

Advanced July12 in South Africa (4209)

Basic Design JUly 12 in Hungary (4207)

project14 in Austria (4179)

project13 in Belgium (4177)

project12 in Austria (4175)

project12 in Belarus (4173)

project12 in Egypt (4171)

project11 in Austria (4169)

project9 in China (4159)

Widget in United States (4143)

Rockaway in United States (4133)

5656 in Ecuador (4131)

Panlongcheng WWTP-Wuhan-45MLD-Upgrade in China (4119)

Qianchuan WWTP-Wuhan-30MLD-Upgrade in China (4117)

Qingdao in China (4115)

Commercial Campus in India (4100)

Sanbahe WWTP-Xuzhou-50MLD in China (4095)

Dubrovnik in Czech Republic (4079)

plymouth in United Kingdom (4062)

Beijiao WWTP-Changchun-195MLD-Upgrade in China (4060)

Tianfu WWTP-Sichuan-80MLD in China (4039)

Xianxing WWTP-Shanxi-10MLD in China (4037)

Tianfu WWTP-Sichuan-6MLD-Upgrade in China (4033)

PH1 in Philippines (4027)

Xianxing WWTP-Shanxi-10MLD in China (4023)

Production Update 20170606 1.15.0 in Hungary (4020)

Theme Park On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plant in Australia (4000)

learning experience in United States (3984)

unstinx wwtp in United States (3982)

tst in Netherlands (3970)

Organica Water CAS demo in India (3967)

nnmb nm in India (3965)

Suoying WWTP-Yiyang-10MLD in China (3957)

Zhoucun WWTP-Beijing-6MLD in China (3955)

Shibandeng WWTP-Sichuan-5MLD in China (3953)

Beicheng WWTP-Tianjin-50MLD-Upgrade in China (3951)

QA in Hungary (3947)

El Qanater in Egypt (3932)

center wastewater treatment plant in China (3928)

中心污水处理厂 in China (3926)

Yiyang Chengxi Greenfield 10MLD in China (3919)

Atlitic Natural Interpretation Center in Mexico (3915)

Atlitic Natural Interpretation Center in Mexico (3913)

Baoding 340MLD-Hebei-340MLD-Upgrade in China (3908)

Rose Meadow in United States (3885)

Luka in United Kingdom (3883)

NOSITECA in Mexico (3881) in Philippines (3857)

WWTP in Algeria (3854)

Heet Wastwater Treatment in Saudi Arabia (3852)

PN29 in United Kingdom (3850)

PN29 in United Kingdom (3848)

Ivan test in China (3846)

Housing - Dubai in United Arab Emirates (3824)

Demo1 in Sweden (3813)

Otavi Town Waste Water Treatment Plant in Other Africa (3806)

Ramana 50 MLD ASP 20170424 in India (3803)

Sarai 14 MLD ASP 20170424 in India (3802)

Jagjeetpur 68 MLD ASP 20170424 in India (3801)

Awadh Palace in India (3793)

Innermongolia Erjina City in China (3791)

内蒙古额济纳旗 in China (3789)

Kabul WWTP in Iran (3785)

Express design test 2 in Hungary (3781)

aaa in Other Middle East (3777)

山东污水站 in China (3775)

山东沂源县污水工程 in China (3773)

山东污水厂 in China (3771)

山东沂源县污水站 in China (3769)

山东沂源县污水站 in China (3767)

Connestee in United States (3765)

test CN in China (3761)

AAA in Algeria (3756)

p1 in United States (3754)

design of activated sludge system in United States (3752)

Jerusalme WWTP in Israel (3743)

Presa Santiago Tepalcatlalpan in Mexico (3733)

Presa Santiago Tepalcatlalpan in Mexico (3731)

Eyad Al haskeer in United Arab Emirates (3714)

Paradise in United States (3712)

Groote Weilen CAS design for Benchmarking in Netherlands (3691)

STOWA CAS design for benchmarking in Netherlands (3690)

NCW in Ireland (3688)

castlemahon in Ireland (3686)

AK in India (3681)

country village in United States (3679)

country village in United States (3677)

VPK in Hungary (3674)

Holmes County in United States (3670)

Agri Tech Science Park in United Kingdom (3659)

Fuping rural sewage in China (3647)

Wafangdian Xietun WWTP-10MLD in China (3629)

Kurianovo in Russia (3621)

ED Test 2 in Austria (3605)

Design Template Test in Austria (3598)

CRM Test in Austria (3596)

demo in Sweden (3578)

Design 1 in Nigeria (3567)

Probe in Slovakia (3563)

Production update 20170301 1.12.0 in Hungary (3561)

UEM Sunrise CAS (50,000PE) in Malaysia (3556)

Q1 in Greece (3551)

Testing Express Design Documents II in Austria (3548)

groningen 20.000 in Netherlands (3546)

groningen 80.000 in Netherlands (3544)

Case study per gebied in Netherlands (3542)

groningen 2 in Netherlands (3540)

Groningen in Netherlands (3538)

TestOrganica in Egypt (3515)

STP in India (3512)

SEGA MUHENDISLIK in Turkey (3510)

STP in India (3505)

Linli WWTP in China (3500)

Beenyup WWTP in Australia (3494)

Stowa Plant 2 in Netherlands (3492)

STOWA Plant 1 in Netherlands (3491)

Hangzhou Chengxi WWTP in China (3479)

WASTE WATER in India (3441)

Fun in United States (3394)

BEGUES in Spain (3392)

Sewage Treatment Plant in India (3390)

Dumpville in United States (3384)

New Zone Egypt in Algeria (3372)

marine sewage treatment system for small cruise ship in United States (3369)

Private research in New Zealand (3358)


JB in United Kingdom (3352)

Case B - preliminary filter in Philippines (3346)

Case B in Philippines (3343)

Case A in Israel (3340)

Case A in Israel (3337)

Fengnan WWTP in China (3302)

Longwangtou WWTP in China (3299)

Psyrus in Nigeria (3295)

Hangzhou Bay 70 MLD in China (3292)

Pingtan in China (3285)

LWSC in Other Africa (3281)

Taian P&P WWTP in China (3269)

房山豆腐河改造项目 in China (3253)

Hebei Cangzhou Village Wastewater Treatment Process in China (3251)

New in United States (3244)

DED of Tanah Lot WWTP in Indonesia (3239)

New Quey in United Kingdom (3234)

Pradeep Reddy in United States (3232)

heat recovery in Denmark (3230)

ECC 20 MLD in South Africa (3228)

Nobaryia in Egypt (3224)

Egypt Tender for Technology 6 in Egypt (3222)

Egypt Tender for Technology 5 in Egypt (3216)

Egypt Tender for Technology 4 in Egypt (3213)

Egypt Tender for Technology 3 in Egypt (3210)

Egypt Tender for Technology 2 in Egypt (3207)

Huzhou WWTP in China (3203)

Warm Climate in Mexico (3193)


NC 1 in Ireland (3189)

wast water from solid municipal site in Israel (3187)

Fiumara in Tunisia (3184)

Baltalimani in Turkey (3180)

Pivot in United Arab Emirates (3177)

Essam in Egypt (3174)

New Zealand WWTP in New Zealand (3172)

Tanah Lot in Indonesia (3162)

Sulybia wastewater treatment plant in Egypt (3160)

Duyun 50 MLD in China (3154)

Atherstone sewage works in United Kingdom (3150)

TestTheSystem in Hungary (3148)

50 mld domestic waste water treatment in India (3144)

Canakkale in Turkey (3142)

Kepsut wwtp 1,4 MLD in Turkey (3139)

Fuping WWTP in China (3135)

Huangxu WWTP in China (3132)

Algalala - AS in Egypt (3128)

Algalala in Egypt (3125)

Mongolia 15 000 PE in Other East Asia (3122)

Barry Engel.test in United States (3120)

Mongolia 15000 PE in Other East Asia (3118)

Alhammam WWT in Egypt (3117)

Carlos Prater in United States (3115)

Easter Wastewater Treatment Plant- Alexandria in Egypt (3110)

Victoria Treatment Plant in Australia (3104)

Victoria Treatment Plant in Australia (3102)

Egypt 40 MLD (C) in Egypt (3098)

Egypt 40 MLD in Egypt (3093)

40 MLD CETP Dahej PCPIR in India (3085)

STP in India (3082)

STP in India (3080)

d2 in Canada (3071)

d1 in Canada (3065)

Greenway Village in United States (3052)

Portovita in Ecuador (3038)

Test in United States (3029)

ETP in India (3011)

South West WWTP in Australia (3009)

Glove in Malaysia (3003)


New Capital v5 in Egypt (2991)

New Capital City v4 in Egypt (2988)

New Capital v3 in Egypt (2985)

New Capital City v2 in Egypt (2982)

eoc in Egypt (2979)

WWTP 150 LPS in Mexico (2977)

New Capital City - 200 mld - AS in Egypt (2975)

CAVITE CITY BNR in Philippines (2972)

Cavite City BOD in Philippines (2970)

Military housing in Saudi Arabia (2966)

PPOV Borca in Other Eastern Europe (2956)

PFC in Spain (2954)

CSTest in Hungary (2951)

CSTest in Hungary (2949)

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MultiPREST MPG in South Africa (2935)

demo for video in Brazil (2932)

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10万吨升级改造 in China (2928)

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Sanitary wastewater treatment in Denmark (2814)

Production update 20160812 1.7.0 in Hungary (2812)

China Sample 2 in China (2804)

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Kolkata in India (2789)

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Test_Kate in China (2783)

CT in United States (2781)

Test me again in Hungary (2774)

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Industrial water treatment in Morocco (2765)

WWTP aimak in Other East Asia (2763)

Project M in India (2758)

CT in Canada (2756)

Good Earth Matters MDC in New Zealand (2752)

Virág_test in Hungary (2749)

Payatas STP in Philippines (2747)

Domzale in Other Eastern Europe (2726)

GREEN 1 in United States (2723)

Zhongtian Resident Area in China (2717)

H in United Kingdom (2715)

China Sample 1 in China (2713)

FWF1 in South Africa (2706)

Central Manila_Demo in Philippines (2696)

Test Tower in United Arab Emirates (2691)

Central Manila_demo in Philippines (2689)

Case study europapark in Netherlands (2687)

ColWWTP in Canada (2679)

ColWWTP in Canada (2677)

Case study europapark in Netherlands (2660)

Case study in Netherlands (2658)

Jianghai WWTP, average in China (2646)

Jianghai WWTP in China (2644)

BE Last Test in United States (2641)

BE Test in United States (2639)

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Water treatment plant in India (2627)

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Customertimes in United States (2609)

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广东河源 in China (2599)

Planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales organica in Ecuador (2597)

Planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales orgánica in Ecuador (2595)

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Wauwatosa, WI in United States (2588)

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project in Bulgaria (2568)

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Campus Reclaimed Water Station of Tsinghua University in China (2545)

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Nocatee in United States (2515)

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XYZ in India (2480)

XYZ in India (2478)

Max in Australia (2476)

abc in India (2474)

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Carpet Factory WW Re-Use in United States (2458)

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Town of Stanley in United States (2454)

Supplier AD test 12 in Hungary (2452)

ETAR de XXXX in Portugal (2446)

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Xugou WWTP origin in China (2437)

New in Ireland (2435)

Parador Turistico in Mexico (2433)

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Aqua crystal in India (2425)

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Sample Project - Ecuador in Ecuador (2421)

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Deva in Romania (2348)

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pittsWWTP in United States (2341)

PittsboroWWTP in United States (2339)

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megapolis in Other Africa (2323)

prueba in Spain (2309)

Romano Selva in Italy (2295)

ABC in Indonesia (2293)

Test in Australia (2291)

Strijp-S in Netherlands (2275)

daftar cikarang in Indonesia (2270)

ETAR in Portugal (2268)

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Waedenswil in Switzerland (2256)

Bridgestone in Indonesia (2254)

R in Turkey (2250)

Trevor Smith in France (2248)

XIAMEN_50MLD_AS in China (2246)

HCMC 170 MLD in Vietnam (2244)

Tan Hoa 300 MLD in Vietnam (2243)

Bartın in Turkey (2242)

Cary Plant in United States (2238)

modelo lagoa santa 01 in Brazil (2231)

400 in Venezuela (2229)

Debrecen in Hungary (2219)

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Let's Talk "Toilets"

A Social Enterprise That Turns Recycled Fishing Nets Into Skateboards

Presentation by Arjen Hoekstra at Falling Walls Conference 2015

Smart Growth: Arizona City Links Development Benefits To Water Use

UNEP Report - Valuing Plastic (2014)

The Hidden Link Between Aquaculture Production and Freshwater Appropriation

"East Asian Sea, a hot spot of pelagic microplastics" published at Marine Pollution Bulletin

Finish Line for the Race for Water Odyssey

Water Security: Why There Are Two Different Arizonas

Harmful Algal Blooms and Worm Holes

Water Quality, Quantity and Corn Flakes

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Missed Opportunity in Water Scarcity Discussions

In Vino Veritas: The Truth About Water And Wine

Israel: Cutting Edge Technology From An Ancient World

Changing Landscape: Phoenix Grows Into Distinctively Desert City

Sanitation SDG & Human-Centered Design

Water Quality and Treatment at City Snow Disposal Sites

The path to fair water allocation is often determined by an evaluation of policy outcomes and interstate bargaining


Water Startups in India – A Wave of Hope

New Rainwater Harvesting method

Women’s Empowerment in Water management, a Road to Climate Adaptation

Costs distribution during the life of a desalination plant

Regulatory Approach for Toxic Cyanobacteria in Drinking Water

How to deliver water and sanitation to everyone

A joined-up approach to widespread flooding


Industry Engagement and Consultation - Melbourne Water Guidelines for Stormwater Harvesting on Melbourne Water Assets

The activated sludge process

Race for Water Odyssey: A first global report about plastic pollution in the oceans

The wastewater treatment process and its benefits: A short overview.


Increasing pressure on freshwater resources due to terrestrial feed ingredients for aquaculture production by Pahlow et al.

“Water Footprint Assessment” session at AGU Fall Meeting 2015 (14-18 December) in San Francisco

USGS Study Finds Large Increase in Fracking Water Use

ceci est mon blog

Permit Granted: Site C Dam granted construction approval. Any thoughts and insights ?

Talk About The Weather: Boring statements of the obvious?

New interactive global wastewater treatment performance map: Seeking public feedback

New interactive global wastewater treatment performance map: Seeking public feedback

New interactive global wastewater treatment performance map: Seeking public feedback


Turn down the heat,there are enough key resources in the world for everyone!

Pollution;beware of this invisible killer on the prowl

Your World in 2115; what will our great-grandchildren admire us for?

Eco-psychology: Thinking about climate change makes people feel helpless and anxious – but that’s why we must talk about it openly

Thermal use of groundwater in Chur (Switzerland).

Sustainable Water Management Solutions

Will Payments for Watershed Services fuel the protection of ecosystem services?

Financing universal access: the role of Water Financing Facilities

San Francisco reducing its reliance on imported water

San Francisco managing its water resources in an integrated manner

San Francisco improving its management of scarce water

San Francisco developing alternative water supplies

San Francisco managing its water sustainably

San Francisco innovating in water conservation

San Francisco reducing its water footprint

San Francisco's bold water strategy

"We want to go in the lake"~Memories of. Phone. Conversations with my father~Father's Day 2015



Climate change and Biotechnology-Path for Sustainable life

Role of biotechnology in sustainable agriculture and rural development.

The story of a dam: African oral story on importance of water to every community

"There is no human dignity where water is lacking"~Real personal stories on water crisis in Africa

Senate advances bill to limit the Clean Water Act to “traditional navigable waters”

Why you should start selling to China today (and not tomorrow)

Wastewater Odor Control

Wastewater Odor Control

Mother Nature writes with a pencil and likes to use her eraser without prejudice

Defining the Reach of the Clean Water Act

Beginners Guide: ¼” Distribution Tubing For Drip Irrigation



Seven Billion Dreams; Kenya must act decisively to protect its five main water towers from human encroachment and deforestation

Can Business Solve California's Water Woes?


Understanding the role of river restoration in maintaining good water quality

Why agriculture and agribusiness can change Africa’s story

Water And Wastewater Utilities At High Risk Of Cyberattack

new study: Ranking water transparency of Dutch stock-listed companies

New study: The consumptive water footprint of electricity and heat: A global assessment

report by FOE on water and land footprint of everyday products

launch of Water Footprint Research Alliance on 26 May

Hidden Water in Everyday Products

Global Produced Water Treatment Systems Market to be Driven by Adoption of Tertiary Equipment

The sustainability of a single activity, production process or product, article by A.Y. Hoekstra

Innovative Technologies that Extract Water from Waste and Contaminants

New water treatment technology reduces risks from hospital wastewater

Which California Crops Are Worth the Water?


A critical look at the economics of the 3 R's; Reduce,Reuse,Recycle

Food companies are unprepared for global water scarcity, says new report

Groundwater Crisis Grows Beneath California Crops

International Trade Rules for Promoting Global Water-use Efficiency

Who should govern the Water - Polices or Politics ?

Engaging Users to Bridge the Sanitation Divide

It is time to stop flushing away money and sustainability down the loo

The significance of water to political and social stability is growing - Can we afford to be silent?

Save My Native Hill~An Essay on Climate Change

Removal of oil from water using Biomimetics techniques

Foods With the Lowest Water Footprint

The Wastewater Treatment Process and its Benefits: A Short Overview

Earth Day 2015; The difficulty of telling the climate change story in slow motion

Social implications of water pollution and shortage; water is a threat to democracy in Africa

Water & Life; There is something fishy going on in Nairobi River that's not fish

Electricity generation from pollution? Yes, it is possible !

On the trail of nitrogen to quantify N removal from contaminated aquifers

Water & Life

Wastewater You Can Drink

High Lagoon pH due to Planktonic Algae

High Lagoon pH Due to Planktonic Algae

Water footprint practitioners' corner

Save Water – Add Overflow marker and Volume indicator in Water bucket

Reverse osmosis

Saudi Arabia Is Striving For 100% Wastewater Reuse By 2025

SCADA Security: How Water and Wastewater Facilities Can Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Triclosan in Anaerobic Digesters

Triclosan in Anaerobic Digesters

Project Aquero is Using 3D Printing to Pull Drinkable Water from Thin Air

Divergent views on the recent Blue Nile Water related agreement

These Water Treatment Technologies Are So Powerful They Can Fight Drought

Sphaerotilus natans (S. natans) Treatment in Wastewater

Sphaerotilus natans (S. natans) Treatment in Wastewater

Sanitation & Behavior Change in India

Water Softener FAQs

Iran: Invest in Water. Invest in the Future

Iran: Invest in Water. Invest in the Future

Treating Biofouling and Mycobacterium in MBR Systems

Site Layout And engineering Controls

Commercial growing for non-farmers - The Agricolis Model for management of Impact Farming

3 Successfully Crowdfunded Water Sustainability Startups

Four Inspiring Sustainable Water and Wastewater Facilities

The Pioneers of Wastewater Treatment

Different Ways Water is Transported

Environmental Flows- eflows


Global waterborne outbreak

Sustainable Water Management: Essential for Project Success

5 iPhone Water and Wastewater Efficiency Apps

“Virtual Curtain” Water Treatment

Sea water characteristics

Simple Ideas Make a Big Difference: Water Conservation Solutions

Sea water pretreatment

Cooling water systems, treatment & losses recovery in Ras lanuf ethylene plant, Libya

Cheese Wastewater to Power 3,000 Homes

The importance of a sea water intake method


The challenge of sustainable access to water and sanitation services in African cities

Strange and Unexpected Things Found in Sewers

Post-treatment with disinfection


Innovation in stormwater management needed to combat climate change

The challenge of sustainable access to water and sanitation services in African cities

Soil Salinity - a major limiting factor in agriculture

Young Entrepreneurs Building Water Startups

Amazing Facts About Water

Why Boreal Forests & Peatlands may soon become Earth's remaining 'lungs'?

Water Credit

Water Security and Conflict in Asia

Energy Recovery Devices

World Water Day

Power and Water Landscape in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Seawater Desalination Success Story

Three Toughest Water and Wastewater Jobs

Futuristic Wastewater Facilities

Alice Water Smart - Recycling Water in the Desert

How Dogs Affect Your Drinking Water

Repurposing Sewer Pipes and Wastewater Structures

Anaerobic Digester Upset & Troubleshooting

Climate Change - time to pull our heads out of the sand

Treatment Recipe for Nocardia in Wastewater Treatment Plant

Capturing the potential of stormwater

In March 2015 - RO Design and Pretreatment Courses of the Middle East Desalination Research Center

Exclusive Interview: Vandana Shiva on the State of Global Food Freedom

The importance of protecting aquifers from contaminated plumes

Constructed Wetlands: A promising system

Stimulating bacterial growth to enhance natural biodegradation processes – a low cost treatment option for environmental pollutant removal

Urban flood prediction using a coupled 2-dimensional surface-runoff and 1-dimensional channel flow model

Canal controversy

Side Event to 2015 UN-Water International Conference: Water Footprint Assessment in support of sustainable development

Project to improved water security and community health & nutrition in India

A 2014 Year in Review: Speaking Up About Water

Paving the Way 4R Water

Water Saving Wash Basin Water Flow Optimization Project

Water carrying methods

World's Best Water solution on hand wash - Foot controlled Hand Wash

To Till Or Not To Till

A Natural Bio-Organic Wastewater Treatment for the Meat Processing Industry

California water footprint analysis part of state water plan

CDP: 68% of Businesses Report Water Risk Exposure

Why care about your water footprint? Q&A with author Stephen Leahy


Final conference of Urban_WFTP project, 20th November 2014 – Debrecen, Hungary

Carbon and chlorine stable isotope as indicators of treatment performance for groundwater remediation

Six simple steps for businesses to manage water risks and opportunities from TheGuardian

Rain Counts: What's the Value of the Green Water Footprint? discusses Kai Olsen-Sawyer

CEO Water Mandate defines water scarcity, water stress and water risk

Living Planet Report 2014 by WWF in collaboration with Global Footprint Network, Zoological Society of London and the Water Footprint Network

UNEP proposes waterfootprint reduction targets

Argentina: Impulsan ley para implantar Huella Hídrica

The installation of the Vadose Monitoring System (VMS)

Violent tensions over water are on the rise - The solution lies in good governance and business has a key role to play

blog post by Kai Olsen-Sawyer: Rain Counts: What's the Value of the Green Water Footprint?

New Realities Needed for Water Sustainability

Cleaning up of Yamuna, Ganga, all river sytems in India

A Natural Bio-Organic Wastewater Treatment for the Dairy Industry

Water Utilities Own the Value of Water Equation

40 Percent of Countries with Largest Shale Energy Resources Face Water Stress

Water Footprint Assessment for Hertfordshire & North London Area

Historic canal developments

World Water Week: Live broadcast:31 August Does Waterfootprint Assessment enhance sustainable management of river basins?

Various water footprint related activities

Research report: "Water Footprint Assessment for Latin America and the Caribbean: An analysis of the sustainability, efficiency and equitability of water consumption and pollution"

CottonConnect released 'More Crop Per Drop - Water Report on the Cotton Industry'

A Natural Bio-Organic Wastewater Treatment for Sewage - A new and trending concept

Transboundary Water Management - Difficult questions awaiting pragmatic answers

Natural Bio-Organic treatment for wastewater – an environmental and financial imperative

Todayʼs virtual water consumption and trade under future water scarcity

Water footprint benchmarks for crop production: A first global assessment

Environmental footprints reveal resource appropriation for soybean production in Mato Grosso, Brazil

A smarter water app development ecosystem

Water - Too Much of a Good Thing?

PEI’s Progress On The Nitrate Challenge

Purple Pipes: A Communication, Education, and Branding Issue

Water Pollution and Inadequate sanitation in Developing Countries

The US Department of Energy releases water-energy nexus report

"Pathway to Success" compendium of best practices in Rural Sanitation in India

Sensitivity and uncertainty in crop water footprint accounting: a case study for the Yellow River basin, by Zhou et al. (2014)

Boron Removal by RO

Policy Watch: India splurges 51% of water it could have otherwise saved

Inventor Targets Open-Air Defecation of 600 Million Indians

Shell Ideas360 Webinar: Water-Energy Nexus

Small steps to win the big battle against water scarcity

GSI and CTA have formed an alliance to incorporate water footprint data of 311 watersheds into the Colombian National Water Study 2014

Interesting results on water footprint from the CREEA project

HP publishes company's water footprint

New article: The Added Value of Water Footprint Assessment for National Water Policy: A Case Study for Morocco

A Simple Yet Brilliant $1.50 Sanitation Idea

Inequity - a shared root cause of low access to sanitation services and violence against women

Smart application of surfactants gives sustainable agriculture

The water footprint of agricultural products in European river basins - New paper from the European Commission

Is MABR About To Enter Mainstream Wastewater Treatment ?

Humanity’s unsustainable environmental footprint - Science article by Hoekstra and Wiedmann

Earth Talk: Is organic agriculture really unsustainable?

The wastewater treatment process and its benefits - A short overview.

Making water your business - company perspectives from the Baltic Sea region

Subsoiler: The latest innovation in agriculture

Reduction of food waste = reduction of the water footprint...

WBCSD report: Co-optimizing Solutions: Water and Energy for Food, Feed and Fiber

The food we drink - selling food-->selling water

Thirsty Energy by the World Bank / Some recent media coverage

Reducing Energy’s Water Footprint: Driving a Sustainable Energy Future

The water footprint of Milan by Vanham and Bidoglio

Session on Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) at AGU Fall Meeting December 2014 in San Francisco, USA

Water funds on the rise

Microdosing: Cutting waste and putting nutrients exactly where they are needed

EU project 'Urban Water Footprint'

Global water footprint of cotton production - visualization

Alliance for Water Stewardship standard

From farm to finished product: Textile manufacturer Pratibha aims to reduce water footprint by 50% and waste by 33%

Overview of the Blue Diversion sanitation system

Water Life - What happens in the water and Wastewater "Cicyle".


ISO 14’046 – A short update on the status of the up-coming Water Footprint ISO standard.

Some funding apportunities world wide

Water Scarcity Challenges to Business, commentary by A.Y. Hoekstra in Nature Climate Change

Research project on natural, artificial and virtual water flows in Germany

Book release: Water for Food Security and Well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean

scholorships available in watre sector

Globalization of agricultural pollution due to international trade

Reducing Energy’s Water Footprint: Driving a Sustainable Energy Future

Water Footprint Assessment training courses

Water footprint related webinars upcoming

Quantification of Water Footprint: Calculating the Amount of Water Needed to Produce Steel

Water – Is it a “diamond in the rough?”

Bridging Concern with Action: Are US Companies Prepared for Looming Water Challenges?

Why water issues are now commercially important (from edie newsroom)

Every Drop Counts: The Colorado River, Your Water Footprint, and Why It Matters (from Yale Scientific)

WASH Facts a quick view

The Blue Water Footprint of Primary Copper Production in Northern Chile

The great Indian toilet tracker!


Unmasking Disruptive Innovation: Industry Seeks Proven Water Technologies That Meet Customer Needs

Each year food waste sums up to a waste of water equivalent to the annual flow rate of the Mississippi river

Water Footprint Network newsflash March 2014

Reinforced Polyethylene - Irrigation Canal Liner

World water day and grants

World Water Day 22 March 2014: Water & Energy

Roadside Vegetables: Are they safe for consumption?

Blood Speaks

Businesses and governments must tackle energy and water use in tandem or risk major disruption, finds research by sustainability specialists Anthesis, in association with the Water Footprint Network

How Can You Reduce Your Water Footprint?


Climatatologist who predicted California drought 10 years ago says it may sonn be even mpre dire.

Menstrual health for rural women in developing countries

Can we engineer our way out of flooding?

Government of India and World Bank Sign $500 Million Agreement to Improve Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Four Indian States

Irrigation app

Urmila Chanam wins the Laadli Media and Advertising Award for an article on menstrual hygiene

We can't wait: we should work together to tackle sanitation for women’s health

Human Waste Scavenging a Reality in India Despite Sanitation Laws

operating cost for desalinators.

A new vision for Himalayan streams

The great Indian toilet tracker!

Spain: The Battle Over Water

Potential impacts of global water shortages

On externalizing the water footprint

India’s River Linking Project: The State of the Debate

India's river-linking project mired in cost squabbles and politics

IM&E at desalination intakes studied by WateReuse Assoc

Water Footprint calculator

Establishment of WASH Institute


The Water Footprint of Energy - Thirsty Energy

The Way to Local Food Security in Indiana

Energy Efficiency Strategies for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Solutions to pollution of river Ganga

Nexus Guide: How Food, Water and Energy are Connected

Waste management is a problem in Many Developing Countries including Malawi, Then what could the role of Civil Society Organisations?

The World's Water Vol. 8 of Pacific Institute with Water Footprint data

How to Start a Small Business Promoting and Selling Pure Drinking Water

India: A Vision for National GIS

Australia has created National Groundwater Information System

Report: Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

New insights into the Food-Energy-Water nexus

BP funded research on complex relationships between natural resources and the supply and use of energy

Sri Lanka Water Resources Information System launched

Hundreds of Millions of Hectares, Nearly the Size of Brazil, Face Degradation Threat

UNGA President Releases Concept Note on Water, Sanitation, Energy

Arjen Hoekstra on The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society

Are roadside vegetables safe for consumption?

Sanergy won the first Sarphati Santation Award

Infographic: Thirsty energy

World Water Day 2014 (22.03.2014) on water and energy

Plenty of water, not enough strategy: The case of Nepal

11 Innovations for African Smallholder Agriculture, by Sir Conway

FAO report: Farm machinery and sustainable agriculture must evolve together

Fresh Life toilets: A small business project and social initiative

Global Risks 2014 (by World Economic Forum)

Water for Food Security and Well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean

'Meat Atlas' by Heinrich Böll Foundation, Friends of the Earth Europe, Le Monde Diplomatique with data on water footprint of meat

Predicting the future of global water stress

FAO Explores Multiple Water Uses from Large Irrigation Projects

Sacramento officials push for mandatory water reductions (20 to 30 %) by residents, businesses and city agencies

A new view of global groundwater reveals an urgent need to reverse depletion trends

Agroforestry set to grow even more in Viet Nam

The Climate Food and Farming Research Network (CLIFF) selects eight grantees to initiate interesting research projects

Water footprint scenarios for 2050

Why corporate water use is an increasingly critical risk factor

To Conserve Water, China Raises Prices for Top Users

Beijing: regional water availability will dictate future coal plans

The water footprint of a river basin with a special focus on groundwater: The case of Guadalquivir basin (Spain) by Dumont et al. (2013)

Four Water Resolutions for a Sustainable Planet (posted by Brian Richter, Nature Conservancy and U of Virginia)

Reducing the water footprint in India

Thinking about water differently: Managing the water-food-energy nexus

Abstract on Waste technologies

How to assess business water risk over the long term and develop a water risk management plan

2014 4th International Conference on Future Environment and Energy-ICFEE 2014

This Thanksgiving, Some Luscious Cranberries Have a Smaller Water Footprint - blog by Sandra Postel

Simple way to purify water promotes better health in Kenya

Interesting development: A Site-sPecific Agricultural water Requirement and footprint Estimator (SPARE:WATER 1.0)

Climate-smart agriculture is improving the lives of millions - here's how

International Water Week, 4-8 November, Amsterdam: workshop on water footprint assessment

Water conservation in agriculture a key necessity for India's water security - entails water footprint based allocation of water

Water Footprint - Concept and Application, e-learning course 13-31 January 2014

New report: Water Resource Reporting and Water Footprint from Marcellus Shale Development in West Virginia and Pennsylvania

food waste = water waste

new report by Asian Development Bank: Thinking about water differently: Managing the water–food–energy nexus

1st Seminar on Water Footprint and environmental and productive sustainability in Barcelona, 21 November

Seeing is believing! Using videos to improve agricultural production

How MillerCoors helps barley growers save water

Water, energy and food nexus in the Arab world

Complementarities of Water-Focused Life Cycle Assessment and Water Footprint Assessment

Water is our most complicated natural resource and the way business manages it must reflect this

Water Resources and Industry: Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) for better water governance and sustainable development

Ministros das Américas debatem pegada hídrica da agricultura na Argentina

Recent FAO report: blue water footprint of food wastage is 250 km3/yr (~ annual water discharge of Volga river)

recent study: biofuel produced from wood residue shows promising water footprint

Water footprinting: will it help companies manage a scarce resource?

Poor sanitation a strong predictor of child stunting

AT&T Tool Kit Uncovers Billions of Gallons of Potential Water Savings in Cooling Systems

Water stewardship: why private companies should be involved - video

Water Footprint included in law as part of the calculation of the water fee in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Water footprint: The food industry's next big challenge?

Reviewing Integrated Landscapes in Africa: Lessons for Drylands

Huge Aquifers Are Discovered in North Kenya by UNESCO and Govt.

landlords arrested in Nigeria for violating the government's "one house, one toilet" policy.


1st Asia Agriculture Insurance Conference in Singapore

Tug of war on the Gomti

Stockholm water week: Tata Group breaks ground with industrial waterfootprint

Water Footprint Network launches innovative online tool to drive sustainable water use

Session at World Water Week: Tools to improve cooperation and dialogue in river basins

World Water Week livestream September 3: How Can Corporate Water Stewardship Partnerships Benefit Society?

World Water Week in Stockholm will stream selected events as webcasts

WWF brief: Water Stewardship: Perspectives on business risk and responses to water challenges

womens role in agriculture

Brauman et al. (2013): Improvements in crop water productivity increase water sustainability and food security—a global analysis

article: Avoiding bluewash: How to move beyond efficiency and realize the business benefits of water stewardship

Water footprint of a large-sized food company: The case of Barilla pasta production

Peak Water in the American West

Report of Friends Of The Earth: "Water: our global impact"

European statistics on carbon, ecological and water footprint from One Planet Economy Network

Federal Statistics Office of Germany: Water footprint of food products in Germany for the time period 2000-2010

C&A and Water Footprint Network Announce Partnership

Tools to Improve Cooperation and Dialogue in River Basins: Water Footprint Assessment @ World Water Week 2013

new report: Global Water Governance in the 21st Century

Draft guide for determining water footprints in South Africa to be developed

Development of a corporate water strategy for twelve industrial facilities of the Tata Group based on water footprint assessment

Report: Water-Smart Power: Strengthening the U.S. Electricity System in a Warming World

job vacancies related to water footprint

There will be increasing pressure to use water more efficiently. What can individual producers do? E.g. be aware of your water footprint.

The New Farm Bill Shows What's Wrong With US Food

Funding opportunities worldwide

Estudio de la huella hidrica de la cuenca del río Porce reveló tres aspectos críticos que requieren acciones para asegurar buena disponibilidad de agua

Book: The water we eat, edited by Marta Antonelli and Francesca Greco

The Thirsty Triangle: The Water Footprint of Energy Trade Between China, Canada, and the United States

Italian Agro-industrial companies meet Water Footprint in Venice (5 July 2013)

Mecca to Boost Desalinated Water Production, Al-Madina Says

Since 2008, Qatar has lost 30% of local food production to depleted aquifers

Water footprint – improving business water use: examples from South Africa

Chile: Measuring their water footprint would allow the agricultural sector to save 30% of their water

New study: The water footprint of Mexico in the context of North America

Lake Urmia in Iran drying up due to droughts and unsustainable water consumption

Global majority faces water shortages 'within two generations' - water in the Anthropocene

Study by goodstuffinternational: Water Footprint of Porce river basin (Colombia) shows green water scarcity and pollution main issues of concern

Summary of IICA forum in Costa Rica on May 24: The water footprint: an important calculation with major implications for agriculture

Management of water resources in south

Kareez water channel system

River pollution.

Upcoming water footprint training courses in the Netherlands, Korea, South Africa, Spain

Configuration of two new ERI Energy Recovery Systems for SWRO Project in Spain

Arjen Hoekstra on The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society

20th UNSGAB Meeting, Milano Italy, 21-23 May: collaboration with water stewardship initiatives, WFN among others


Five steps to assess and mitigate the risks of water scarcity: understand the business's water footprint is at the core of actions

Infographic: the globalisation of virtual water flows

Global Water Footprint Standard Training Course, 28-30 May 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


How Does Your Water Footprint Add Up? - info graphic

the water we eat - video on water footprint by designer Angela Morelli

Water footprint assessment within Tata Group, India

Virtual water depletes, export earnings grow

Global Water Footprint Standard Training course, 28-30 May in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WWF, GIZ and SABMiller restate on World Water Day: cooperation is key

A personal blog on the Water-Energy Nexus in Nepal and how it impacts daily life

New book: "The water footprint of modern consumer society" by A.Y. Hoekstra

Participatory Approach of Watershed Development in developing countries.

Pretreatment for Seawater Desalination - Training Course of the MEDRC - April 7-9, 2013

Introduction on the global Water Footprint Standard as part of Water Week Latin America

“The world’s water problems are due to bad governance, not to physical water scarcity”


Sustainability of national consumption from a water resources perspective: The case study for France

The Water Footprint: Water in the supply chain

The Water Footprint Network is recruiting a Project Manager

Sanitation Red Alerts

Upcoming water footprint training courses

Awareness of Students and Teachers on Health and Hygiene and DRR in Flood Affected District of Naseerabad

Central Europe programme project URBAN_WFTP

One way per month to decrease your water footprint

The water footprint of livestock products

Valentine's day coming up: the water footprint of cut flowers

Saudi Arabia stakes a claim on the Nile

Water Week Latinoamerica: Water Footprint Training course, 18 March, Chile

Desalination Picture Contest Deadline - January 31

The water footprint of humanity

The water footprint of energy independence

WASH for Schools in South Asia

How much water is in the meat on your plate? Livestock live talk by A.Y. Hoekstra at ILRI on 7 February 2013

every last drop

It is time to rethink how we grow, share and consume our food.

Using the water footprint as a tool for sustainable appropriation of freshwater resources

How smart choices can make a difference in our water and energy footprint - The impact of a cotton T-Shirt

Building materials industry - Cemex aims to minimize its water footprint and increase efficiency

Food, Water and Energy: Know the Nexus

The Millennium Development Goals Report 2012 UNDP

Desalination Plant Picture Contest

New 5 year plan to reduce India's industrial waterfootprint released

AT&T and Environmental Defense Fund jointly work towards water footprint reduction

Upcoming Water Footprint training courses

Keynote address "The Water Footprint of Humanity" by A. Y. Hoekstra at 2012 International Conference on Climate Change in Taipei City, Taiwan

Concern to preserve/improve watershed conditions

The Coca Cola Company strives for water footprint reduction

Workshop on Desalination and Water Reuse - Malta - March 5-8, 2013

Water footprint of the European Union

New report by Pacific Institute: California's Water Footprint

How lack of water is sparking social and political unrest: right now in Maharashtra, India

Innovative Method for Online RO Membrane Cleaning

Discovering the hidden cost of virtual water - article by Angela Morelli


New Energy Recovery System by KSB

upcoming water footprint training courses

water footprint concept app for phone

KPMG report:: Sustainable Insight: Water Scarcity: A dive into global reporting trends - with info on the state of business water footprinting

"Almost" waterless technologies for direct water footprint reduction

Infographic story on virtual water by designer Angela Morelli

Scientific American: Will water become the chief commodity of the 21st century?

California Water Plan, Update 2013 - water footprint and sustainability indicators

Wonderwater Cafe: How much water do we eat?

Interview with Ruth Mathews, executive director of the Water Footprint Network

3rd edition of "Water for Business Guide" released by WBCSD

EU Free Trade Agreements with Central America, Colombia and Peru: Water for life or for trade?

Watershed data base


Coca-Cola Hellenic addresses their water footprint in CSR water stewardship report for 2011

Driving change in water usage amongst cotton farmers - grey water footprint reduction

National Water Footprint Debates

The world’s largest hotel group, Accor, is looking to cut its massive water footprint by getting its corporate customers to eat more vegetarian meals and by binning buffets

Info Graphics on Water Footprint and Virtual Water

Water Footprint in the spotlight at EU's Green Week in Brussels

The First Paradox of Water Conservation: Without H2Ownership, water is "priceless" in use, yet worthless in exchange

Virtual Water by University of Zurich Students 2010