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The Water Network | by AquaSPE

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14th National Monitoring Conference

CII's Water & Waste Expo 2025

IDRA World Congress 2024


International Water Conference

World Recycling Convention

Water Conference

European Water Tech Week

8th India Water Week

6th Arab Water Forum

Watec Israel

Everything About Water

Free training borehole siting and free VES machine (Zambia wide)

World Water Congress 2024

Water Africa 2024 and West Africa Building & Construction 2024

World Canals Conference 2024 Bydgoszcz

Singapore iNternational Water Week


Flood & Coast Conference and Exhibition 2024

BlueTech Forum 2024

14th International Drainage Workshop, May – June 2024

Stormwater and Wastewater Conference Saudi Arabia

Tech Tour Water Tech 2024 Programme

Utility Week Live

Tech Tour Ocean 2024


Smart Water Systems

Global Water Summit 2024

International Water Association - Water Loss 2024 - Conference

Who Looks After Water

Benefits of Remote Monitoring in the Water Industry

Storage Tanks: Inspection & Maintenance: Overview of API 653 Standards

Creating a More Sustainable Water Sector


Micropollutants in Waterwater Treatment Plants

Global Smart Water Metering

RAWMEC - Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition & Conference 2024

Water Innovation to Adapt to Impacts of Climate Change

World Water Tech Innovation Summit 2024

Micropollutants Conference

Produced Water Society 34th Annual Conference & Exhibition

GWI DesalData: 2024 Desalination & Reuse Market Outlook Webinar

Oman Water Week

Middle East Water Week Conference & Exhibition

Join us at MicrobialSensors4Water on 6 December in Luxembourg!

Watec Portugal

BlueTech Week

Closing the loop: Circular Water Economy - BLUE PLANET Berlin Water

AquaTech Amsterdam

5th Bangladesh Water Expo

World Water Tech North America

Water Desalination, RO/Membrane and Wastewater Reuse

World Water Tech North America

AQUA Suisse

Pak Water & Energy Exhibition & Conference. Lahore Pakistan

NALMS 2023

Water Knowledge Europe 2023

India's Leading Trade Fair- Water, Sewage, Solid Waste and Recycling

USEPA Digital Water Symposium - October 11, 2023

USEPA - WaterVent - Water Citizen - October 10, 2023 Cincinnati, Ohio

The Future Water World Congress 2023

Taiwan International Water week

Central Event Management Webinar

Saudi Water Expo

Scientific Advances in River Restoration International Conference

Global Leakage Summit

5th International Conference on Food Science & Nutrition

Basic training borehole siting

EPA Senior Advisor, Center for Environmental Solutions and E Response

40th IAHR Congress

18th Everything About Water

Conference on Desalination, Brine Management and Water Recycling

Delhi Water Expo

Learn to Protect Your WaterShed

Oceanside Chat with leading scientist Peter Gleick

The Science of Nano Bubbles

Phosphorus Monitoring in Surface Water - Webinar

Flood & Coast 2023

AquaTech China

4th Global Smart Water Summit



Africa Water Forum

World Utilities Conference

Global Water Summit

Global Smart Water Metering & Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress

13th National Monitoring Conference

Smart Water Systems Conference 2023

4th World Irrigation Forum

Best Practices in Purification & Material Recovery- free webinar

4th Mekong River Commission Summit

UN Water Conference

"Accelerating changes to overcome the water crisis in Ukraine"

IAHR on Sustainable Water Engineering

Three Technologies to Improve Water Quality Monitoring


WATEX Chile 2023

The Blue Planet Turns Green: Algae Fouls Waters

A Watertight Approach to Sensor Selection

The 6th Arab Water Week

Worldwide Walk for Water

Anglian Water’s ground-breaking ‘Shop Window’

World Water Tech

Arab Water Convention 2022

Intl. Conference on Emerging Contaminants in Water and Environment

Water & Waste Expo

Uncover Costly Issues in Your Network, With Predictive Management

MERLIN Innovation Awards (MIA)

Water Projects Europe


Produced Water Society Seminar 2023

10th International Micro Irrigation Conference

American Water Summit


13th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse

Water Session on Indian Youth Parliament

Asia-Pacific Smart Water Utilities 2022

Using Satellite-Based Radar for Subsurface Soil Moisture Mapping


Groundwater Summit 2022

Protecting & Restoring Fresh Water Ecosystems


Protecting & Restoring Fresh Water Ecosystems

IAHR Global Online Dialogue on Net Zero and Water

BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues 2022

Seventh International Conference on Water, Energy and Environment

International Conference and Exhibition DESALINATION AFRICA


Data & the Future of Water

7th India Water Week

Saudi Water 2.0

Saudi Water 2.0

6th annual Water Desalination, RO/Membrane & Wastewater Reuse

Digital Water Conference

European FOG Summit 2022

Pak Water Expo

Pak Water & Energy Expo

24th ICID Congress on Irrigation and Drainage and 73rd IEC Meeting

Making Data Science and Machine Learning Work for the Water Sector

World Water-Tech North America

Navigating the Course


Online International Conference


Water Parliament

Water Parliament

Indian Youth Parliament

Smart Water Utilities Europe

Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization 2022

Environment & Development Forum 2022

Future of Desalination

Value of Data for the Owner Operator - BIM4Water

World Water Week

Shale Water Management 2022

Using Wastewater for Heating/Cooling buildings - For planners: Europe

Future of Water Summit 2022

Clean my streets and Pothole patrol

European Wastewater Management Conference & Exhibition

Clean-Tech Event UK

WEX Global 2022

10th Edition Hydropower Digitalization 4.0 Forum

Future Proof WWTP's - Designing for Climate Change

Working Group on "Water and sustainable agri-food systems"

Watrex Expo

Blue Food Innovation Summit

Evaluation Presentation Nepal-Finland water sector interventions

International Symposium - Ecohydrology for Water Security

Flood and Coast 2022

BlueTech Forum 2022

Getting Started with Drinking Water Quality Testing


Water Expo 2022

EU Green Week 2022 - Partner Events


JCI Blue Water Webinar for May

150 years of drinking water supply for the german city of Kassel

Utility Week

Global Water Summit

6th International Expo & Conference for Water & Wastewater Technology

Get one up on WINEP

World Utilities Congress

3rd Global Smart Water Summit

European Environmental Ports Conference

International Water Dialogues

MIT Water Innovation Prize

Singapore Water Week

In advance of Earth Day: Discuss How Water Fuels our Big Blue Planet

11th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR11)

Monthly Member meet up

Policy influence for ultra-deep reaching hand pumps

11th Annual Smart Water Systems

Water Parliament

Training on Design & Operation of Various Water Treatment Equipment

Webinar: Drinking water hygiene concept to reduce health risks

Engage Online With Ease!

World Water Day 2022

Precision Land Reclamation as a Tool of Precision Agriculture

Environmental Industry Summit

3rd MENA Desalination Projects Forum

Revealing hidden problems in distribution networks using Data Science

37th Annual WateReuse Symposium

World Water Tech Innovation

Membrane Technology

Water Parliament

Integrated Water on Resources Management in Large River Basins

4th Arab Sustainable Development Week

5 Steps to Successful Continuous Surface Water Monitoring

Are we going to see the first unicorn in our water industry soon?

12th Urban Drainage Modeling

Essential Water Webinar Series

Water Projects Europe

WET Webinar (Industrial Water & Effluent Treatment)

Blue Incubator StartUps Presentation

Let's transform the way you create budgetary proposals.

Resilience of Water Service

GWP Networking Meeting 2021

Global Water Stewardship Forum

Digital Water

Future Networks November

BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues

Regulator and utilities to explore open data opportunities

Future Networks November



MIT Water Innovation Prize Kickoff

41st International Symposium of the North American Lake Management

Saudi Water Conference

Hydro Power Balkans


Future Networks November

Aquatech Amsterdam

AquaTech Innovation Forum 2021

Water Security Under Climate Change

Water Desalination, RO/Membrane & Wastewater Reuse Conference

Digital Insights for Industrial Innovation


Three US Utilities: Using Smart Tech to Address Wastewater Regulations

Collaborative summit to explore future of FOG

Collaborative summit will explore urgent FOG action

Webinar: Control pH, TSS & Algae in Industrial Water

Time for (Waste) Water - Episode 8 Event by Björn Otto

World Water Tech North America

Methodology To Assess Soil Contamination

24th WaterVent

24th WaterVent

Wastewater and Sewage Sludge


OIL AND GAS Automation & Digitalization

Flood Expo

International OU WaTER Symposium

5th Arab Water Forum

Water - a biography

Smart Water Summit

Digitalization in the Water Sector

UV Advanced Oxidation

XV World Aqua Congress

StormCon 2021

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

our Digital Twin in only 60 days

AquaTech Mexico 2021

Water Action Platform webinar - can we make water famous?

SIWI World Water Week

5th World Water Summit

Susana Meeting

Future Scenarios for Water in Chilean Agriculture

Climate Smart Agricultural Water Management

Utility Management

Training on Treatment of Sewer Water

Western US Drought- AWWA Webinar Series

Blue Incubator Start Up Pitches

Water Leaders Summit 2021

Membrane Technology

Masterplan of Satellite Leak Detection Rural New Mexico & Virginia

Particles and Colloids – the Next Frontier in Water Resource Recovery

International Symposium on Geofluids

Flood & Coast

British Water 2021 Insight Briefings - Session 6

Sustainability of Agricultural Water Management

The Circulars Accelerator – Innovation Showcase 2021

CleanTech Meetup : WATER

Webinar: Modeling of Wastewater Treatment Plants - Part 3

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals

Webinar: Trends in Water Resource Management


I.S.Rivers 2021

Singapore International Water Week 2021

Stormwater Summit

AVEVA World Digital

Plastic Pollution - Let's Fight it by Law - Webinar

European Environmental Ports Conference

Water Innovation Europe 2021

World Ocean Day Free Webinar

8th International Congress & Exhibition on Arsenic in the Environment

10 years of climate resilient water investments - stories of change

AquaTech China

Climate Change Experts Inform for Southern California’s Water Future

Gain Mastery Over Wastewater Treatment

2021 British Water Insight Briefing - Session 5

Is hydrogen about to blow up?

Webinar: Modeling of Wastewater Treatment Plants - Part 2

IAHR Webinar on Decision Support Modelling and PEST

5th International Conference on LAND USE AND WATER QUALITY

23rd WaterVent

Integrated urban water mgmt: From modelling to operational excellence

Residuals and Biosolids

Digitale Geschäftsanbahnungsreise China | noch 2 Plätze frei

Webinar: MIKE Mine - Cloud-based Operational Mine Water Management

e-Master Class on Wastewater Treatment

EU Green Week 2021 Partner Events Call

UKM Engineering Webinar 2021

Asian Water Treatment & Recycling Summit

Energy Week Central Asia & Mongolia 2021

Wastewater Surveillance Global Update Symposium

Power Plant Deionized Water

Webinar: Modeling of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Stakeholder input on the evolution of Earth-observation water services

Odors and Air Pollutants

12th National Monitoring Conference

10th Annual Smart Water Systems Conference


12th National Monitoring Conference

Maximising water efficiency through innovation

Mena Desalination Projects

Pathway to Resilience - Digital Strategies to Safeguard Utilities

Texas Water 2021

Valuing water


e-Master Class on Wastewater

3rd Annual International Conference Desalination Latin America

Water for the Future | Water Management and Implementation

Caribbean Science Symposium on Water

Water Source Security: Is desalination the way to go?

Arup & WRc Present Wet Networks Event Water Management Demand

Fundamental Issues of Global Water Security

Canadian innovators at Water Dragons

Dam Safety: Optimising Operations and Maintenance with Geospatial AI

Microfibers : Key facts and solutions for this invisible threat !

Pharmaceutical Water

Water Quality Monitoring


How to Solve Algal Blooms in Municipal Water

Innovations in Water Resources Management, Hydrology & Observations

BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues

Saving Lakes from Nutrient Enrichment and Global Warming

Ogallala Aquifer virtual summit

World Water-Tech Innovation Summit

Utility Week

Desalination and Reuse Roundtable Session

Visio P&ID Process Designer International Conference-2021

International Conference on Desalination and Water Purification

6th Annual Water and Energy Congress

World Water Day 2021 - Writing Project

Mapping and Monitoring Lakes and Reservoirs with Satellite Observation

Wastewater Treatment Operational Performance & Capacity- Webinar

Water Loss Reduction and Revenue Management Masterclass

Coastal Structures: Protecting our People

IWET Webinar Series: Industrial Water & Effluent Treatment

Brazil KIT Briefing

UK Water Market Explained

National Launch: the Resilience Accelerator Initiative, Innovation Hub

Virtual workshop to focus on dairy sustainability

One Planet Summit

ACE 2021

Blue Financing - Water for Future

Middle East Produced Water Management 2020

Pipeline Leak Detection 2020

Water Knowledge Europe

For the Poor, By the Poor, Water Treatment and Clean Cookstoves

Global Leakage Summit

5th Arab Water Forum

Nature-based solutions and Resilience

Smart, OneWater Collaboration

Safe Drinking Water & Clean Cookstoves for the Poor by the Poor - Zoom

Water & Wastewater Market in Brazil


Sustainable Water Treatment – Moving to Nanotechnology

Wasting Fresh Water: Stopping Systemic Failures

Online Seminar: Multi-Sensory Electronic Skin for Water Monitoring

Utility Week Live

Middle East Smart Water Utilities 2020

2020 Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit

Future Water Networks 2020

NALMS 2020

Alliance for Water Stewardship

The Ubiquitous Nature of PFAS Demands Global Attention

Smart Water Forum

Remote Sensing for Mangroves: NASA ARSET Training Invitation

The 4th Wuhan Int’l Urban Water Affairs & Water Supply Expo

IV Cross border conference on climate and coastal change

Virtual Pak Water & Energy Expo 2020 - Pakistan

XIV World Aqua Congress

World Water Tech - North America

Cybersecurity for Water Security in the Era of COVID-19

2nd Annual Textile Engineering

2nd International Conference on Infrastructure and Construction

Flood and Coast 2020 Digital Series

Global Smart Water Summit

The Jargon Busters - Breaking the anti-hype to make water more sexy.

WaterVent Webinar # 5

Hydro Engineering Expo

Waste Water Management 2020

Fourth Sustainability Summit for Southeast European & Mediterranean

3rd Annual International Congress - Hydropower Latin America

Textile Engineering

WaterProtect Final Conference - New policy and governance instruments

Accelerating Egypt’s $2.8 billion desalination programme

AWWA Summit on utility management, public trust & innovation

Circular Bioeconomy Cluster Discussion Forum

RWM 2020

Waste Water Expo

WaterPro Conference

Nutrient Removal, Remediation, Recycling and Repurposing Webinar

Aquatech China 2020


Hydropower of Latin America

Australian Smart Water Utilities

Remote Sensing of Coastal Ecosystems

Hands on Water

Relx Environmental Challenge

Online training on City-wide sanitation planning

Freshwater for Food and Nutrition Security in SIDS


GLOBAL ZOOM: Meet the Water Tower and Collaborate with Water Pros

Middle East Produced Water Management

GWI DesalData: Desalination & Reuse Markets 2020


10 years of innovation and exploring the next decade of WASH action

17th Everything About Water Expo 2020

Decentralized Water Solutions Webinar

Women on Water Reception

Women on Water

EIRSMx Irrigation Innovation Mexico

MicroGas Demo Day

How to Reduce TSS, pH and Harmful Algae - NIPSCO Case Study

Net Zero Carbon Conversation


Water Leaders Summit 2020


Singapore International Water Week

3rd International Conference On Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Digital Ideation Summit

BlueTech Forum 2020

Capacity Development Symposium

Produced Water Treatment & Management

Global Water Summit

9th Annual Smart Water Systems Conference


Algae Bloom & HAB Remediation Workshop

Future of Water Campaign

IX INTERECOFORUM Water for Sustainable Development

Water Market Europe 2020

36th Annual WateReuse Symposium

Desalination Latin America

WEX Global 2020

9th World Water Tech

Water Today’s WATER EXPO



Urban Resilience Technology Approval Group Platform Meeting

Winter Reception

5th Annual Water & Energy Congress

WWT WasteWater 2021

Marine Debris - what's next ?

Flood Risk Management: Resilience and Adaptation

Investing in Risk Mitigation

2nd International River Summit 2019

The 3rd Wuhan Int’l Urban Water Affairs & Water Supply Expo

3rd Wuhan International Pump Valve, Pipeline & Water Treatment Expo

Smart Water Utilities

International Conference

Madrid Aqua Energy Forum

International Reception


Global Sanitation Economy Summit

WATEC Israel 2019

Water Impact

American Water Summit

Sustainable Seafood Conference 2019 TOKYO

Future Water Networks

Hydropower Balkans

Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium

AquaTech Amsterdam

Sensus Reach

XIII World Aqua Congress 2019

World Water-Tech North America Summit

Water Security and Climate Change Conference

Cairo Water Week

British Water - Women in Water

5th Water Loss Forum & Exhibition

No Dig Turkey

British Water conference - Data: Now & Beyond

Bangladesh Water Expo

Plastic Health Summit

US-UK Resilience Forum

Taiwan International Water Week 2019

Practical Experiences in Odour Control

6th India Water Week

Canadian Shale Water Management 2019

International Conference on Microplastic Pollution In the Med Sea

Contamination Expo Series

Future Resource Expo

The Flood Expo 2019

Aquatech Mexico

WEF-EESS Conference

VietWater 2019 Hanoi

WATEC Israel 2019

European Waste Water Management Conference

West Africa Water Expo 2019

NovaTech: 10th Annual Urban Water International Conference

La Mer XXI- L’Exposition

Water Leaders Summit 2019

Global Leakage Summit


Flood and Coast 2019

AWWA Annual Conference & Exhibition - ACE 19

BlueTech Forum 2019 - Innovating Towards Resilient Water Systems

Aquatech China 2019

Machines & Facilities for Water Supply & Sewage Systems - WOD-KAN 2019

National Conference Green Technology For Clean Environment (GTCE-2019)

Ozwater 2019

Smart Water Systems 2019

National Water Security Conference 2019

Global Water Summit 2019

WWT Smart Water Networks Conference

World Water-Tech Innovation Summit

Water Today's WATER EXPO


Environment Protection Technology Exhibition (EPTEX)

Latest Developments In Membrane Technology

NACWA 2019 Winter Conference

Water Customer Conference 2019

World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2019 - Water

10th IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Urban Water Management

The Global Reslience Summit

The 6th IWA Regional Conference on Membrane Technology

The 6th IWA Regional Conference on Membrane Technology



Women in Water

Innovate 4 Water - Abuja 2018

XII World Aqua Congress 2018

Water, Wastewater, & Environmental Monitoring Conference

British Water International Conference

2nd Stakeholder Conference on Plastic and Micro Plastic Pollution

Meet the Buyer Water Workshop

British Water International Reception

MICRO 2018 - Fate and impact of microplastics

AIWW Summit 2018

European Biosolids and Organic Resources Conference 2018

Our Future Water Berlin Event

Our Future Water Berlin Event

VietWater 2018

ESWP International Water Conference

Our Ocean 2018

World Water-Tech North America

American Water Summit 2018

WATEC Italy 2018

UN SDG Africa Youth Conference 2018

IFAT India 2018



WaterSmart Innovations 2018

Data and Analytics: Unlocking value for the water industry

Meet Us at WEFTEC 2018


European Water Technology Week

Recent Advances in Odour Control Technologies

IWA World Water Congress

World Cleanup Day 2018

Vietnam Water Summit 2018

The Flood Expo 2018

Wastewater Expo 2018

Canadian Shale Water Management

WatefCon 2018

Hydropower Development 2018

Aquatech Mexico 2018

UWT China 2018

The Water Expo 2018

SIWI World Water Week 2018

2nd Clean Pacific Roundtable, "Pathways to a Clean Pacific"

European Waste Water Management Conference

IDA Desalination Training Course

Singapore International Water Week - SIWW 2018

IDA International Conference on Water Reuse and Recycling

BlueTech Forum 2018

India to host World Environment Day 2018

I.S. Rivers 2018

WieTec China 2018

US-Netherlands Connection's Professional Program

Bordeaux Polymer Conference - May 28-31, 2018 - Bordeaux

SFWMD - DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training

SFWMD DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training

Water India 2018

Xylem Workshop on Modernizing Water Infrastructure

Webinar: Pioneering ​Utility Smart ​Water ​Innovation in ​Asia-Pacific

BASF Water Chemicals Exclusive Webinar

Water Industry Asset Management

Watervent Philadelphia

Smart Water Systems

Global Water Summit 2018

InterFLOOD Asia 2018

2018 GD Water

Water Sofia 2018

Flood & Coast Conference & Exhibition

WWT Smart Water Networks Conference 2018

The Water Show Africa 2018


Global Leakage Summit 2018

Sixth International Marine Debris Conference (6IMDC)

FREE WEBCAST- Total Nutrients Removal in WT by MABR Technology

WaterTech Saudi Arabia

World Water-Tech Innovation Summit 2018

AWWA/WEF The Utility Management Conference

Water Tech Saudi Arabia

National Summit Sustainable Water & Sanitation 2018

International Water Summit 2018

WM2E 2017 - Water, Membrane, Environment and Energy Technologies

One Planet Summit

NGWA Groundwater Week

NGWA Groundwater Summit

Watervent 2017 - Regensburg

India Industry Water Conclave

Seawater Desalination Education Week

Drainage Flood Control

Ocean Life Festival

Water-Energy Challenges & Solutions

European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference

The Connected Customer: Utilities

ESWP International Water Conference 2017

Produced Water Middle East 2017

World Aqua Congress 2017

VietWater 2017

The Resilience and Water Module

World Water-Tech North America

Plasticity Sydney

Eco Expo Asia 2017

MyanmarWater 2017

2nd JPI Oceans conference

12th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water



Water & Long-Term Value

World Congress on Climate Change and Global Warming

Science Academies’ Course on “Hydrology of Floods” (Jan 8-19, 2018)

WaterEx 2017

India Water Week 2017

Infra Oman & Electro Oman 2017

Water Today Expo - Bangladesh 2017

Our Ocean Malta 2017

European Waste Water Management Conference

Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Dubai

The Flood Expo 2017


Porto Water Innovation Week

IE Expo Guangzhou 2017

4th Annual HSE for Unconventional Oil and Gas

IUVA 2017 World Congress

Aquabiz India 2017

Aqua Taiwan 2017

WATEC Israel 2017

IWA ASPIRE/Water Malaysia 2017

UWT China 2017

2017 US-Netherlands Connection's Professional Program

EIFAAC International Symposium

Mine Water Innovation & Technology Conference

Sustainable Development Conference 2017

Indo Water 2017

Webinar on Strengthening Water Integrity

SAIMM Water 2017 Conference

Rural Development Conference 2017

African Marine Waste Conference

Waste Water & Sewage Treatment Expo

The BIG Phosphorus Conference and Exhibition – Removal & Recovery

WATEC Italy 2017

California Water Summit

Aquarealm 2017


Water Innovation Europe 2017

AWWA Annual Conference - ACE 2017

Watervent Geneva 2017

BlueTech Forum 2017

High-Level UN Conference to Support the Implementation of SDG14

Circular Water Economy Leaders Summit

Water Desalination Symposium Africa 2017

Marine Science Research and Technology Conference

SFWMD - DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training

Pipeline H2O Demo Day

4th international Conference Environmental Planning

Practical Short Course on Membrane & Other Separations Technologies

WWT Water Industry Asset Management Conference

Digital Utilities Europe 2017

GCC Waste Management & Recycling Forum

Desalination for Clean Water and Energy Cooperation around the World

Plasticity Forum California 2017

Plasticity California - A big conversation on the future of plastic


WaterVent Philadelphia 2017

IE Expo China 2017

Integrated Water Management Summit 2017

Oman Energy & Water

RENEXPO Water & Energy Western Balkans

Produced Water Handling Training Course

Waste Water Management 2017

Smart Water Systems

Global Water Summit 2017

Plasticity Forum Texas 2017

Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks KSA

2017 Water for Food Global Conference

WSSP Extreme Weather 2017

Water Sofia 2017

GCC Environment Forum – GEF 2017

3rd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology

2017 Natural Systems Module

International SAP Conference for Utilities 2017

WSTA Gulf Water Conference

The Water Show Africa 2017

Celebration of World Water Day-2017

SFWMD DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training

RetrofitTech UAE 2017

Water Parliament

Asian Ballast Water Treatment Technology Conference

IndentiPlast 2017

World Ocean Summit 2017

The Role of Microalgae in Waste–Water Treatment (RMWT-2017) Seminar

The Role of Microalgae in Waste–Water Treatment

World Water-Tech Innovation Summit 2017

SFWMD DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training

Saudi Water & Environment Forum 2017

Wastewater Management, Treatment and Recycling

Membranes in Drinking and Industrial Water Production Conference

Marine Data Infrastructure 2017

International Water Summit 2017

Seminar for phasing out plastic off the Kamakhya Temple Premise

SFWMD DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training

India Industry Water Conclave

Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable in Florida

Indo-UK Workshop on Nano-Biomaterials for Water Purification

Human Dimension of Development, Climate Change and Carbon Management

Groundwater Week 2016


International Membrane Science and Technology Conference

Course on  "Hydrologic Modeling and Climate Change"

7th Rural Water Supply Network Forum

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Management

Budapest Water Summit 2016


IE Expo Guangzhou 2016

World Aqua Congress 2016

WEPower 2016

The European Week for Waste Reduction

VDI Conference Sludge Treatment

Global Toilet Business, Innovation & Investment Summit

Water Expo China

Ocean Actions Day at COP 22

Vietwater 2016


BrauBeviale 2016

Computing and Control for the Water Industry

NOAA Marine Debris Program - 2016 meeting of the GCFI - Grand Cayman

International Water Conference 2016

World Agri-Tech Investment Summit 2016

World Toilet Summit 2016

Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Dubai

Eco Expo Asia 2016

Activated Sludge Process Control & Troubleshooting

RetrofitTech KSA

Aqua Taiwan 2016

MyanmarWater 2016

K 2016 The World's N°1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber

World Water-Tech North America 2016

Climate Change Adaptation 2016

Flood Expo 2016


Desal 2016

IFAT India 2016

Global Leakage Summit 2016

2016 Asia-Pacific Drinking Water & Purification Fair

Hydro Nations Summit 2016

SFWMD DBHYDRO Enviromental Database Training

India Clean Seas 2016

WATEC Italy 2016

Plasticity London 2016

European Ecosystem Services 2016

Water Module 2016


Hydropower Development: Europe 2016

13th IWA Specialized Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems

India Water Trade & Education Mission

Water Loss Asia

IUCN World Conservation Congress Hawai'i 2016

IWE Instanbul Water Expo

79th Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

Water Industry Operations Conference & Exhibition 2016

UWT China 2016

Wastewater Egypt

World Water Week

How Can Companies Cut their Water Footprint?

EverythingAboutWater Expo 2016

13th EverythingAboutWater Expo

International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2016

Global Water Conference 2016

2016 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium

Pumping Systems Operation and Maintenance

SFWMD DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training (July 27, 2016)

Dissolved Oxygen & Oxidation Reduction Potential Training

Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering

Indowater 2016

Water Trade & Education Mission to EU

International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management

Singapore International Water Week 2016

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii Press Conference - Facebook Live 10amHDT

Value of Water Communications Workshop 6/28/2016 11:00 AM Pacific Time

WaterPiPP Meet the Market event on the 22 June in Milan

AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition 2016

DeSal Networking Dinner

TUM DeSal Young Scientists Colloquium 2016

TUM DeSal Challenge Finals 2016 - 17/18 June, 2016

Conference on Water Management

InvestH2O: The 2nd Annual Texas Water Technology Investor Forum

China Bluetech Awards

Free webinar on reverse osmosis from Dow Water Academy – 15 June

IEWP Workshop: River Basin Management Planning and Governance

Water Summit 2016

IWA Leading Edge Conference

Plastic at sea : How to prevent plastic to end-up in our oceans ?

RENEXPO Water Management

SFWMD DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training

California Water Summit

41st Queensland Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

BlueTech Forum 2016

2016 Asian ESP Conference

The UNESCO-IHE Students at Grassy Waters Preserve

MICRO 2016 International conference in Lanzarote, Spain

Conference on Agriculture and Environment: Food, Water, Soil, Air

IWM Essentials: Building community resilience

Introduction to leadership in the water sector

UNESCO-IHE Florida Program - The Water Professionals

Water in Mining 2016

​Innovation in ​Water ​Efficiency

Power-Gen India & Central Asia 2016

WASH Futures Conference 2016

Advanced training in International Standard for Water Stewardship

IWM Essentials: Introduction to flood risk management

Digital Utilities Europe 2016

Ozwater 2016

2016 USNC Professional Program

IE Expo 2016

Plasticity Shanghai 2016

Plasticity Shanghai 2016

Innovation Day 2016

Smart Water Systems 2016

China International Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization

Watervent Philadelphia 2016

DBHYDRO Environmental Database Training


CIWEM Annual Conference 2016

Global Water Summit 2016

International SAP Conference for Utilities

10th NSW Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

Water Sofia 2016

Morocco Solar, Wind & Hydro Projects 2016

India Water Week 2016

India Water Week - 2016

The 4th China(Beijing) International Irrigation Technology Exposition

3rd Annual Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Middle East Conference

World Agri-Tech Investment Summit 2016

PolyTalk 2016 : Zero Plastics to the Oceans, PlasticsEurope

The Water Show Africa 2016

RetrofitTech UAE 2016


Indo-European Water Partnership business meeting

Water Demand Side Management GCC 2016

Water Today's WATER EXPO 2016

WEX Global 2016

2016 Natural Systems Module

AWWA/WEF The Utility Management Conference 2016

Marketplace Conference

National Mission For Clean Ganga - Market Conference 2016

AfWA International Water Congress & Exhibition Nairobi 2016

Flood & Coast 2016 Conference and Exhibition

World Water-Tech Investment Summit 2016

2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting AGU/ASLO/TOS in progress

Global Partnership on Marine Litter (GPML) Webinar, Feb 18, Nairobi

World Water Leadership Congress 2016

EIP Water Conference 2016

Saudi Water & Electricity Forum 2016

AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference 2016


IUVA 2016 World Congress & Exhibition

Inauguration of 'Swachh Ganga – Gramin Sahbhagita', in New Delhi

Smart Energy UK & Europe 2016

InterAqua 2016

International Water Summit 2016

National Summit on Sustainable Water and Sanitation

NGWA Groundwater Expo 2015

Data & Decision Making: The Future of the Water Space

Big Data & Decision Making: The Future of the Water Space

Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Qatar 2015

Wastewater and Sanitation Egypt 2015

Power and Water Maintenance 2015

Conference on Marine Litter - COP21

World Oceans Day 2015: Ocean and Climate

2015 Hilo Symposium on Marine Debris & Tsunami Driftage

"Plastification des océans, impacts et solutions" Conference

Masterclass: Social Media for Utilities and Energy

Race for Water at COP21 - Opening Conference

United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21)

IX World Aqua Congress

Water Industry Supplier Conference 2015

VietWater 2015

Race for Water Odyssey Closing Ceremony

Water Expo China 2015

RENEXPO South-East Europe 2015

AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference 2015

World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion 2015

International Water Conference 2015

20th European Biosolids Conference

Irrigation Show & Education Conference 2015

World Congress of Ocean 2015

Race for Water Odyssey

Aquatech Amsterdam 2015

European Utility Week 2015

Amsterdam International Water Week 2015

China International Shale Gas Summit 2015

Smart Grids Smart Meters Summit 2015

Eco Expo Asia 2015

HYDRO 2015

American Water Summit 2015

IWA Water and Development Congress and Exhibition 2015

Flood Expo

WaterEx 2015

EcoFair 2015

IFAT India 2015

WATEC Israel 2015

Vietnam Water Cooperation Initiative 2015

9th European Waste Water Management Conference

H2O Hackathon 2015

WaterSmart Innovations 2015

World Water-Tech North America

Our Ocean Conference

WaterWorld Middle East 2015

10th Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit 2015

AquaTaiwan 2015

Wetsus Congress 2015

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Management Masterclass

Women in Agribusiness Summit 2015


Water india

UWT Expo 2015

Global AgInvesting Asia 2015

InterBev Process 2015

Lone Star Water Summit 2015

IUKAN Conference 2015

IDA World Congress 2015

World Water Week 2015

“Wetlands for food security: solution or illusion?” - event during the 2015 Stockholm World Water Week

The 15th China (Xinjiang) International Agricultural Fair

Smart H2O Summit 2015

Aquatech India 2015

Aqua Tech India

International Symposium on Water Supply and Technology 2015

HydroVision International 2015

European Water Partnership Annual Conference

California Water Summit 2015

Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientist 2015 Conference

IAHR World Congress 2015

Produced Water Handling & Management Masterclass

Water Summit 2015

AgTech Week 2015

Aquatech China 2015

AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition 2015

Thai Water Expo 2015

IWA Leading Edge Technology 2015

Indo Water 2015

IWRA World Water Congress XV

GCC Environment Forum - GEF 2015

EverythingAboutWater Expo 2015

Everything About Water - Expo 2015

International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering

The 2015 UNESCO-IHE Florida Program

Flowexpo 2015

IWA Regional Utility Management Conference 13 - 15 May 2015

Ozwater 2015

USNC Professional Program

CRC Leadership Tier Workshop

IE expo 2015

WRc Innovation Day 2015

Smart Water Systems 2015

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) - Market Conference

National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) - Market Conference

Global Water Summit 2015

Global AgInvesting New York 2015

Water Malaysia 2015

Water Loss Asia 2015

Environment Asia 2015

Wetex 2015

Utility Week Live 2015

WaterVent New York 2015

CIWEM Annual Conference: Water & Environment 2015

WEPower 2015

Ocean Business 2015

Environmental Regulatory Compliance for Oil & Gas 2015

7th World Water Forum

Water Week Latin America 2015

Malta Water Week 2015

Water Day 2015 Conference in Islamabad, Pakistan

Global Leakage Summit 2015

2015 Groundwater Summit

Eighteenth International Water Technology Conference 2015

HSE for Unconventional Oil & Gas 2015

World Water-Tech Investment Summit 2015

Water UK City Conference 2015

Hydrovision Russia 2015

Colorado Water Summit 2015

World Agri-Tech Investment Summit 2015

AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition

Water for All 2015

Water Expo 2015


Water Management Excellence in Mining 2015

WEX Global 2015

Global AgInvesting Middle East 2015

Aqua Aquaria India 2015

Ag Module: NWFWMD Edition & State Wrap-up

AWWA-WEF The Utility Management Conference

Women in Agribusiness 2015

Oilseed Congress 2015

Drainage & Sewerage Middle East

Smart Metering UK and Europe Summit

3W Expo 2015

InterAqua 2015

Water Management for the Permian Basin

International Water Summit 2015

India Water Week 2015

India Water Week - 2015

USNC Academic Conference

Saudi Water & Power Forum 2015

Waterside Chat: New Behavioral Tools for Water Utilities

2014 Ag Module: SJRWMD Edition

MIT Water Summit

NGWA Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting

MENA Upstream Water Management Conference

EPA Technology Innovation Showcase and Technology Transfer and Collaboration Seminar

Global AgInvesting Europe 2014

International Environment Forum for Basin Organizations

Water Industry Supplier Conference

Envirotech Asia 2014

Flood Control Malaysia 2014

Irrigation Show & Education Conference 2014

19th European Biosolids & Organic Resources

Waterproof Membranes 2014

International Water Conference

Energy Optimization Technologies and Innovations for Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems Webinar

15th Aachener Membran Kolloquium

CitiesAlive: Green Roof & Wall Conference

Vietwater 2014

5th Annual Middle East District Cooling Summit

Community Meeting Western Africa

World Water Summit

Balkans Joint Conference

3rd Annual Global IWPP Summit

3rd Annual Advanced Hydropower Generation and Pumped Storage Forum

2014 AWRA Annual Conference

Flood Control Asia 2014

Eco Expo Asia

Disinfection By-products in Drinking Water

AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference

American Water Summit 2014

Irish Water Exhibition

Global Water Leaders Group Annual Meeting

2nd Annual Global Trigeneration Summit

California/Nevada AWWA Annual Fall Conference

New Directions for US Water Policy

8th International Symposium on Eastern Mediterranean Geology

Stormwater 2014

WaterWorld Middle East (Use TWN-WATER10 code to get discount)

Aqua Taiwan

WaterSmart Innovations 2014

Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit

8th European Waste Water Management Conference & Exhibition

Seawater Pretreatment - Key Challenges and Solutions

Women in Agribusiness Summit 2014

Wetsus Congress 2014

Troubleshooting of Membrane Desalination and Water Reuse Systems

Waterpark Expo Indonesia 2014

Castle Debates: Flooding

2014 America’s Watershed Initiative Summit


11th Annual Combating Legionella & Water Treatment

Global AgInvesting Asia 2014

2014 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

Watec Peru 2014

International Riversymposium

Watertech India 2014

International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 2014

IMETE Summer School 2014: Resource Recovery from Wastewater

WaterJAM 2014

13th International Conference on Urban Drainage

29th Annual WateReuse Symposium

The Ag Module 2014: SRWMD Edition

World Water Week 2014: Energy and Water

3rd International Conference on Community and Water Services

3rd LatAm Mine Water Conference

Asian Symposium on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

MEDCOAST Institute 2014

IAS Symposium on Activated Sludge - Past and Next 100 Years

Tri-Association Conference 2014

One Water Ohio

3rd Annual Asia Pacific District Cooling Conference

International Mine Water Association Congress 2014

11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics

American Fisheries Society 2014 Annual Meeting

3rd International Marine Conservation Congress

Small Water and Wastewater Systems

Brazilian Symposium on Funding and Management of Rainwater 2014

22nd IAHR International Symposium on Ice

XXVIII Nordic Hydrological Conference

International Conference on Marine and Freshwater Environments

2014 Stormwater Queensland

2014 ISA Water/Wastewater Symposium



International Conference on Fisheries Science 2014

SWIM-IMPROWARE International Symposium on Innovative Means to Protect Water Resources

3rd Annual Water Management in Mining Summit

69th SWCS International Annual Conference

2014 International Conference on Resources & Environmental Sustainable Development

HydroVision International

International Conference on the Status and Future of the World's Large Rivers

International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management

Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies: Groundwater, Environmental Isotopes, and Salinity

Workshop on Resource Recovery from Wastewater/Bio-solids

2nd Annual International Conference on Water

7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle

16th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference

International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management

Science Summit for Urban Water

ICEWW 2014 : International Conference on Environment ,Water and Wetlands

Peri-urban '14

2014 Annual Symposium of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Sustainable Development Conference 2014

International Workshop on Physical Processes in Natural Waters

Sixth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

Aquatech China 2014

FlowEx China 2014

AWA Biosolids and Source Management National Conference

Sustaining the Blue Planet 2014

CaribDA 2014 Conference & Exposition

USNC Academic Program - Florida Week

Meter Asset Management and Operations

2nd IWA Specialized International Conference “Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment"

The 5th International Slow Sand and Alternative Biological Filtration Conference

Water 2014

Canadian Water Summit

Water Summit 2014

The Humanitarian Water & Food Award

Golden State Water Summit


Kisumu Water Expo

Activated Sludge – 100 Years and Counting

XX. International Conference on Computational Methods in Water Resources

International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry 2014

Water Management in Oil and Gas

Wastewater and Biosolids Treatment and Reuse: Bridging Modeling and Experimental Studies

ACE 14

International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management


CityPipe 2014

MS Water Environment Association's 57th Annual Technical Conference

2nd International Conference on Waste Water Technology for Greening India 2014 (ICWWTGI-2014)

2014 Canada Water Resources Congress

June 2014 International Water Technology Conference

Irrigation Australia 2014

6th Singapore International Water Week

PIANC World Congress 2014

World Environmental & Water Resources Congress 2014

TechXchange & Innovation Pavillion

Water Sofia 2014

6th IWA YWP European Water Professionals Conference

WaterVent Philadelphia 2014

Water in Mining 2014

Water Pollution 2014

Indo Water Expo & Forum 2014

IWA Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014

IE Expo 2014

Pipes in Infrastructure 2014

Comparative Water Law Course 2014

UNESCO-IHE Florida Program

Gulf Wastewater Summit

Middle East Waste & Recycling

IWA European Utility Management Conference


African Utility Week

International Conference on Water Resources and Environmental Management

USNC Professional Policy Program 2014

3rd Edition Power & Desalination Summit

Money2Water Summit

Aquatech India 2014

HydroVision India

2014 Water Microbiology Conference

2nd DC (District Cooling) Stakeholders Summit

Florida Earth U.S.-Netherlands Connection Programs 2014

IFAT 2014

2014 NGWA Groundwater Summit

Ozwater 2014

9th National Monitoring Conference

3rd Annual Smart Water Systems Conference

Global AgInvesting 2014

Membrane & Other Separations Technologies Short Course

Ag Module 2014, SWFWMD Edition

Ag Module 2014, SWFWMD Edition

IWA 15th UK National Young Water Professionals Conference

AIDF and ESCAP Water Security Summit: Asia 2014

International Exhibition WATER & HEAT

2014 International Conference on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development

International Conference on Harmful Algal Blooms and Desalination


Texas Water 2014

3rd IAHR Europe Congress

International Conference on Desalination, Environment, & Marine Outfall Systems

WODOCIĄGI International Water and Sewerage Industry Fair

CIWEM Annual Conference

2nd Annual HSE for Unconventional Oil & Gas

LeAF course: New Sanitation - The Resource Recovery Approach

2014 International Weather Radar and Hydrology Symposium

Global Water Summit 2014: Water for Growth

Seminar on monitoring of decentralised WASH services in West Africa

ARWADEX Conference 2014

WEAO 43rd Annual Technical Symposium and OPCEA Exhibition

ICCOE 2014

The Water show

Activated Sludge: Past Present and Future

8th Annual WIOA NSW Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

Social Media in the Utilities Sector

IWEX 2014

3rd International Conference on the Use of Space Technology for Water Management

China High-end Bottled Water and Healthy Water Life Exhibition

AWWA Sustainable Water Management Conference

IWA Water Loss 2014

4th IWA/WEF Wastewater Treatment Modelling Seminar

Water Ireland 2014

CleanEquity Monaco 2014

4th International Forum of Clean Technologies in Ukraine and the CIS countries, ECOSMART-2014

Indian Ocean Futures Conference


WASH 2014 Conference

2nd National Seminar on Water & Sanitation in relation to Public Health

Regional Symposium on Water, Wastewater and Environment: Traditions and Culture

Water Information Systems in the Mediterranean Region

The Water Bill: implementation, challenges and opportunities

Ecology of the Big City 2014

Asiawater 2014

WQA Aquatech USA 2014

Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference

Oceanology International 2014

Fifth International Conference on Water Resources and Hydropower Development in Asia

World Water-Tech Investment Summit

AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition

Upland Hydrology in the UK

China International Irrigation Show

Water UK City Conference 2014

Integrated Management of Groundwater Resources and Dependent Ecosystems

HydroVision Russia 2014

Marine and Offshore Engineering Technology Conference


Nexus 2014: Water, Food, Climate and Energy Conference

Applying Water Data Science to Proactively Identify and Manage Groundwater Risks

Water NI 5th Annual Conference

Fish passage and stream restoration techniques

Mozambique’s Water and Waste Management Exhibition


NGWA Conference on Hydrology and Water Scarcity in the Rio Grande Basin

The Utility Management Conference™

Environmental Connection 2014

3rd Prevention of Marine Failures Conference

Introduction to river hydrology and hydraulics course

7th Global FRIEND-Water Conference

World Ocean Summit 2014

35th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium

Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo

Global AgInvesting Middle East 2014

2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting

National Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management

Land&Water Summit

Gender, Water and Development Conference


Social Coast Forum 2014

UDG Training Day 2014 – “Designing & Implementing SuDS!”

17th African Water Association Congress

International Conference on Water and Environmental Sciences 2014

Egypt Pool & Water Technology Exhibition

E-world Energy & Water

Surface Water Flood Forum

2014 China (Taizhou) Plumbing Sanitary Ware and Valve Expo

Aquaculture America 2014

India Water Expo, Ahmedabad

Wetlands Permitting

5th Indian National Conference on Harbour and Ocean Engineering

Efficient Water Workshop, Seminar and Exhibition

SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference

Flood Risk Management Conference 2014

Water Management for Shale Plays - Mid-Continent 2014

InterAqua 2014

California Water Management 2014

Water Industry Asset Management Conference

Aquatherm Vienna 2014

9th Annual WERF Research Forum

5th Annual Water Reuse Tech Summit

Urban Hydrology Workshop: Water in the City of Tshwane

In Situ Oil Sands Water Treatment & Re-Use Optimization 2014

The Agriculture Module: Innovation in the Water Space

High Level Event on the Blue Economy

International Water Summit 2014

Water Today's Water Expo 2014

Geostatistical Methods for Geological Modeling and Hydrogeology

Rewildling the Soar Valley

Lunch & Learn: Frontier - Raising The Bar In Scottish Water's Approach To Asset Management

Achieving Water Quality Standards Through Contaminant Trackdown Studies

Green Infrastructure & Water Management in Growing Metropolitan Areas

Coastal Resilience 2.0

11th EverythingAboutWater Expo 2014

The Second International WATERBIOTECH Conference

International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment

7th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics

2014 International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management

Waste to Resources 2013

2013 International Conference on Environment & Energy

The Second International Conference on Water and Energy

4th Maghreb Conference On Desalination & Water Treatment

Near East & North Africa Land and Water Days

ASPACPOL 2013 Expo & Forum

VII World Aqua Congress

Transboundary Water Seminar

Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2013

Environmental Forensics in Water Resources

8th Algeria Electricity & Water Expo

2013 Industrial Water Reuse Specialty Conference

2020 Vision of Canada's Oceans Dialogue

Effluent & Water Management Conference and Exhibition

Groundwater Assessment

Water Industry Customer Conference

HYDRO 2013 International

Kuwait WaterTech Conference & Exhibition

2013 Groundwater Expo

Demonstration of Marinexplore Webinar

SBWWI Leakage and Metering Workshop & Conference

NCE Flood Management

Water Expo China + Water Membrane China

ACWUA 6th Best Practices Conference

China Irrigation Show

Water-Food Security in Cambodia and the Vietnam Delta - Assessing risk and alternatives under an altered flow regime

Saudi Water and Power Forum 2013

NCEDA International Desalination Workshop

Water & Wastewater North Africa

International Conference on Climate Change, Water Resources and Disasters in Mountainous Regions

Securing Water For Food: A Grand Challenge For Development

Water in Mining 2013

International Symposium on Emerging Pollutants in Irrigation Waters

Global IWPP Summit

India Water Expo Chennai 2013

3rd High Level Forum on Water and Sanitation for all in Africa

Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association 2013 Annual Conference

International Water Conference 2013

International Conference on Water Cooperation for Sustainable Development

SEERAM International Summit On Water Cooperation for Inclusive Growth

UDG Autumn Conference & Exhibition

Texas Water Summit 2013

Water Management and Nano Energy Summit

9th EWA Brussels Conference "Water - Investing Today for the Future"

Ultrapure Water - Micro 2013

WaterChem + Tech China 2013

West Africa Learning and Exchange Workshop “Towards sustainable total sanitation”

First Congress in Ecohydrology for Latin America and the Caribbean

Monitoring & Management of Red Tides & HABs Conference

Water and the Green Economy

NGWA Pillars of Groundwater Innovation Conference

Metals in Water - Health Protection and Sustainability Through Technical Innovation

International Symposium Re-Water Braunschweig

SedNet Conference 2013

Fracking – Onshore Unconventional Oil and Gas: Water and the Environment

The Year for Cooperation on Water Issues

Aquatech Amsterdam 2013

IWTC 2013

American Water Summit 2013

XI International Water Forum: Aqua Ukraine

3rd Hydro Plant Maintenance and Reliability Conference

International Water Week Amsterdam 2013

2013 Irrigation Show and Education Conference

2013 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference

Third Water Framework Directive international conference

13th International Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference

Water Quality Technology Conference

Aquaculture conference: To the Next 40 Years of Sustainable Global Aquaculture

22nd Biennial Conference of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation

Peoples, Land, and Water: The Natural Connection

EMECS10 – MEDCOAST2013 Joint Conference

Flood Risk Management: Managing Extreme Weather

Flood Control Asia 2013

10th Aachen Conference on Water & Membranes

World Water-Tech North Ameria 2013

Small and Decentralized Water and Wastewater System Combined with Sludge Management

ICOSMaP 2013

Water Reuse: Blue Resource of the Future

9th Annual Practical Short Course on Water Issues & Technologies


Myanmar Water 2013

AWRDM 2013


7th IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Use & Management of Water

WATEC Israel 2013

USCID - Denver 2013 Conference

IDA World Congress 2013

Power of Water Conference

Ocean Innovation 2013

Hydrofractals '13

Vietwater 2013

Canadian Energy and Water Efficiency Conference

Viridis Africa

OTEC Africa Conference 2013

International Water Cooperation and Transboundary Aquifers

8th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge

Walphy 2013 symposium

The IWA Development Congress and Exhibition

7th European Waste Water Management Conference

2013 Water and Health Conference

ECSA 53: Estuaries and coastal areas in times of intense change

ScienceOnline Oceans

Budapest Water Summit 2013

2nd Water Management for Shale Plays Argentina

2nd Frac Supply Chain Summit Argentina


29th Biennial Groundwater Conference

13th Nordic Wastewater Conference

Hydro 2013


3rd IWA BeNeLux Young Water Professional Regional Conference

WaterSmart Innovations 2013

5th IWA Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter Research



Watertech 2013

Crossing the Currents: Water and Social Media

Filexpo China

2nd Low Energy Wastewater Treatment Systems Conference

HydroVision Brasil

NWMOA 1st Annual Symposium

Ocean 2013

Power + Water Middle East

Arabian Water & Power Forum

BIT's 3rd Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology

2013 University of Oklahoma International WaTER Conference

International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems

The Water Module: Understanding Nutrients in Water Quality 2013

Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013

13th Biennial Groundwater Division Conference and Exhibition

SibAqua - 2013 International Exhibition and Forum

The Water Expo

Afriwater 2013

GCC Plant Design & Optimisation

2013 Water for Mega Cities

17th International Symposium on Health-Related Water Microbiology

28th Annual WateReuse Symposium


Coasts and Ports 2013

LESAM 2013

NGWA Asset Management for Groundwater-Supplied Public Water Systems

The Water Event

1st CIGR Inter-Regional Conference on Land and Water Challenges

Sustainable Water 2013

11th Conference of the Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa

The 5th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibiton

35th IAHR World Congress


Kenya Water Expo 2013

International Conference on Flood Resilience

Water and Society 2013

76th Annual Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

Aqua-Therm Almaty 2013

12th International Conference: Computing and Control for the Water Industry

World Water Week 2013

1st International Conference on Terra Preta Sanitation

SPN7 2013


2nd Annual LatAm Mine Water Conference

International Seminar and Workshop on Hydrography 2013

2nd International Conference on Hydrology & Ground Water Expo

7th IWA Specialised Membrane Technology Conference and Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Oceanography Conference 2013

ESEH Conference Munich 2013

8th International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions

High-Level International Conference on Water Cooperation

SPCC and Stormwater Compliance Workshop

10th IWA Specialist Group Conference on Ponds Technology: Advances and Innovations in Pond Treatment Technology

16th International Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication


2013 SIA Queensland State Conference

World General Assembly of the International Network of Basin Organizations

Aquaculture Europe 2013

Aarcher Institute: Understanding and Managing TMDLs

16th Annual Water Education Conference

2013 ISA Water/ Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium

International Society for River Science: 3rd Biennial Symposium

International Mine Water Association Annual Conference

WaterDiss2.0 - Summer School 2013

Chemical Oceanography Gordon Research Conference

SCMA Annual Conference

Water Choices VI

Federal Water Resources Agency: Institute of the Earth's Crust 3rd International Conference

2nd Annual Water Management in Mining Summit

Water Choices VI

WEF/IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery 2013

AGU Chapman Conference on Seasonal to Interannual Hydroclimate Forecasts and Water Management

Water Technology Cebu

HydroVision International 2013

8th WSEAS International Conference on Water Resources, Hydraulics & Hydrology

3rd Southern African Regional YWP Conference

International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management

Annual International Forum on Water

The Kenya National Water Expo

Disaster Management 2013

1st International Wetlands Forum - "Wise Use, Smart Plans"

Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering 2013

4th Municipal Water Quality Conference


Iran Water Show 2013

Water Market Reform Conference

36th WEDC International Conference

Asia Pacific Water Recycling Conference 2013

CICC - 2013


TUM Desal Conference 2013

WWMST 2013

Wetlands for Water Management - CWA Annual Conference and AGM

IWA 5th Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference

8th International Conference of EWRA

13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion: Recovering (bio) Resources for the World

2013 Qingdao International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse

Novatech 2013

Energy and Sustainability 2013

International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology - 2013

12th Future Congress 2013

CoastGIS 2013

Micropol & Ecohazard 2013

PASTE 2013


7th Annual Canadian River Heritage Conference



Global Water: Oil & Gas Summit

University Council on Water Resources 2013 Conference

Produced Water Management 2013

Danube-Black Sea Regional Water Forum

Land Use and Water Quality 2013

ACE13 Annual Conference

8th Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics

ASFPM Annual National Conference

ACSEE 2013

5th Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2013

6th EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone

Thai Water 2013

38th Annual Queensland Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

Integrated Water Solutions 2013

2013 EMEA Regional Conference

6th International Short Course and Conference on Applied Coastal Research

LET 2013


Aquaculture Canada 2013

Water Risk & Finance 2013

University of Toronto - Certificate in Water Auditing

9th International Conference on Biofilm Reactors

Water in Mining Queensland 2013

Headwaters to Ocean 2013 Conference

Winery 2013

UNESCO-IHE Florida Program

The 10th International Symposium on The Power of Green Energy

River Basin Management 2013

Istanbul International Solid Waste, Water and Wastewater Congress 2013

L'Eau Expo & Forum


Comparative Water Law Course

Water Resources Management

Biohydrology Conference 2013

Water in the Anthropocene: Challenges for Science and Governance

NWETC Introduction to Aquatic Toxicology

1st International Symposium on Cloud Computing in Water and Environmental Engineering & Science

World Environmental & Water Resources Congress 2013

Cape May Forum presents “Water Matters”

River Rally 2013

Water & Agriculture: The Real Asset Investor Summit


4th Annual BlueTech Forum

CSCE 21st Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference

US-Netherlands Connection Project's Professional Program

Regional Utility Management Conference: Improving Performance in Emerging Economies

IE Expo 2013

HydroEco 2013

The 9th Saudi International Water, Electricity, and Power Generation Forum

Water Recycling and Desalination for the Oil & Gas Industry

ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: bringing together Economics and Engineering

Smart Water Systems

2013 Ohio Stormwater Conference

Ozwater '13

MSAWWA-MWEA 2013 Joint Conference

1st International IWA Conference on Holistic Sludge Management

Association of State Dam Safety Officials 2013 West Regional Conference

Energy & Water 2013

Industrial Wastewater: Activated Sludge, Microbiology, and Troubleshooting Workshop

Waste Water Technology for Green Economy

Oman Power & Water Summit

BlueTechValley Water Conference 2013

AZ Water Association's 86th Annual Conference & Exhibition


2013 NGWA Summit

ICEAM 2013

The 3rd Annual Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit·China 2013

WRc Open Innovation Day 2013

YWP Mexico Conference 2013

IWA Symposium on Environmental Nanotechnology 2013

Environmental Health Risk 2013


Water Malaysia 2013

SWMOA Annual Conference

SuWaMa 2013

Global Water Summit

Sustainable Ocean Summit 2013

8th IAHS International Groundwater Quality Conference

18th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species

UK YWP Conference

Frac Supply Chain Summit

AquaConSoil 2013

Sustainability Live 2013

Water Management for Shale Plays

IWEX Water Live

Africa 2013

Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments

Social Media in the Utilities Sector

B4E Global Summit

WETEX 2013

Marine & River Dune Dynamics

Gulf Environment & Sustainable Development Forum

IWA Regional Symposium on Nanotechnology and Water Treatment 2013

Improving Efficiency of Water Systems in a Changing Natural and Financial Environment

7th Annual Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition

Coastal Processes 2013

Pipes in Infrastructure 2013

Ocean Business 2013


Aquatech India

1st International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology

WQA Aquatech USA

2013 Biological Treatment Symposium

O&M Water Middle East 2013

Introduction to Aquatic Toxicology

Water Infrastructure Indonesia

AWRA Spring Specialty Conference Agricultural Hydrology and Water Quality II

Waste Management Forum Oman

Clean Water Compliance Manager

CNREP 2013

World Water Day

Air and Water Components of the Environment

3rd International Bursa Water Conference & Exhibition

Water Interdependencies

Stormwater Compliance Manager

Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS-CAM)


Water in Mining WA

EPA's New Unified Guidance: Statistical Analysis of Groundwater Monitoring Data

Connecting Water Resources 2013: Changing the water paradigm

Living Shorelines Workshop

IDA Desalination Academy

Water Week Latin America 2013

2nd Annual Power and Desalination Summit

ICEST 2013

TWAM 2013


Natural Systems Module 2013

Asia Water Week 2013

Global Water Leakage Summit

Sustainable water use for securing food production in the Mediterranean region under changing climate

World Water Tech Investment Summit 2013

Workshop on desalination & water reuse

Water Tech & Waste Tech Vietnam

Mekong Environmental Symposium 2013

WRRC Conference 2013

5th IWA Specialized Conference on Odours and Air Emissions

10th Conference on Biofiltration for Air Pollution Control

Guang Zhou International Water Week 2013

2013 Geo-Congress

International Exhibition & Conference on Water & Wastewater Management

13th Annual City Conference

18th Water Conservation/Xeriscape Conference

State of the California Central Coast Symposium

PE Symposium 2013

Water 2.0

Innovations in Water Policy

AWWA/AMTA Membrane Conference & Exposition

4th Water Management for Shale Plays

2013 Texas Ag Water Forum

2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International

The 5th International Conference - Water Resources and Sustainable Development 2013

International Conference on Natural Resource Management in a Changing World

2nd International Conference on Climate Change and Humanity-ICCCH 2013

3rd International Conference on Future Environment and Energy-ICFEE 2013

ISS Europe 2013

WEX Global 2013

Reed as a Renewable Resource 2013

SDS 2013 - Sustainable Development Symposium

The International Exhibition and Conference on Water Technologies, Environmental Technologies, and Renewable Energy

GIWEH - Environment 2013

2nd Annual European Renewable Energy Project Finance

The Water-Food-Energy Nexus Debate


SHE XIX - 2013

Water Arabia 2013 Conference and Exhibition

WaterWorld Middle East

Water Thematic Consultation - Water for Food

India Water Expo 2013


4th Annual Water Reuse Tech Summit

2nd Annual Environmental Infrastructure Forum

Arab Water Week 2013

Efficient use of Agricultural Water

3W Expo 2013

The State of Food & Agriculture 2012

2nd Water Research Conference

International Conference on Environmental Science and Development 2013

International Conference on Clean and Green Energy 2013

DropbyDrop Water Utilities Seminar

International Water Summit

Indonesia Water and Wastewater Expo and Forum 2013

GCC Plant Design and Optimisation

IWA-UTM International Publication Workshop

IPWE 2013

USNC ATP Workshop 2

Sustainable Irrigation 2012

The 4th IWA Asia-Pacific YWP 2012 Conference

1st Internatiional Industrial Water Technologies Symposium and Fair

2012 Groundwater Expo

Green Power Grid Congress 2012

IWA 3rd Regional Membrane Technology Conference

ASSM 2012

The Smart Energy Middle East 2012

Saudi Water & Power Forum 2012

Water Technology Market Trends & Technology Directions of 2012 – Free end of year webinar

VIth World Aqua Congress 2012

IWA Disinfection 2012

13th International Conference - Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control

4th Annual Middle East District Cooling Summit 2012

CAAS 2012


IWRM Karlsruhe 2012

International Symposium on Water Supply Technology

Conference on Decentralised Wastewater Management in Asia - Meeting Urban Sanitation Challenges at Scale

Conference on Decentralised Wastewater Management in Asia - Meeting Urban Sanitation Challenges at Scale

Seawater Desalination Asia Summit 2012

5th Water Contamination Emergencies: managing the threats

17th European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference, Seminar & Exhibition

HWRS 2012

Fifth International Conference On Water Loss Reduction In Water Supply Systems

Water & Sanitation Networking Event

Water Crisis Management under Changing Climate

Water Regulation Conference Understanding and Learning from Change


Water Safety Conference 2012

China International Shale Gas Summit 2012

6th Deepwater Asia Pacific 2012

Kenya National Water Expo 2012

8th China International Exhibition on Water Treatment Chemicals, Technologies and Applications

10th International Scientific Conference People Buildings and Environment 2012

WWEM 2012

UDG (WaPUG) Autumn Conference 2012

Vietwater 2012

CropWorld Global 2012


Water 2012

WaterTech India - Ahmedabad

The Water Energy and Food Security

7th Integrated Water Resources Management Training

13th WaterNet - WARFSA - GWP-SA Symposium

The 6th International Conference on Flotation in Water and Wastewater Systems

2012 Water and Health Conference

Flotation 2012


7th China International Water Business Summit

WaterVent - Philadelphia


13th Annual Leakage Conference

First International Conference on Water Resources

Resource Ireland 2012

Viridis Africa- 2012


NGWA Focus Conference on Gulf Coast Groundwater Issues (#5010)

Viridis Africa

Stormwater 2012

The 28th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy

Climate Change: Security, Resilience and Diplomacy

ICEAB 2012

WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene

6th European Waste Water Management Conference

9th Global Bottled Water Congress

Sea Tech Week 2012

15th International Riversymposium



IWA Eastern European Young and Senior Water Professionals Conference

Water & Energy: Supply & Demand Management Strategies for Energy Independence

WaterSmart Innovations 2012

Renewable Energy World Asia

Water Loss Asia 2012

Wetsus Congress 2012

Global IWPP Summit

EcoSummit 2012

IMWA 2012


WaterTech India - Bengaluru

ICEES 2012

ICOGE 2012

Calcium and Magnesium in Groundwater

Mission Critical Water 2012 - Virtual Summit

Infrastructure Asset Management

AWPF 2012

Fifty Years of Watershed Modeling - Past, Present and Future

Hydro Predict' 2012

Nutrient Removal and Recovery 2012: Trends in NRR

Euromembrane 2012


NAEE - 2012

Water Quality 2012

Innovyze European User Conference 2012

Investing in Infrastructure Conference

WaterTech Central Asia 2012

Constructed Wetlands – Water Management, Treatment and Reuse

Water Efficiency Awards 2012

Islands 2012

IWA World Water Congress

Dam Safety 2012

39th IAH Congress

Water resources and wetlands

Biodiversity 2012

OSI 2012


WEX Morocco 2012

ISLT 2012

International Conference on Hydrology and Ground Water Expo

Water Utilities East Africa

5th International Urban Design Conference

ARCSA 2012

27th Annual WateReuse Symposium

11th International NCCR Climate Summer School "The Water Cycle in a Changing Climate: Observations, Scenarios, Impacts

2012 World Conservation Congress

Sustainable Water 2012

2nd Annual Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit China 2012

9th International Conference URBAN DRAINAGE MODELLING

International Workshop on Salinity Gradient Energy ­ Milan 2012

Africa WRM 2012

Agritech Asia 2012

ICPEE 2012

LatAm Mine Water Conference 2012


World Water Week 2012


SCMA 2012

2012 Asia Pacific Water

2012 International Conference on Water Resources Management and Engineering

Nordic Water 2012

AOGS – AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly

8th China International Filtration and Separation Technology Equipment Industry Exhibition

Portland ESA 2012

JCESD 2012 3rd

ICEEA 2012

Water Management in Mining 2012

Sustainable Water Resource Conference and Exhibition 2012


ICAAA 2012


SWAT 2012

International Conference on Hydroinformatics: "Understanding Changing Climate and Environment and Finding Solution"


International Young Water Professionals Conference 2012

EnCon 2012

Water Pollution 2012

ESES 2012

Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency - Perth

Groundwater Vulnerability – Emerging Issues and New Approaches

UMTAS 2012

Building the Water Agenda: Policy responses to water scarcity and shock

Gold Coast 2012

How to Build a Dam and Save Cultural Heritage

Waste Management 2012

Water Reform: Customers, Competition & Conservation


Environmental Impact 2012

SIWW Water Convention

SDEWES -2012

ICGES 2012

Canadian Water Summit

Hydraulic Fracturing: Scientific and Technical Approaches to Protect Groundwater (#5035)

Riparian Ecosystems IV: Advancing Science, Economics and Policy

The Potential of Photosynthetic Microbes as a Source of Energy in the UK Water Industry

1st International Conference on Integrative Sciences and Sustainable Development of Rivers


7th Qingdao International Desalination Conference

NGWA Focus Conference on Midwestern Groundwater Issues (#5085)

Ocean Energy 2012

Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment. Technical, Environmental and Economic Challenges

Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Water Resources II: Research, Engineering, and Community Action

The Mediterranean City: A Conference on Climate Change Adaptation

Irrigation Australia Limited

ICWWT 2012

American Quaternary Association Meeting

Resilient Water Resources: A Water UK Innovation Hub

CaribDA 2012 Conference and Exhibition

Making Scotland a Hydro Nation


Particle Separation 2012

AWA Biosolids and Source Management National Conference

M3 Workshop

GP Africa Water Conference 2012

iPAD Angola

Regional Water Forum - EXPO APA


Design and Nature 2012

ACE 2012

Aquatech China 2012

Water in Mining 2012


Earth, Wind and Water – Elements of Life

UNWC Global Initiative Symposium

The first international conference on Water Resources of Al Jabal Al Akhdar: Reality & Prospective

Earth Summit 2012

16th Water Reuse & Desalination Research Conference

R&R- 2012

IOA-EA3G Conference & Exhibition

Ion- Exchange Membrane Processes: Their Principal and Practical Applications

LET 2012

9th IWA Leading-Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies

50th ECSA Conference: Today's science for tomorrow's Management

ACWUA 5th Best Practices Conference

FRIAR 2012

Blue Tech Forum 2012

2012 Global Water for Food Conference

Mountain Resource Management in a Changing Environment

XXXII International School of Hydraulics

AA -2012

ECFF 2012


2012 Stormwater Industry Association of Queensland State Conference

6th Annual Asia Mining Partnering Forum 2012

5th Deepwater China Convention 2012


Water Loss Europe 2012

Water Africa 2012

TazaGIS-Days 2012

Produced Water Management Asia 2012

Kenya National Water Conference 2012

IWEX- 2012

Global Water: Oil & Gas Summit


Global Water Scarcity Conference 2012

SB - The Event -

2nd Annual Solid Waste Management Forum

Global Conference on Oceans, Climate and Security

8th International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds

CEF- 6

African Utility Week 2012

Utilities & Smart Metering Latin America Summit 2012

The 9th Marine Biological Association Postgraduate Conference



ASFPM 2012 Annual National Conference

Workshop on Corrosion in Caribbean Desalination Plants

Water Infrastructure Summit May 18

1st Bulgarian National Young Water Professionals Conference

Institute of Water's 2012 Conference

Workshop: Seawater Desalination Intakes/Discharges

Global Meet on Determinants of Sustainable Development: Road to Rio+20

Air Pollution 2012

Condition Assessment Workshop

Unconventional Gas Leadership Forum Asia 2012

Smart Sustainability Reporting

Urban Transport 2012

4th Africa Water Week

World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy

WEPower 2012

Water Resources and Water Security in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Region

WaterVent - London

The UK's Renewable Energy Strategy: count down to 2020

Public Water Issues: A Conference for Communities, Contractors, and Consulting Professionals (#5012)

Ozwater ’12

Smart Water Networks (SWAN) - Annual Conference


AOP6 - Advanced Oxidation Process 2012


Clean water through Bio and Nano technology 2012

Sustainable City 2012

ASDSO 2012 Southeast Regional Conference

2012 NGWA Ground Water Summit: Innovate and Integrate (#5095)

2nd Annual Oman Power & Water Summit

ICEEB 2012

River Rally 2012

SORP Annual Conference & AGM

Australian Aquaculture 2012

Esri Forestry GIS Conference

Global Water Summit 2012: Brave New World

Coastal Cities Summit II

Membrane Technology for Sustainable Desalination & Water Reuse

4th National Conference: Small Hydropower in Romania - Present and Future

Pre-Salt Tech 2012

Green California Summit- 2012

The 3rd Osmosis Membrane Summit

The 1th International and The 4th National Congress on Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture

Urban Water 2012

Aquatech India 2012

Water Ireland - Realising a National Reform Vision

Powering Africa: the Hydro-power Options

Aquatech India 2012

Desalination for the Environment Clean Water and Energy

Shale Gas Summit

2012 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference

The 10th Gulf Water Conference

41st Annual WEAO Technical Symposium and OPCEA Exhibition

7th Annual Asia Gas Congress 2012

Design & Operation of Anaerobic Digestion Technologies

UK YWP 2012

Desalination with Solar Energy

European Utility Conference 2012

11th World Filtration Congress

Water Security, Risk and Society

Smart Water Systems

O&M Water - Middle East 2012

2nd Algae World Australia

Sankalp Summit 2012

WaterTech 2012

India Water Week 2012


ICESE 2012

Water Utility Management and Pricing Policy Workshop

Water Industry Achievement Awards 2012

IWA Regional Conference on Wastewater Purification and Reuse

Save the Planet - International Eco Forum

8th South-East European Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Water SOFIA 2012

WasteECo 2012

6th Annual NSW Water Industry Engineers and Operators Conference and Exhibition

5th Shale Gas Water Management

AsiaWater 2012

The Future of Utilities

Water Loss UK

Asia 2012 4th International Conference on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development

Wastewater Infrastructure

4th Marcellus Shale Summit: Drilling and Completions

Minia International Conference for Agriculture and Irrigation in the Nile Basin Countries

2012 WateReuse California Annual Conference

Residuals and Biosolids 2012: Advancing Residuals Management: Technologies and Applications


Air and Water Components of the Environment

3rd IWA Specialized Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations

3rd Annual Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2012

Microscopic Examination for the Operation & Control of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Operation & Control of Activated Sludge Systems

Coasts and Marine Structures 2012

Water NI 2012

2012 CIWEM ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Green Revolution

Design of Activated Sludge Systems

AWWA New Jersey Section Annual Conference

International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air

Watercon 2012

UTM-IWAYWP International Publication Workshop

FDTT 2012

National Conference On Quest for Advancements In Civil Engineering

Conference on Green Homes 2012

GLOBE 2012

WETEX 2012


Unlocking Value in Water, Energy and Agriculture Nexus

6th World Water Forum

22nd Annual South Carolina Environmental Conference

ICEST 2012

SIDS -12


EcoForum Conference & Exhibition

WQA Aquatech USA 2012

Arabian Power and Water Summit 2012

HydroVision Russia 2012

Arabian Power & Water Summit 2012

NCATCE - 2012

Desalination and Sustainability 2012

World Water Tech 2012

2nd Oil Sands Water Management Initiative 2012


Drilling Fluids & Cuttings Management ASIA 2012

Multiphase Technologies Conference Asia 2012


AMTA/AWWA Membrane Conference

Smart Metering Australia & New Zealand Summit 2012

2012 Membrane Technology

3rd IWA / WEF Wastewater Treatment Modelling Seminar

Water Loss 2012

ICFEE 2012


7th Annual Water Symposium

China Water Week 2012

CIWEM International Event - Water Management in Europe

International Conference on Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modelling

TKWRM 2012

Recent Advances in Energy Savings in the Water Industry

Marrakech 2012 AFWA'S 16th CONGRESS & EXHIBITION

EDS course: Membrane Technology, Process & System

Plant Growth, Nutrition & Environment Interactions


Japan Desalination Association

The 3rd UF Water Institute Symposium

APDA/JDA Joint Conference

Annual PURC Conference

Governance and Management of Drinking Water: Issues and Challenges

Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES) 2012

Asian Security Conference 2012

9th EverythingAboutWater Expo

The 4th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures

First International and Third National Conference on Dams and Hydropower in Iran

InDACON 2012

3rd Annual Water Tech Summit 2012

2012 North American Environmental Field Conferences and Expositions

Power-Gen Middle East

WaterWorld Middle East 2012

International Symposium 2012

Green Development: Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

Understanding and Effectively Controlling Biofilm in Pharmaceutical Water Systems

Bangalore World Water Summit

W-E-X The Water Energy Exchange 2012

SWMOA Annual Confernce

Dredging Africa 2012

CI Energy Group’s Oil & Gas Water Management Strategies

SCMA: Introduction To Membranes Workshop



A Water Gathering: Collaborative Watershed Governance in BC and Beyond


Green Landscape Summit 2012

IV Global Conference and Exhibition - flotek.g

ESNRM – 2012

10th IWA Symposium on Forest Industry Wastewaters

ICESD 2012

2011 International Conference on Biology, Environment and Chemistry

The Carbon Congress 2011

1st Mediterranean Water Forum

3rd Maghreb Conference on Desalination and Water Treatment

12th IDS Annual Conference

1st East Africa Young Water Professionals Conference

ACWUA’s 4th Best Practices Conference

Water Management in Mining 2011

Water & Society 2011

Saudi Water & Power Forum 2011


International Conference on Nanomaterials & Nanoethics

The Ocean 2011

3rd African Conference on Irrigation and Drainage

6th Rural Water Supply Network Forum

Water Utilities West Africa

2nd International Conference on Agricultural and Animal Science(CAAS 2011)

VietWater 2011

Innovation in Urban Water Management & Treatment

Water Connect 2011

Urban Water Solutions

Building Knowledge Bridges for a Sustainable Water Future

World Delta Summit 2011

GIWEH- Water and Environment in a changing World- Global Innovation

2nd Arab Water Forum

URSULA Conference 2011


3rd International Symposium On Cage Aquaculture in Asia (CAA3)

Vth World Aqua Congress 2011

Watec Israel 2011

16th European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference, Seminar & Exhibition

Water Resource Sustainability Issues on Tropical Islands

The 2011 International Conference on Water, Energy, and the Environment

ESWP International Water Conference

Water Quality Technology Conference & Exhibition

7th Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management

World Congress for Man and Nature

American Water Summit 2011

5th European Conference “Competence Modelling for European HR and Policies: Bridging Business, Education, and Training” (COME-HR)

Aqua Ukraine 2011

New Agrarians: How The Next Generation of Leaders Tackle 21st Century Challenges

2011 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference

Unconventional Oil & Gas Water Management Summit


Aquatech Amsterdam

Finding solutions to short and long term challenges in water supply

14th International World Lake Conference

International Water Week - Amsterdam

The 2011 International Conference on Sustainable Development

Biofilm Conference 2011: Processes in Biofilm

50th Naval Architecture and Maritime Industry Congress

3rd Symposium on Environmental Management - Towards Sustainable Technologies

7 th EWA Annual Brussels Conference

International Conference on "Forests: Our Good Neighbours"

Tight Oil Water Management 2011

2011 Water Resources Summit: Sustaining Our Nation's Water Resources

Water Meter Middle East

Power-Gen Middle East 2011

Minia International Conference for Agriculture and Irrigation in the Nile Basin Countries

2011 OU International WaTER Conference and Water Prize Award Ceremony

2011 Fall Meeting & Partnership Forum

X DAAL Workshop and Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion

2nd International Forum on Integrated Water Management

2011 International Conference on Oil, Gas and Environment(ICOGE 2011)

Sustainable Business Conference

12th Annual Leakage Conference


4th IWA Conference on Odours and VOCs

27th Annual Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy

HYDRO 2011 - Practical Solutions for a Sustainable Future


Viridis Africa - investment in clean technologies & business


21st ICID Congress on Irrigation and Drainage and Climate Change Symposium - "Water Productivity towards Food Security"

The 6th China International Water Business Summit

Water & Membrane China 2011

International Conference on Integrated Water Resources Management

Water 2011

MENA Regional Water Safety Plan Conference

Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene 2011

WaterMed 2011

WaterSmart Innovations 2011

Performance of Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities: Management and Local Governance

6th IWA Specialist Conference on Membrane Technology for Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy

Wetsus Congress 2011

The 4th IWA - ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition

2011 International Conference on Advanced Materials Engineering (ICAME 2011)

Oil Spill India 2011

West Coast Green 2010

WaterTech India

Investing in Infrastructure 2011

7th ANNUAL ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) NATIONAL CONFERENCE

14th International Riversymposium

Water Reuse 2011


6th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

XIVth IWRA World Water Congress

Global PURE Water Expo

4th European Conference: Innovations in the Environmental Sector (INES)

2nd BeNeLux Regional YWP Conference

Shale Gas Water Management Canada 2011

The 4th International Urban Design Conference 2011

Financial Management: Cost of Service Rate-Making

2011 European Water and Flood Modelling Conference

The 3rd International Conference European Asian Civil Engineering Forum (EACEF)

Groundwater: Our Source of Security in an Uncertain Future

15th IWA International Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication

AutMoNet 2011


GLOBALG.A.P TOUR2011 Atlanta

ICECS 2011

UN Summit: Building Water Awareness

Cities of the Future Xi'An

Smart Metering & Grids Southern Europe Summit 2011

Cleanovation Conference

Catchment Science Conference 2011

2011 Potable Reuse Conference

International Pump User Conference

The 12th International Conference on Watershed & River Basin Management

Sustaining the Blue Planet: Global Water Education Conference

Lake Sustainability 2011

iPAD Angola

IV International Conference Lake Ecosystems: Biological Processes, Anthropogenic Transformation, Water Quality

12th International Conference on Urban Drainage

26th Annual Water Reuse Symposium

EuCheMs International Conference

The 19th International Conference of Environmental Indicators

International Conference on Environmental Aspects of Bangladesh

IWA Specialist Groundwater Conference

CEST 2011

Agritech Asia

2011 Stormwater NSW Conference

Water Utilities East Africa

IDA World Congress

Conference on Design, Operation and Economics of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants

Chesapeake Annual Conference

International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Waste and Energy Crops

PET & Drink Tech Asia

No-Dig South Africa 2011

EmCon 2011

World Water Week

2011 2nd International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications

1st EIT International Conference on Water Resources Engineering

International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation (ICEPR'11)

Aquaculture Roudtable Series 2011

9th IWA Symposium on Off-Flavours in the Aquatic Environment

International Workshop of National Energies

9th IWA Specialist Group on Waste Stabilisation Ponds

Blueprint for Sustainable, Ecologically-based Watershed Management

2011 International Conference on Environmental and Agriculture Engineering

2011 International Conference on Power and Energy Engineering

International Conference on Emerging Green Technologies ICEGT 2011

Natural Organic Matter Research - From Source to Tap and Beyond

Ignite Change Now! Global Youth Assembly (GYA) 2011

SAADC 2011

Water Management in Mining 2011


IndoWater 2011

Constructed Wetlands - Domestic, Commercial & Industrial

Micropol and Ecohazard 2011

ICWEN Egypt 2011

35th WEDC International Conference

5th European Bioremediation Conference

Singapore International Water Week 2011

2nd Regional Conference: YWP Conference

ICAAA 2011

Water Engineering and Management in a Changing Environment

Cannes Water Symposium

IUGG 2011

International Symposium on Environmental Protection and Planning

Smart Utility 2011

2011 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference

Present and future role of FOREST resources in the socio-economic development of RURAL AREAS

Sustainable Foods Summit

Agro 2011

Watermatex 2011

2011 Qingdao International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse

National Water Law: Managing Global Water Resources

11th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference and Expo – SGEM 2011

CEMEPE 2011 & SECOTOX Conference

Water UK Innovation Hub 2011

Climate Change and Water Management - Meeting the Challenges in the Barents Region

Spanish National Young Water Professionals (YWP) Conference

The Canadian Water Summit

New Politics of Water

1st Danube-Black Sea Regional Young Water Professionals Conference

IHA 2011 World Congress: Advancing Sustainable Hydropower

Smart Metering & Grids Week 2011

Sustainable Development in the Minerals Indistry

2nd IWA Symposium on Lake and Reservoir Management

Water Diplomacy Workshop

ISSRM 2011 Malaysia Conference

Mining Americas Summit 2011

AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition 2011

LAB Africa 2011

Watertec Africa 2011

8th IWA Leading-Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies

FIPS 2011 Conference

Aquatech China

DeltaNet Conference - Impacts of Global Change on Deltas, Estuaries and Coastal Lagoons

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Congress

International Green Energy Conference - VI (IGEC-VI)

8th APGC Symposium: 'Plant Functioning in a Changing Global and Polluted Environment'

Modflow and More 2011: Integrated Hydrologic Modeling

2011 International Conference on Environment and Industrial Innovation (ICEII 2011)

ST Environment : International Congress on Environmental Science and Technologies for a Sustainable Development

ACSEE - The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2011

The Israel Conference

2011 International Symposium on Environmental Science and Technology

Eco-Ist '11

Blue Tech Forum

Produced Water Treatment 2011

Recycling of Organic Wastes in Agriculture

International Seminar on River, Society and Sustainable Development

River Basin Management 2011

Conference on Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) for Urban Environments in Asia

SustainabilityLIVE 2011

WatEnvI 2011

Water Resources Management 2011

20th Ozone World Congress and 6th Ultraviolet World Congress and Exhibition

Wetsus Rabobank Water business Challenge

Oman Power and Water Summit

World Environmental and Water Resources Congress

Cities of the Future 2011

Residuals and Biosolids 2011

8th Annual MBA Postgraduate Conference

Smart Water Networks 2011

WASH Conference 2011

25th ICID European Regional Conference

Applications of Nano Technology in the Water Sector 2011

International Symposium on Outfall Systems

WEPower 2011

Institute of Water's Annual Conference and Exhibition 2011

World Conference on Drowning Prevention

OZWater '11

2011 NHWC Training Conference & Exposition


International Sustainable Development Research Conference

Waste - The Social Context. People, Policies, Persuasions and Payoffs

2011 International Conference on Food Engineering and Biotechnology

Sankalp Social Enterprise & Investment Forum 2011


The China Water Show

St. Lawrence Rivers Conference 2011

Istanbul International Water Forum

Wasser Berlin International

HydroEco 2011

Water and Industry 2011 Conference

2011 NGWA Ground Water Summit

The Gulf Wastewater Summit 2011

Salinity and Desalination in the Southwest

9th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum

Pennsylvania Section Annual Conference


2011 Global Water Summit

10th Specialized Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems

2011 AWRA Spring Specialty Conference


British Columbia Annual Conference

International Summit on Water in Developing Countries 2011

Environmental International Forum SAVE the Planet - Waste and Water Management, Recycling

UK YWP Conference

India Water Forum 2011

Shale Gas Water Management: Marcellus Initiative 2011

Water Sophia 2011

New York Annual Conference

Watervent 2011

International Conference on the Status and Future of the World's large rivers

2011 Annual Meeting and Conference on Dams

ICOPE 2011

40th Annual WEAO Technical Symposium and OPCEA Exhibition

Geospatial Solutions Conference

Successful Pretreatment for Caribbean SWRO Plants

Recovering Value From Wastewater

Water and Environment 2011: CIWEM's Annual Conference

Texas Water 2011

Pre-Treatment, Membrane Fouling and Scaling

EGU General Assembly 2011

2011 International Conference on Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics Technologies (FDTT 2011)

2011 2nd International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Science(ICBFS 2011)

International Conference on Environment Science and Engineering - ICESE 2011

12th Aquaculture Insurance and Risk Management Conference

15th International Water Technology Conference

WaterEx 2011

NEWWA Spring Operations Conference & Exhibition

Mining Water Management Inititive

3rd Annual ALB Water Leaders Congress

2011 Asia Pacific Water and Sewer Systems

Efficient 2011

Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference

Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition

Missouri Annual Conference

Marcellus Shale Gas Environmental Summit

Arabian Power and Water Summit

2011 International Conference on Future Environment and Energy (ICFEE 2011)

InDACON 2011 - Indian Desalination Association Congress

World Water Day

FILTECH 2011 Conference

New Jersey Annual Conference

The Future of Utilities

Water and Sanitation Symposium 2011

Illinois Annual Conference

18th International Farm Management Congress

Air and Water components of the enviroment

Water Innovation, Technology and Sustainability

Coastal, Marine Structures and Breakwaters

Water NI

PI 2011

Asia Pacific Regional Water Conferene and Exhibition

The 21st Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air

Conference on Air Quality and Climate

Water Utility Africa 2011

South Carolina Annual Conference

WETEX 2011

WQA Aquatech USA

International Conference on Water Resoures Engineering and Management


International Seminar on Climate Change 2011: Enviromental Insight for Climate Change Mitigations

Green Investment Congress India 2011


The On-Farm Integrated Water Management Conference 2011

Aquatech India

Utility Leaders Forum India

DOW Live Earth / Run for Water


IMTech Conference

Nanotech Insight “Because Small Matter is No Small Matter.”

4th Annual Produced Water Management Summit

International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2011

International Conference on Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modeling


Drilling Fluids and Cuttings Management Asia 2011

Virtual H2O Conference

2011 International Conference on Prudent Development and Renewable Energy Resources


InterAqua 2011

Water in Mountain Areas - Better Observations for Better Forecasting

WEX 2011 - Water and Energy Exchange

Nanotechnology for Water

Cleantech Forum 2011

AWA Membranes and Desalination Specialty Conference IV

Utility Management Conference


Water Scarcity Winter School

Aqua Aquaria India 2011

38th Annual PURC Conference

The UK Renewable Energy Strategy: progress and next steps

Water Demand Management in a Changing Climate

Water Arabia 2011 Conference & Exhibition

WaterCon 2011

Oil Sands Water Management

The Global Water Crisis | SD Forum

Microbes in Wastewater & Waste Treatment

Desalination O&M 2011

2011 International Conference on Advanced Material Research

6th IWA Workshop in Japan

Sustainable Water Resource Management and Treatment Technologies

Asian Pacific Aquaculture

Infrastructure Middle East

2011 North American Environmental Field Conference & Exposition

IWA/WEF Nutrient Recovery and Management 2011

2011 International Conference on Environmental Science and Development

2011 International Conference on Life Science and Technology

IWA anoxic processes and technologies

ICICS 2010

IVth World Aqua Congress

Water and Business Conference 2010

ISARM2010 International Conference: "Transboundary Aquifers: Challenges and new directions"

4th International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments

Arab Water Week

Environmental Law Fall Forum

Alabama Mississippi Bays and Bayous Symposium

Florida Annual Conference

IWRM - Integrated Water Resources Management Karlsruhe 2010

Sustainable Infrastructure and Asset Managemtn National Conference

3rd IWA Asia Pacific Young Water Professionals Conference “Achieving Sustainable Development in the New Era”

5th International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management

Legionella: Through the Looking Glass

International Meeting on Marine Resources 2010

IAIA Special Symposium - Climate Change and Impact Assessment

North Carolina Annual Conference

5th National Conference on Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration

IWA Water and Energy Workshop

Waterworlds: Tourism development, conflicts and planning

Viet Water 2010

Water and Energy

STORMWATER 2010 - Stormwater Industry Association National Conference

Coasts and Marine Infrastructure Europe

AMTA TEchnology Transfer Workshop

Drylands, Deserts and Desertification: The Route to Restoration

6th Algeria Electricity and Water Expo

International No-Dig 2010

Advanced Water Management Center

6th International Conference on Sewer Processes and Nnetworks

Arab Environment 2010:Water, Sustainable Management of a Scarce Resource

Cleantech Focus Los Angeles

International Congress on Environmental Health

Nebraska Annual Conference

American Water Summit

6th International Exhibition on Water Treatment Chemicals, Technologies, and Applications

3rd International Desalination Workshop

Water Security :: Westminster Forum Projects

IWA-WHO Water Safety Conference: Managing Drinking Water Quality for Public Health

Mexico Annual Conference

Anaerobic Digestion: Water and Energy for the World

Global Shale Gas Water Management Initiative 2010

ICSWRM 2010 : International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management

ARC2010 - Atlantic Reclamation Conference

1st Congress on Water and Energy in Mining 2010

Nanotechnology Meets Water Treatment

Marine Wastewater Discharge

IAIA Special Symposium - Climate Change and Impact Assessment

Water in your Supply Chain

China Green Building Forum

The Canadian Water Innovation Lab 2010


Climate and Water Balance Changes in the Caspian region

Major Projects Conference 2010

IWA Regional Conference and Exhibition on Membrane Technology and Water Reuse

Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy

IWA regional conference on Membrane Technology and Water Reuse

Utility Leaders Forum Swaziland 2010

International Conference on Environmental Challenges: A Global Concern

Water Loss Asia

East African Project Management Conference - 'EAPMC 2010'

Filtrex Europe

Water 2010 11th Annual Conference

Water Stewardship Forum 2010

Iowa Section Annual Meeting Conference

North Dakota Annual Conference

Hydrology Conference 2010 - The Changing Physical and Social Environment: Hydrologic Impacts and Feedbacks

Water Contamination Emergencies

Cleantech Forum New York

Water Crisis and Choices - ADB and Partners Conference 2010


GlobalG.A.P. Summit 2010

5th International Student Conference “Biodiversity and functioning of aquatic ecosystems in the Baltic region”

12th IWA international conference on wetland systems for water pollution control

EuroMed 2010 - Desalination for Clean Water and Energy Cooperation among Mediterranean Countries

International Conference and Training Course on Qantas (Karizes)

Water Pricing Conference 2010

IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition

YWP Workshop at the WWC2010

Achieving the Green Dream - tomorrows technology today

Sustainable Water Management


ECSA 47 Integrative tools and methods in assessing ecological quality in estuarine and coastal systems worldwide

China Water & Gas Smart Metering


The World Congress on Zero Emissions Initiatives

14th IWA Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication

1st IWA YWP workshop at IFAT

25th Annual WaterReuse Symposium

2010 PEACE/CREAM-AP(EAST II) International Ocean Workshop

The Third IASTED African Conference on Water Resource Management: AfricaWRM 2010

2010 World Water Week in Stockholm

YWP Workshop at Water Week 2010

Water Management in Mining

GMSTEC 2010: International Conference for a Sustainable Greater Mekong Subregion

EIS for Resources Projects 2010

The 8th International Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture

Aquaculture Engineering Society's Issue Forum

Water Infrastructure Project Delivery

2010 AMO Annual Conference

EngEx 2010

Urban Geotechnical Practices

47a. Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Animal Science Society

Cleantech Focus Chicago

FSBI Fish and Climate Change 2010

International workshop on Geomorphological Hazards

British Hydrological Society - Role of Hydrology in Managing Consequences of a Changing Global Environment

Catchment Change Network CCN Annual Conference: Managing an Uncertain Future

World Ecological Forum

Private Water Supplies - The New Regulations: Six Months On

The Singapore Water Week

Membranes in the Production of Drinking and Industrial Water

Novatech 2010

Environmental Research Event 2010

Water Quality 2010

4th Passaic River Institute Symposium

Mine Rehabilitation & Closure Planning

Coal Seam Water Seminar 2010

Urban Environmental Pollution 2010

Monitoring and data evaluation under the Water Framework Directive- Achievements, deficits and new horizons

WATER 2010 - International conference of Water Across Time in Engineering Research

Sediment dynamics for a changing future

Hands-on Workshop on Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

We salute the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Jacques Cousteau

Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010

The 13th Nordic Filtration Symposium

Water Pollution 2010: Tenth International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Water Pollution

One Water Many Futures

The BlueTech Innovation Forum


Sustainable Irrigation 2010: Third International Conference on Sustainable Irrigation Management, Technologies and Policies

IWA Water Loss 2010

WEPower 2010

SAVE Energy, SAVE Water, SAVE the Planet, Environmental International Conference and Exhibition

Water Matters! Global Water Conference


Leading Edge Technology conference

PACON 2010:International Marine Science and Technology Conference

2010 Freshwater Summit: From Science to Policy

Interlinks of energy, water, and climate change

13th Economics of Infrastructures Conference

National Water Recycling & Reuse Technology 2010

FRIAR 2010: Second International Conference on Flood Recovery Innovation and Response


2nd All Africa Environmental Health Congress

American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines

Residuals and Biosolids 2010

Australasian Aquaculture Conference & Trade Show

Interlinks of energy, water, and climate change

5th International Conference Physics of Liquid Matter: Modern Problems (PLMMP-2010)

PrISM - Practical Information for Sustainable Manufacturing

Hands-on Workshop on Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

ASME 2010 4th International Conference on Energy Sustainability

The Sustainable Operations Summit

Institute of Water Conference

Navigating Memory

Water Activity in Foods

Balkans Regional Young Water Professionals Conference

Water & Environment 2010 CIWEM’S Annual Conference

Water Africa 2010 and West Africa Building & Construction 2010 Exhibitions and Seminars

Water Meets Money

The 2010 Asia Pacific Water and Sewer Systems Modelling Conference

Sustainability Live!

Sustainable Solutions for Small Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

DOW Live Earth / Run for Water

15th Deutsche Talsperren Symposium

IWA Conference 2010 - 11th National UK Young Water Professional

International Specialised Exhibition & Conference Water Sofia


The 2010 Ground Water Summit

6th Interpipe 2010

The Right to Water


Canadian Water: Towards a New StrategyCanadian Water: Towards a New Strategy


World Water Day

15th Congress of the African Water Association


Cities of the Future 2010

The International Water Association

American Business Conferences

MENA Region Water Resources and Wastewater Network

The Utility Management Conference 2010

E-World Energy and Water International Fair and Congress

The Strategic Opportunities in Water Technologies

Aquatech India